The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 2 Episode 60

Operation: Antarctica

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jan 16, 2012 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Awesome way to start off 2012 for the Penguins

    Private helps a young leopard seal return to Antarctica, and his pals follow him in a submarine. However, danger looms when they get to their destination. Awesome!!! the year 2012 starts off with the new Penguins special "Operation: Antarctica" and I loved it. It was much better than the previous special with the penguins at the Hoboken zoo. Also, Ciara Bravo (the very pretty little girl who has the role of Katie Knight in "Big Time Rush") guest starred in this episode as the voice of the baby leopard seal named "Hunter". I thought that her voice was perfect for that character and she did a wonderful job. This episode had a very creative and well written storyline with lots of humor that definitely have me good laughs and some very exciting action scenes to keep you at the edge of your seat... or bed... or couch... or whatever you sit on. The parts that made me laugh very hard was when Hunter the leopard seal gave a loud and big roar and then Private did pee on the ice but it just turned out that he spilled his lemon cone (I seriously though it was pee :D haha), Mort's cameo appearance, and MANY many more very funny parts. King Julien's part in this episode was also very funny and I loved the relationship between Private and that baby leopard seal. Overall, the Penguins have gotten off to a PERFECT start for the year 2012 with exciting action scenes and humor for everyone to enjoy... it's also possibly the best special that I have ever seen. 10/10
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