The Partridge Family

Season 3 Episode 12

Nag, Nag, Nag

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Danny wins a raffle. First prize is an expensive Italian race car, but Danny isn't that lucky, he wins second prize – F. Scott Fitzgerald, a race horse! Will Fowler has trained the horse since birth and tells the Partridges that he would like to continue working with F. Scott. Shirley is finally convinced to give racing a try. F. Scott will be entered in the race at the San Pueblo County Fair where the Partridge Family will be performing anyway. The horse is working out well and a young Latin jockey is hired to ride him in the race. A few days before the race, Will calls with the bad news that F. Scott has insomnia – he hasn't slept in four days. If this continues, he will never make the race. Danny tries hypnotism, Keith tries singing the horse to sleep – nothing works. It is learned that F. Scott's groom, Homer Peck, usually sleeps in the barn and plays Glenn Miller songs on his tape recorder. About the same time that F. Scott had stopped sleeping, Homer's tape recorder had broken and he had won enough money to stay elsewhere. Keith manages to fix the tape recorder and as soon as ""Moonlight Serenade"" begins to play the horse falls asleep. Before the race Danny gives the horse a pep talk, threatening him with a picture of a plow horse. At the start of the race, F. Scott falls back to last position, but he manages to gain and wins by a length. Danny's dreams of winning the Kentucky Derby are dashed when he learns that at four years of age F. Scott is too old for the Derby – a horse must be under three to enter.moreless
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