The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 1 Episode 48

Dr. Blowhole's Revenge

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Feb 15, 2010 on Nicktoons Networks



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    • Dr. Blowhole: I am so glad you could all be here to witness history. I am of course, especially pleased that my flightless foes graced us with their presence.
      Skipper: Wouldn't miss it for the world.
      Private: There's nothing good on tellie tonight anyway.

    • Julien: So I face danger and the adventure of a life time and nobody will ever know about it?
      Skipper: Welcome to my world. That makes you an honorary penguin.
      Julien: Does that mean I am your BFF?
      Skipper: Wellllll, we'll keep that code on the QT.
      Mort: King Julien is a buffalo fire fighter.

    • Dr. Blowhole: I have unmasked your Achilles Heel Skipper, your greatest vulnerability. Aside from flightlessness.
      Skipper: You fiend! You've cut off the peanut butter winkie supply lines!
      : Dr. Blowhole: What? No. (to his henchmen) But somebody write that down!

    • Dr. Blowhole: I have been spying on you penguins for months with state-of-the-art looky-look technology.
      Kowalski: (irritably banging his head against the wall) Always... gets... the good stuff!

    • Kowalski: Why is it bad guys always get the good stuff?

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