The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 3 Episode 14

Nighty Night Ninja

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM May 27, 2012 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • boooom

    Mind blowing..

  • Leonard the koala starts "sleep fighting" the zoo animals like he is a ninja after watching a ninja movie marathon with the penguins

    After Leonard the koala watches a ninja show, he begins to "sleep fight" the zoo animals like he is a ninja so the penguins must a find a way to cure him to stop "sleep fighting" which does work but things turn for the worse when the rats are out to get him. Not as good as its partner "Street Smarts" but the episode, as a whole, was very enjoyable. It's good to see the character Leonard the koala again and I'm also glad that Dana Snyder returned to do the voice for that character because he sure has a funny and enjoyable voice (For example: Shake from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force"). The episode with Leonardo the koala thinking that was a ninja and fights the zoo animals while sleeping was downright funny to watch and it was also awesome how he took down the Rat King. It was just an all-around funny and enjoyable episode. My score is a little low because I feel like the episode a little boring in some parts which it was mainly in the second half but that's not too bad because even that's enjoyable to see. If you're fan of this show like me then you're gonna have a fun time. Funniest part of the episode would definitely have to be Leonard the koala being nice and hugging the Rat King after his cure was watching Private's Lunacorns show. That was another hilarious, the penguins except Private having to suffer watching the Lunacorns show. If you don't like this show, I don't know how I'm gonna respond to that so yeah. Overall, a superb episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar" with a well done and funny return of the character Leonard the koala. 9/10