The Partridge Family

Season 1 Episode 10

Go Directly to Jail

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Nov 27, 1970 on ABC

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  • Quarantined and happy

    Ok, this episode was a riot. Jokes here and there kept the laughs going for the most part of this show. Sadly, I am so focused on what's going on in all areas of the show that I am ging to complain about the places what were used to fil this episode. First, they show you some recording of a jail, I am cool with that, but then they show you shots of a backlot in some studio that they poorly try to make look as a jail. Nothing wrong with that either, but atleast try to make it real! It is so obvious that this is not the jail from the first shot.

    Those details don't ruin the episode for me, but they linger in the back of my mind.
  • Great veteran actors. One of the best written episodes. They new how to pick guest stars because most who appeared on this show went on to do great things.

    This is when David Cassidy was soo Hot. That song he sang in jail was the first recorded by the origional singers on one of the first episodes (Before they decided to let David sing.(From then on David became The Partridge family). Smart move. Without David that show woudn't have lasted through one season.

    This was a classic episode. One of the funniest. Especially because of the two main prisoners. One who wrote the songs and one who didn't. Speaking of, Barry is great but for trivia buffs; David did the origional version of "I write the songs". Barys was more orchestrated,but David sang it with a lot of heart.
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