The Partridge Family

Season 1 Episode 19

To Play or Not to Play?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Feb 05, 1971 on ABC

Episode Recap

When the Partridges arrive at a nightclub called the Two Hall Inn, Laurie receives a warm greeting from an old friend Marc Baldwin. Marc, who once attended Laurie's high school, is putting himself through college by working at the club. There's barely enough time for introductions when club owner Harry Marino comes out, orders Marc back to the kitchen and the family inside for rehearsals. After Shirley and the kids run through one number, they see Marc come storming out of the kitchen with Marino shouting right behind him. Laurie learns that Marc and the rest of the Marino's employees (all of whom are college students) are going to strike... for better pay and better working conditions – since the kitchen is hazardously outdated. Laurie, deciding it would be morally wrong to cross their picket lines refuses to perform.

Shirley realizes Laurie's sense of moral obligation – but there's also the family's legal obligation to consider. So, Shirley trips to talk to Marino on behalf of Laurie and the strikers. But Marino won't even listen. He only shouts and threatens to sue for breach of contract if Laurie or any other member of the family fails to appear. Shirley goes back to the hotel in a rage. Then Danny puts a plan of his own into action... he tells Marc that Marino is ready to settle the strike. Marc and Danny go into Marino's office, then Danny locks the door – the three are stuck there until some agreement is made. Marino gives in to Marc's reasonable demands, Marc calls off the strike, and the Partridge Family – Laurie included – goes on stage as scheduled.