The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 3 Episode 2

King Me

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 17, 2012 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Clemson returns to inform King Julien about how he cannot have gotten the crown since he was NOT born in Madagascar so he plans on taking over as king himself

    The penguins switch King Julien's mind with Rico's in order to win a competition. "This was another well done episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar"... not quite as good as yesterday's episode "Feline Fervor" but it was still fantastic. Clemson (from the Season 2 episode "Right Hand Man") returning to this episode was awesome to see. Of course, we get to hear Larry Miller's voice for the second time in this show and his voice really does match perfectly with the character Clemson. The idea that King Julien was actually born outside of Madagascar surprised me a little. If he really shouldn't have gotten the crown in the first place then why wasn't it mentioned earlier but oh well. I think the idea of King Julien switching minds with each of the penguins to try to win the competition and keep his crown as the royal king was a very interesting concept and it was hilarious all the way through. Marlane's two cameo appearances in this episode was funny as well. It was also very smart of the penguins to switch King Julien's mind with Clemson so Clemson can be tricked into giving the crown to King Julien and then switching back minds quickly which meant that King Julien is the king again and Clemson has lost was funny. I found it kinda weird on how the episode ended but it was still funny. My score is a tad low because it was a little boring in a couple of parts. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar". 9.5/10
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