The Path to 9/11

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The Path to 9/11

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Where were you on 9/11? Relive the events of that fateful day and the years leading up to it with this ABC miniseries that takes you to the streets of New York, drops you in the center of a riot in Pakistan, and into the meeting rooms of the CIA, the FBI, and the White House. A dramatization of the events detailed in 2004’s national bestseller The 9/11 Commission Report, this small screen experience zeroes in on the experiences of key political and law enforcement players involved. By focusing on the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and all followed until September 11, 2001, this miniseries seeks to shed light on how to protect America in the future.
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    ABC 9/11 films angers airline

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    • This has to be one of the best documentary about the events around 911!

      Path to 911 movie Review

      Well I think “the path to 911” was very well written, interesting and had good acting. “The path to 911” starts out with the terrorist hijackers boarding all four planes. Then it go’s back to the 1993 world trade center bombing. At certain parts of the movie the plot is dramatized for dramatic affects but mostly I knew they were as close to the truth as any Hollywood movie or TV series gets. You cannot believe everything you see or here now-a-days because of many people’s strong opinion’s on many issues but from what I have read about and what I have seen this movie really did follow the truth as close as you can get without boring people with stuff that happens over and over again and making it into just one scene with somewhat truth to it. This movie also was very controversial and cost ABC millions with former President Bill Clinton calling for them to take it off because of scenes to him that he said did not happen in real life. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not but I still think it’s a little silly to call off a TV show with its main theme being terrorists plotting against the United States and also being a drama. Directed by David L. Cunningham and acted by many great actors and actress’s alike who in my opinion did a Fairly well job of acting out the events that unfold between the 1993 world trade center bombing and with it taking you to several locations and showing you how they could have got Osama Bin Laden, which probably did happened many times but not as bad as they portray it in the movie. Then they showed the mistakes made by President Bush and his administration, of failing to act more aggressively before 911. Also if their was one thing it showed the most in the movie, it was how we almost had Bin Laden and how he had seemed so insignificant. Not many people would have ever thought that we would be attacked by American planes, by a former ally. One other thing it did not concentrate to much on, was on both presidents was their negative side, which I liked, because no matter what president is in office they should be respected. At the end of the movie I was quite moved by the whole thing and overall it made me feel more grateful of the country I live in and the brave men and women that fight for it.

      Also they took some stuff about clinton out about the film that i did not like but thats hollyweird, always pandering to the Left and letting them do whatever they want, even if it is total bs and even somtimes if their are laws against it.moreless
    • the review...

      A seris that cost abc millions and was very controversial was however for a good cause.

      For the first time, the liberal media actually showed negative aspects of fmr. President Clinton. This enough should have given democrats and bush-bashers just a taste of what bush-supporters have to go through every night on ABC,NBC, and CBS. That doesn't mean it is right however and the seris was probally not really close to what actually happened. However it cheaply helped capture the feelings we all had tied to the event, and the special effects wern't really that good, neither was the acting.

      I like how we were able to see what apparently happened before 2001 rther than it focusing on the actual attacks.

      However this is very hollywood-ized. If there was one thing it showed is how we almost had Bin-Laden and how he seemed so insignificant,no one would have ever thought in a million years that we eould be attacked by American planes,by a former ally. It also wasn't too negative on our current President, which was good, I don't care who the president is, we should all respect him/her! It was just another thing probbally far from true that helped us understand the maginatude of the event.

      I would reccomend over this, CBS's,PBS's and Dicovery, HISTORY and Nat Geo's presentations instead!

      The CBS one was riveting and Amazing!moreless
    • Part 1 - A load of crap! Part 2 - average...

      When I first saw the previews for The Path to 9/11 I thought that it would be absolutely brilliant movie because of the horrible tragedy of 9/11, that was until I actually saw it! The first part was a load of crap! There were so many irrelevant scenes and scenes all over the place that I just didn’t' understand it. It was very boring but I made myself watch it. I found that the cameras were too close to everything and they should have zoomed out when filming it. Part 2 was much better but I still thought it wasn't too good. I thought that this movie deserved a lot more because 9/11 was such a shocker. I hate those people who ignored all of the warning about it and made excuses like 'we need more information!' Terrorism is a serious thing and should be dealt with, with just the smallest piece of info.moreless
    • Tells the events leading up to 9/11, this is what I do not get; WHY did they do anything when they first found out and why didn't they capture bin looney(I know the dummy's name)when they had a chance? Why? Why? Oh well guess we may never know.moreless

      I am very dissappointed in the cia and fbi for not sharing their information with each other and I am dissappointed in the way everything that could have been prevented. The movie may have been some lies ,but however the movie was o.k. I hope that we the nation can learn something from anything about 9/11 in movies and documentries.
    • Heard this program was bush propaganda, but maybe that was just anti-bush propaganda. However, actually being bush propaganda is more likely. The so-called liberal media apparently doesn't have a presence on mainstream airwaves.moreless

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      The Bush Matrix Has You. The Bush Matrix Has You.moreless
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