The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 1 Episode 19

Needle Point

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 06, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Today the penguins are due at the Veterinarian's office for their daily check-ups, but it turns out all four of them need a shot for certain disease protections. Skipper is scared when the other three scream in pain when they get their shots, so Skipper runs away. The other three penguins want him to get his shot however, for bravery and to be protected from certain diseases.moreless

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  • Skipper doesn;t want to get the shot

    Today the penguins are due at the Veterinarian's office for their daily check-ups, but it turns out all four of them need a shot for certain disease protections. Skipper is scared when the other three scream in pain when they get their shots, so Skipper runs away. The other three penguins want him to get his shot however, for bravery and to be protected from certain diseases. This episode was perfect and it was so hilarious. It had me laughing in most of the parts. I laughed at the very beginning, the penguins getting their shots expect for Skipper who doesn;t want to, "frayfrayfray" joke, the chase scene, and the ending. Overall, a hilarious episode of TPom. 10/10moreless
  • Another great installment!!

    So, one morning, Alice comes to the Penguins' habitat to take them to the zoo vet. At first, Skipper is the only one who isn't a little nervous about their trip, until he learns the doctor plans to give them shots. The doctor was able to successfully give shots to Private, Kowalski, and Rico, but Skipper is afraid (yes, afraid) to get his shot, and makes a break for it. And so, the other three penguins go back to the habitat, and when Skipper returns, he tricks them into thinking they must leave the zoo forever, but then Private becomes keen on what might be bothering Skipper. They convince him to go to the doctor, but then he ditches at the last moment and Private, Kowalski, and Rico must find him. And when they don't, Private decides to take his place. After Skipper learns from the chimps what Private is doing, and how getting a second shot could make him sick, (or worse), Skipper bucks up, and saves Private. (From saving him.) Overall a good episode to add the the tPoM's roster.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Private wonders why the penguins would need to see a dentist when they don't have teeth, but all of the zoo animals would need regular oral care to prevent mouth or throat sores that would prevent them from eating or have other serious side effects.

    • It is shown in this episode that Skipper has a severe case of Trypanophobia (the fear of medical procedures involving injections and/or hypyodermic needles) and that Kowalski has odontophobia (the fear of dental work).

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Kowalski: (Kowalski gets his shot) GADELLIE YEE!

    • Kowalski: Yes, the benefits to ones health and wellbeing are simply too...
      Alice: Looks like the penguins are due for a visit to the dentist.
      Kowalski: The dentist?! (screams and runs in the water)
      Private: But we don't have teeth.

    • Doctor: Well, there you are my little friend. Now, please hold still-this won't hurt at all. (Skipper screams very loudly)

    • Skipper: I assume you'll grow a second head or something.
      Private: I don't want a second head!
      Skipper: Hurry then! The doc'll be here any second!
      Private: Y'know Skipper, none of us think any less of you for being afraid.
      Skipper: Well I do. The fear almost hurt a friend. Now get out of here, soldier.

    • Mason: Oh dear, Phil says that Private has already had one shot-the second one could make him quite ill, or worse.
      (at the Animal Care building)
      Alice: Doc, hey doc! I got your missing penguin!
      Private: (sighs, and then notices Skipper) Skipper, what are you doing here?!

    • (Skipper does strange dance with two leaves)
      Kowalski: You really don't wanna get that shot, do you?

    • Skipper: Solid plan, Kowalski! I dig it!
      Private: Me too, but I DO have one question.
      Skipper: Shoot, little Private.
      Private: Didn't you get your shot, Skipper? (Skipper looks shifty)

    • Skipper: In less than 2 minutes, we leave this place...FOREVER!
      Private: Forever?!
      Kowalski: Forever?
      Machine: (Rico presses button on it) Forever.

    • Kowalski: I expect him to drop through that hatch any moment and call us a bunch of whiney babies.
      Skipper: Our entire operation has been compromised!
      Kowalski: Compromised?
      Private: Is this another drill?
      Skipper: Negative.

    • Doctor: (Ready to give Skipper a shot) This won`t hurt at all.
      (Skipper gets his shot, and screams very loudly)

    • Private: I don't mean to be cheeky, but why'd the doctor have to give a shot in the bum?
      Kowalski: Our fleshed buttocks make ideal distribution points for injected medicines, unfortunately.

    • Skipper: This, uh, is all routine men, nothing to (Private screams in pain) nothing to fear here. Just routine visits, totally normal. Don't uh, don't uh, panic men!

    • Doctor: Okay, who's my first victim?
      Skipper: That's a big needle!

    • Alice: Here ya go, doc. Four penguins ready for treatment.
      Doctor: Why, thank you Alice.
      Skipper: (to the other penguins) This is just a routine visit to the doctors.

    • Private: Um, Skipper, is this part of the drill?

    • Private: Sorry, Skipper.
      Skipper: Don't be sorry, Private. Be alert!

    • Skipper: Gentlemen, if this had been an actual tennis ball machine uprise, we would've lost. Game, set, match!
      Kowalski: This was a drill?
      Skipper: Affirmative.

    • (siren goes off and the penguins wake up)
      Private: What is it? I didn't touch it! I swear!
      Machine: Evacuate! Evacuate!
      Kowalski: We're under attack!

    • Skipper: Turn and cough, boys. Turn and cough.

    • Mason: Phil, I don't know how to break this to you.. there is no checkmate in Checkers.
      Phil: (glares and does hand gesture)
      Mason: (gasps) You groom your mother with those hands?!?

    • Kowalski: The point is fear of medical professionals is completely unwarranted. Yes, the benefits of one's health and well being are simply two-
      Zoo Keeper Alice: It looks like you penguins are due to a visit to the dentist!
      Kowalski: THE DENTIST?!? (runs to jump in the water while screaming like a girl)
      Private: But we don't have teeth!

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