The Partridge Family

Season 3 Episode 22

The Partridge Connection

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Mar 02, 1973 on ABC

Episode Recap

The yo-yos in Mr. Phelps' store look great to Danny and his friend Punky Lazaar, but they've spent their money on ice cream. Punky figures where there's a will there's a way and when Mr. Phelps isn't looking, he puts the yo-yo in his pocket. Danny is shocked, but when Punky calls him chicken, he too steals a yo-yo. Danny has a very guilty conscience and finally can bear no more and confesses to the family. Shirley goes with Danny to see Mr. Phelps and returns the yo-yo. After this, Danny is so relieved and proud of his act that he goes about preaching integrity to anyone and everyone.

When Shirley sends Danny for some shampoo, he meets Punky. When Mr. Phellps sees Punky steal a bottle of perfume, he puts part of the blame on Danny who he believes acted as decoy for Punky. He writes their names on a card for his "records." Danny promptly turns himself over to the police and confesses everything he has ever done or thought of doing.

Danny feels he is a disgrace to the family, a criminal. Anything they say or do to change his feelings only makes things worse. The Partridges are to receive the annual award for good citizenship at an award dinner. Danny refuses to go, he feels he doesn't deserve to be there. Reuben convinces Danny to at least be there, inconspicuously in the audience if not on stage with the family. Shirley goes on stage and announces that they cannot accept the award since the family voted that Danny would accept it, and he isn't there. Danny quickly goes up to receive the award and is thrilled.
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