The Paul Whiteman Revue

ABC (ended 1952)



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The Paul Whiteman Revue

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Bandleader Paul Whiteman presided over one of early TV's most lavish variety programs. Airing on ratings and cash strapped ABC, it was a premier showcase for the network with its relatively spacious studio, elaborate sets, and choreography. Its sponsor was a famous tire maker and was reflected in the series main title: Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Revue.

Concentrating just on music, the regulars included vocalists Earl Wrightson and Maureen Cannon. In fact, the two took over the series during the summer of 1951 while Whiteman vacationed. The series' title was modified during those months to Paul Whiteman's Goodyear Summertime Revue.

Figuring the show had past its prime, Goodyear announced in the fall of 1951 that it would be cutting back its sponsorship to alternate weeks. (While ABC searched for an alternate sponsor, it reportedly lost $5000 each of those non-sponsored weeks because of production/talent costs and affiliate fees.) The series expired on 3/30/1952.

Whiteman, affectionately called "Pops" made his name in the 1920s when he and his orchestra debuted the now-famous George Gershwin composition "Rhapsody in Blue".

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