The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 3 Episode 17

Nuts to You

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jun 10, 2012 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Fred the squirrel gets loaded with acorns and becomes rich according to the park

    Fred seeks financial advice from King Julien when he stumbles upon an oak tree loaded with acorns, but the Red Squirrel has his own plans for the loot. I thought that this was a very bad episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar". To me, this episode was really nothing special and I found it to be very boring as well and it just didn't really entertain me. I laughed mildly or just laughed a little at a couple of parts and I enjoyed King Julien's rap to Fred the squirrel near the beginning of the episode but that "What?" part of the song was getting a little annoying which kinda ruined it from me enjoying the song more. The Red Squirrel's return was kinda good as well but all-in-all this episode is nothing special. I've seen FAR more better episodes than this one and it's got to be Season 3's worst episode. I probably haven't seen a PoM episode this weak in a long time so yeah. In my opinion, I just didn't like the episode and there barely any good or at least mildly good moments here and I just bored and rolled my eyed through most of it. The very ending of the episode also just feels so unfinished too. I honestly don't recommend this episode but it's your choice if you want to check out this episode or not. This is a very dull episode and I'm most likely not going to see it again. Overall, a very bad and just boring episode of "The Penguins of Madagascar".... a storyline like that had potential to be good but it just wasn't which makes me disappointed. 3/10