The Partridge Family

Season 1 Episode 4

See Here, Private Partridge

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Oct 16, 1970 on ABC

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  • Back in the 70s computers were crazy and there was no Windows!

    I don't think the creators of the show knew that computers would become the greatest player in the life of the planet earth in the near future. We see them criticize computers as being perfect and never making a mistake. Of course, this was the idea back in the 70s until Windows showed up the next decade.

    I really enojoied how the family looks "tighter" and the chemistry that I love to see in sitcoms starts to play its very important part. This episode has been the funniest so far aswell. I laughed the whole episode!

    Great fun for the family is this show!
  • Danny matches to the beat of the Lukewarm Episode

    I like "The Partridge Family," but the problem is Danny's been drafted in the army. At 11 years of age? what a revolutin' development that is!" It's too bad the series couldn't find any jokes to go along with the show. In one scene, Danny is just standing there, nothing to wear, but his underwear and the other men just stare at him. I don't think it was funny. It was embrassing scene. I don't think this episode was used to protest the Vietnam War. this episode is just too lukewarm to make a statement. All we got is ine embrassing moment and sadly, it's wroth a 5.0.
  • Danny's Been Drafted !?!????

    That what it looks like, probelry the best from the first season has Danny wrongly sent a draft notice, and the kid is only 10 years old!!!
    It's up to Sherley to save him but manages to fail, and Danny goes through the first part of it, only to get out for being to short!!!
    This one is alos has a few touching moments making it worth your while to watch this classic from this classic series.