The Paul O'Grady Show

ITV (ended 2009)


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  • Change the record Paul.

    I love the man and his stop shouting "put your hands together,lets hear it ,come on",for whoever he is introducing,it really grates.
  • You are the best show since slice bread

    Paul Ogrady when you were born they broke the mould.

    Keep your show going its so funny,just what we need to cheer us up
  • This a teatime entertainment show.

    Paul Ogrady is the host and brings the show alive. Its a mix of celeb guests that he talks to and normal people that has special talents. There are lots of children on the show too, he really does get everyone involved. He makes special people's deams comes true (very often brave and special children). He also very often has lots of abanded dogs, and lots of clinics for other animals, there is even a resident vet. Paul has a special co-host - his dog Buster. Buster gets more fan mail than Paul. Paul also plays on his organ to try and help people win money. Paul has just the right mix of charm and wit which makes him the perfect host to a great show.
  • best tea-time show ever !

    this show has the perfect formula, hilarious host, great celebrities that arent c - lister's, good music, dogs! and a fun quiz. Paul is such a legend, he is so funny and makes the show what it is, even when it has a geust i dont know of he manages to liven up the show with his humour. This show just seems to never dissapoint and it remains the king of tea-time telly especially compared to richard and judy and other toot that is on at 5:00. I have to say my favourite ever episode of this show was the last one before christmas last year and it had peter kay on there dressed as a snow man!
  • watched vernon kay and he was brilliant while paul had his rest with buster

    came to the show with 5 mates and we all enjoyed the show and where happy with all the producers they all looked after us tha audience where all in spirt and had a great time we liked the way we where all getting into the songs for the piano song and we all danced.

    ive got tickets for the 18th dec cant wait to come me and all me mates again. it was good as i sat next to vernon family and they where very talkative wat a great day out hope buster is now very well love to you all
  • A chat show not to be missed!

    So make sure you change the channel from ITV to Channel 4!

    Now this is a superb show and wa sbeating Richard & Judy in the ratings. It's a great show as Paul likes to include the whole community on his show as he has kids, OAP's, gives out rewards to people and have two guest celbrities on.

    There is also an organ game which we all know, he doesn't play but none the less it's a good game! The nodding busters were good and it was great the first day on Channel four.

    Paul: I'm expecting ITV to drop a bucket of water over me!

    So make your you tune in on Monday!
  • lol this is the worst show ive ever seen in my life.

    this show sucks. i think that the presentor is wierd and that its the worst thing for people who work to come home and listen to this pile of crap. how can u like such an overrated show such as paul o grady. not even the music is good. the people always win prizes who phone up. its way too predictable. sorry to ppl who actually like this program but im only tellin my opinion.
  • cool chat show

    A good pick. Funny every time you see it and very entertaining. Its nice to see dogs on the show. It got an award and deserves another. Just now i saw some wedding presents, Lightsabers. Nothing should change, everything is good and wotrds cannot come out with how great this show is.