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    Welcome to the The Partridge Family episode guide here at! The Partridge Family was a fun and groovy classic show, and I hope that fans of the show find this guide just as goovy, and informative too. There's a lot of info that exists regarding any TV show, and it's rare that any guide is fully, quality contributions are most definitely welcomed here! I'll try to cover most of the details regarding contributions to The Partridge Family for contributors to refer to. Always feel free to PM me if there is any question about a potential contribution, as that is better than being unsure and getting the contribution rejected. First off, always try to follow's formatting guidelines for any contribution. I'll try to edit a contributor's bad formatting the first time or so, but after that, if proper formatting is not followed, the bad contributions will be rejected. Always be sure to read approval PMs, as they may contain a note regarding the contribution that needs attention. Second, be aware of the particular styles used on this guide. A consistency to the guide is very important, so be aware of how characters' names are used on the guide, for example. Third, always provide your source for the info in the comment box, even if you are just getting the info from the episode itself. IMdb isn't a good place to be getting accurate info, so beware of using it as the sole source. If I can't verify your submission, then it will be rejected. Fourth, check your spelling and grammar...make sure they are correct. Let's try to make the guide as professional-looking as possible. I'll correct minor mistakes the first time or two, but don't take it for granted.

    Here are a few more specific rules:
    Summaries: Most of the episode summaries are fine as they are, but a few could be written in a better way if you are familiar with the episode. Always remember that it's an editor's judgment as to whether an existing summary should be replaced with a new one. Do not copy an already existing summary from somewhere else and swap a few words around...use your own impressions of what the episode is about, and leave out any major spoilers. If you haven't actually seen the episode, it's better to leave the existing summary and let someone who has actually seen the episode write it.
    Recaps: Most of the existing recaps seem to have been taken from another site, and these need to be replaced. Make sure they are well written and complete. I won't accept a recap submission if I have to rewrite most of it myself.
    Airdates, Episode Numbers, Production Codes, etc.: As far as I know, these are accurate and complete. If you find evidence contrary to this, PM me with the info and proof. If I agree with the evidence that your info is more correct, then you will have a greenlight to send these contributions and replace the existing info. Otherwise, I'll likely reject submissions attempting to change this important data.
    Cast/Crew Info: The Cast listings appear to be complete. I'll likely reject "uncredited" additions that are taken from sites such as IMdb, since no one knows if they are correct or not. As far as Crew submissions, completeness is required...don't submit just a few crew members, submit them all in one submission. Do not use the character field for extra info, such as aliases or dates. It's acceptable to add detail to the character field for crew members, but only if it is relevant and necessary (such as "Director--Underwater Scenes")--but no aliases, dates, union salutations, etc. A clean guide is a better guide, and such info is better added as a note or to the actors' guides.
    Character names for blurb contributions: For consistency, use only the characters' first names for quotes.
    Notes: Notes are "off-screen" events that pertain to the episode (or the show in general) such as tidbits regarding production. Plot points are not Notes. Stars' other TV credits are not Notes (that info is already available by clicking on an actor's name and going to the credits page), but noteworthy film appearances are okay.
    Quotes: Make sure they're interesting and short. Use the characters' first names as I explained above. Do not transcribe entire scenes.
    Trivia: Be sure that Trivia contributions relate to something actually seen or heard in the episode that a viewer might miss the first time around. Plot points are not trivia. Be aware of the difference between Trivia and Notes. Also, I'm not a big fan of bloopers. I don't consider anything that can be rationally explained, or rationalized by a scene edit, to be a blooper. The events of a TV show rarely take place in real time, and it's the viewer's blooper to think that they do. If a character drops a hat in one scene, but has it back in a later scene, then as far as I am concerned, the character put the hat back on during the scene transition. True bloopers like a mike boom in the shot are welcome contributions, but let's otherwise keep Trivia relevant and interesting.
    Allusions: Most Allusion contributions are speculative by their very nature, but use common sense and a little bit of research for these. Try to make the allusion blurb informatively complete. Be aware of the proper way to write an Allusion blurb that is based upon a passing (direct) reference; simple definitions are not good Allusion submissions, so be sure to explain how it relates to the scene/character/etc. If you have any question about how to do this properly, see the Allusion blurbs on episode 1, or PM me first...I'm glad to help.
    Reviews: Hey, it's your review. Write what you wish! But try to keep it interesting, and explain why you liked the episode...or, why you didn't.
    Links: Links-only submissions are now allowed by, but only to links to other sites!

    Be sure to vote on the episodes you have seen, but please use a realistic opinion. Rating the episodes all 10s or all 1s is pointless. I generally use the hundred point, "letter grade" system. An excellent episode might get a 9.0 (90%, an "A-"), and an average, but not-great episode might get a 7.0 (a "C-")...lower ratings such as a 2.5 would be a case where the episode really flunks on most every level. This is an easy rating system to use, but feel free to use your own rating criteria...just try to be consistent and realistic.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions or suggestions!
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