The Penguins of Madagascar

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The Penguins of Madagascar

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The co-stars of the 2005 film Madagascar, the 2005 short film The Madagascar Penguins in: A Christmas Caper and the 2008 film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are set to dress up the small screen as spies in this Nickelodeon series. Four confused penguins named Skipper (the leader of the group), Kowalski (the smartest of the group), Private (the youngest of the group) and Rico (the craziest of the group) continue there epic journey and embark new adventures. They live at Central Park Zoo of the busy streets of New York; they also try to keep their multi species happy. But one day a party animal moves next door named Julien King of the Lemurs, and now all is not normal. The show is produced by DreamWorks Animation.

The series won 11 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program, Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series, Outstanding Children's Animated Program, Outstanding Music Direction and Composition, Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program, Outstanding Sound Editing - Live Action and Animation, Outstanding Writing in Animation, Outstanding Original Song - Children's and Animation - In the Happy Little Land of Hoboken Surprise, Outstanding Directing in an Animated Program, Outstanding Children's Animated Program and Outstanding Animated Program - The Return of the Revenge of Dr. Blowhole.


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AIRED ON 11/10/2012

Season 3 : Episode 26

  • its good.

    I always watched it with my dad when i was little, still good today.
  • Just smile and wave boys just smile and wave

    This is an awesome show based on a funny movie It's nice to see that the penguins got their own show You just gotta love those penguins Skipper is the leader Kowalski is the smart one Private is the youngest one and Rico is the one with the tools that come out of his mouth I'm glad the lemurs are there too King Julien is as funny and lovable as he was in the movie and Mort is just as adorable Maurice is a great character too he's like the only sane man of the lemur group There's also a new character called Marlene who I also like I just love this show The movie was great and so is this showmoreless
  • Perfection

    This show is tied with SpongeBob for my #1 favorite show. By the rating it has here, I can see others share my opinion on how good it is.
  • Okay, but not perfect

    The show is not something new Nick came up with. Most of the characters came from the first Madagascar film so you dont really see a lot of originality in the character development. Next, we do the plots and jokes. The plots do seem to try to be good, which I did feel from watching, but however they seemed to feel detatched as I watched it at several moments of the show. The jokes also dont really seem to give me a laugh. They make me smile, but dont make me laugh. Of course, common sence at the zoo does`nt exist sometimes which makes outragous perdicimants get even more crazy. This show was enjoyable but I barley found any episodes that had a rewatch value to it. Still, if the show aired for a few years I would`nt mind.moreless
  • Better than Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    Not great but better.

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