The Patty Duke Show

ABC (ended 1966)




  • Season 2 Episode 34: Take Me Out to the Ball Game

  • Mother talks about Tiant (Luis) being brought into a game in the 4th inning, in which he threw a shutout (ostensibly the rest of the game). This episode was broadcasted on May of 1965. Tiant was a second year pitcher and only once prior (on April 23, 1965) was he brought into a game (not as a starter), and in which he gave up no runs and finished the game. (6th inning, in this case) There is no record of a game matching what she said.

  • Season 2 Episode 27: Patty, the Practical Joker

  • When Patty throws a cream pie, you can see someone catch it
    in a basket.

  • Season 1 Episode 37: The Cousins

  • Continuity goof: Due to the reshot footage for the flashback sequences, and the layout changes of the house, we get an odd glitch in continuity. When the doorbell rings and Martin believes its Cathy at the door, he runs to it and opens it, sees Richard and says, "Oh...its YOU." When he opens the door, he opens it opening to the right to the inside of the house, which places the knob on the left hand side of the door. The next scene, when Richard tells Patty he's given Sue Ellen his pin, the door is opened to the left on the inside of the house, and he reaches in and closes it. The decor around the two doors is different as well, suggesting (since the odd door is seen in other episodes) that the Lane house has a front door, back door and side door which opens onto a room adjacent to the living room.

  • Season 1 Episode 18: Horoscope

  • At the beginning of the show, Patty asks Cathy when they went to Susan's birthday party. Its stated that it was November 3rd, which makes Susan a Scorpio. At the end of the show, however, when Richard asks Susan to the dance, and Patty protests, the reason she gives for them not going is "Because Aquarius and Gemini don't mix!"

  • Season 1 Episode 13: How to Be Popular

  • This episode was the first to be filmed, but was the 12th shown during the first season.

  • A brief scene during the dream sequence was edited out less than 10 days before the episode premiered, because it involved Cathy receiving a medal from a man (whose face was unseen) in a rocking chair--undoubtedly referencing President John F. Kennedy who had just been assassinated.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The French Teacher

  • Peter Lawford, whose company produced The Patty Duke Show, was rumored to be playing the part of the French teacher, since he spoke the language fluently. However, Jean Pierre Aumont ended up playing the role. Lawford would make a cameo in the episode featuring his friend, Sammy Davis, Jr.

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