The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 1 Episode 0

Gone in a Flash

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Nov 29, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • In the cutscene with the silhouettes of the penguins, Rico doesn't have his mohawk.

    • How could a tiny creature like Mort survive being crushed by a huge boulder?

    • It is unknown how the king ended up in the zoo with the penguins for the other animals are nowhere to be seen and it was not revealed what happened after they landed in Africa since Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

  • Quotes

    • Skipper: Why don't you tell him what really happened, rescued man?
      Maurice: Rule number one: don't question the King.

    • Skipper: Sounds like somebody's got a case of the pre-launch heebeejeebies.

    • Skipper: Lemur, you're up next.
      Maurice: I can't take it anymore! You penguins are psychotic!

    • Private: It's a field trip!
      Skipper: Right boys, we're almost home. You know what to do.
      Maurice: Uhh...I don't think I do.
      Skipper: Don't get smart with me soldier. We're not cutting you any slack just 'cos you're the new guy.

    • King Julian: (Still talking to the camera) Stop looking at me like that! This is not a contest of staring...and I am shutting up now because you are still getting the shhh treatment.

    • Skipper: We have to be back at the zoo by 0900.
      Kowalski: Which does not give us much time.
      Private: We'll just have to go faster!
      Maurice: There is no way I can go faster!

    • King Julian: You're not going to get to me, you're not going to get...EAT THE BANANA.

    • Maurice: I've had it with Julian. He's been a royal pain in my tail for too long! Get me this, get me that, get me out of here!

    • Skipper: We're going for a happy ending here.

      Maurice: I am happy. Now.

    • Skipper: C'mon, Maurice, don't leave me hanging.
      Maurice: What are you doing here?
      Private: We're here to rescue you!
      Maurice: You mean take me back to the zoo? (laughs) Noooo way!

    • Private: Or maybe the camera's flash blinded it!

      Skipper: Sounds a little bit proposterous, Private. But just in case, Kowalski, run a temporarily blinded lemur scenario.

    • Skipper: That is a camera, and your little pal is not in it.
      Private: But Skipper, if Maurice isn't here, where is he?
      Skipper: (slaps Mort) MISSING!

    • Skipper: Spit it out, sad eyes.

      Mort: The King's giving Maurice...(looks shiftily both ways)..the treatment! He's going to leave him in the magic box. You have to help get him out!

    • Skipper: Alright, boys. Let's leave the madman to his madness.

    • King Julian: (talking to the "trapped" Maurice) You think this no-talking stuff will get you to me? Forget it Maurice, I also can give you the treatment.
      Skipper: (looks at the camera, and then Julian) Talking to a camera? This is not normal.
      King Julian: No, no, no! No more talking.

    • Maurice: You just can't take-
      King Julian: Rule number one: do not question the King. Rule number two...(the camera lands in Maurice's hands and Julian takes it from him)..I'll take that.

    • Maurice: Now I'm gonna eat my banana, hope no one TAKES IT. (he peels the banana and takes a bite but Julian takes the banana and eats it)

    • Maurice: (goes to sit down but Julian steals the chair) Ow!
      King Julien: The sun is much sunnier over here, see?

    • King Julien: Less sprinkles next time, okay Maurice?

    • Skipper: Kowalski, coordinates.
      Kowalski: (holds up license plate) New Jersey.
      Skipper: Ah, the Garden State. I wish we had time to play tourist.

    • Mort: (trapped under a big rock) Guys… A little help, please!

    • Julien: The sky spirits released Maurice. You rock! Sky spirits!

    • Julien: A little to the left.
      Mort: My left or your left?
      Julien: Mine of course. I am the king, all of the lefts are mine.

    • Julien: I would do anything to get my big-bootied buddy back!

    • Skipper: Kowalski! I told you to lay off the "love smoothies".

    • Julien: Oh oh oh, you're giving to me the silent treatment, he he.

    • King Julien: (grabbing camera from Maurice) Gimme! What part of "give" or "me" do you not understand?
      Maurice: I understood the "me" part, like this was caught by me!

    • King Julien: (takes piece of banana) Here, Maurice. Just to show you that I am the bigger lemur- well, not in actual bounds of course but in the other kind of biggerness, eat the banana. (Julien throws banana at camera; bounces off screen)
      King Julien: Oh, so now it's a hunger strike too, is it?

    • Kowalski: I suggest we enlist Doris the Dolphin to use her echo-location skills to track the missing lemur.
      Skipper: Forget it Kowalski. She's useless on land; besides, Doris only likes you. She doesn't like you like you!
      (marker squeaks on whiteboard)

    • Skipper: Kowalski, reason with him.
      Kowalski: A reason sir-
      Skipper: I find your reason tedious and boring. We'll use force! (grabs Maurice)

    • King Julien: (after eating Maurice's banana) Nicely done, Maurice. Now, peel me a grape.
      Maurice: But that was-
      King Julien: Grape, Maurice, grape! Not lip.

    • King Julien: (to Maurice) Where are you and your booty which is quite large and usually easy to see?

    • (after Maurice is "trapped" in the camera)
      Mort: Maurice, he is trapped!
      King Julien: Uhh...yes, well that's what happens when you question your king's power!
      Mort: (grasping to Julien's leg) I question nothing!
      King Julien: And I question why you touch the feet!

    • King Julian: (picks up camera) Maurice questioned my kingly authority and now he is trapped inside this magic thingy which the sky spirits gifted to me, the king, from above, up there.
      Skipper: It's not magic, it's a camera. Here, let me show you.
      King Julian: It is a magic king thing, which you will not touch! Do you want to join Maurice in there? Just try me! Go ahead! Make my day, mister!

    • Skipper: (to King Julien) Talking to a camera, eh? This is not normal.
      King Julien: No more talking! I am giving him the shhh... treatment.
      Kowalski: The camera?
      King Julien: Maurice.
      Skipper: The camera!
      King Julien: Mauuuuuuriiiiiiiiiice!

    • Skipper: Private, these sardine smoothies are top-notch! What's your secret?
      Private: Love, sir. I made them with love.
      Skipper: Love?
      Kowalski: It's a chemical reaction in the brain inducing bliss. Highly addictive.
      Skipper: (slaps smoothie out of Rico's hand) No more love in the smoothies!

    • Skipper: We're looking for anything that might be a clue!
      Private: This might be a clue! Nah, it's just lint.

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Czech Republic: December 27, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Mort's name means "dead" in French.

    • Each of the penguins' name means something:
      Skipper's name is another way to say leader or a person whose caption of a boat.
      Kowalski's name is smith in Polish.
      Private's name is the lowest rank for a soldier (and he's the youngest).
      Rico's name means rich in Spanish.

    • Like in the films, Skipper is voiced by Tom McGrath (the director) while Kowalski is voiced by Jeff Bennett instead of Chris Miller, Private is voiced by James Patrick Stuart instead of Christopher Knights and Rico is voiced by John DiMaggio.

    • This is the only mention of Doris the Dolphin, whom Kowalski seems to have a crush on, but Skipper tells him that she only likes him as a friend.

    • Character Debuts (excluding movie): Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, King Julien, Maurice, Mort,

    • This episode premiered as part of Super Stuffed Nicktoons weekend, before a new episode of SpongeBob SquarePants.

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