The Partridge Family

Season 1 Episode 1

What? And Get Out of Show Business?

Aired Friday 8:30 PM Sep 25, 1970 on ABC

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  • A bit wacky, but it serves to setup the backstory.

    This revised-pilot episode pretty much sets the tempo for the series. The characters are all fairly defined right away: Shirley is the wise widow, struggling to raise her gaggle of offspring (I would assume that her husband's life insurance money helped, and it's not her bank teller job that provided the nice house and plentiful food on the table); Keith is the naive father-figure and serious musician (he apparently "writes" most of music that they perform); Laurie is the moral consciousness and activist of the group; Danny is the precocious wunderkind, full of schemes and ideas; Reuben is the cranky, heart-of-gold manager; Chris is the youngest son, providing the true-child's point of view to the scripts; and Tracy, the youngest daughter who seems to have no actual purpose on the show (I'm not sure why they didn't combine the 2 characters of Chris and Tracy into one character, and cast the fabulous kid-drummer "Debbie", seen at the end of this episode...but I guess that they didn't need a real drummer for the part!)

    Reuben Kinkaid is apparently an amazing manager (at first, anyway) the Partridges' first gig, he books them at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas (I guess that Madison Square Garden was just too far away!)...and very soon after that, they're on Johnny Cash's nationally-broadcast television show! But just as quickly, Reuben's magic seems to disappear...only a few episodes later, the group resorts to playing for convicts in a prison (hmm, was Johnny Cash the actual mastermind behind the group, and not Reuben Kinkaid?)

    Not a great episode, although it does has a few laughs (such as Reuben threatening to have Danny cut-up into little pieces with an axe!)...but it does a fine job of setting up the backstory of the series.
  • The family gets famous and the rest is history.

    Being a musician doesn't help much when you are watching The Partridge Family. Actually, it makes the experience a bit traumatic since all they play is not actually played by them, at least not in the TV show recordings, it doesn't seem like it. The stories are also very childish but I suppose this is the audience to whom the show was directed. Besides these facts, the show is very enjoyable and filled with silly jokes that can make you crack up in a heartbeat. Love the part when the family pretends to be painting the bus (which is already painted) and they all sing and look very happy.

    Cheesy, yes. enjoyable. very much!
  • Having A Ball Togather....

    ...the first look of the Partridges was this great epiosde inwhich Shirley told the story of their journey from unknowns to superstars!
    While the kids did a good job in the story line it seems that Danny had stoled the show.
    The show ends with their first ever concert date! Great from the start!!!
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