The Patty Duke Show

Season 1 Episode 37

The Cousins

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM May 20, 1964 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity goof: Due to the reshot footage for the flashback sequences, and the layout changes of the house, we get an odd glitch in continuity. When the doorbell rings and Martin believes its Cathy at the door, he runs to it and opens it, sees Richard and says, "Oh...its YOU." When he opens the door, he opens it opening to the right to the inside of the house, which places the knob on the left hand side of the door. The next scene, when Richard tells Patty he's given Sue Ellen his pin, the door is opened to the left on the inside of the house, and he reaches in and closes it. The decor around the two doors is different as well, suggesting (since the odd door is seen in other episodes) that the Lane house has a front door, back door and side door which opens onto a room adjacent to the living room.

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    • This episode was chosen in July 1995 to represent The Patty Duke Show in Nick at Nite's 10th anniversary celebration.

    • This episode users flashback to the pilot to tell the story; notice Patty Duke's hair style as well as some difference in the layout of the house[especially the front hall]. In the original pilot, William Schallert did not play the father;several of the scenes were reshot for the purpose of this episode.

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