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  • Was great at Season 1, but afterwards it went downhill.

    In it's first few episodes, the show was pretty good, it was fun to watch, the writing was well done, there were laughs to be had, and the CGI animation actually looked pretty good. But once Season 2 came, it seems as though it took a nose dive. The stories turned from the Penguins spy adventures to stories relating too much about them helping the other zoo animals with stupid stuff. The humor also took a turn for the worst, more forced jokes, annoying subplots and weak episodes were commonplace until the series finally got the boot.

    All in all, it was one of the only Dreamworks made for TV series on Nick that I actually liked. The rest just plain sucked.

    Honestly I stopped watching this show years ago, and to be honest, its not horrible its just a predicable animated show and it doesn't really deliver good humor. Its a massive hit and miss show :/

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  • Nice show.

    It is funny and have watched it for a couple years. Some bad episodes but overall a good show.


    I hate it. It's not 90s. I hate it.
  • its good.

    I always watched it with my dad when i was little, still good today.
  • Perfection

    This show is tied with SpongeBob for my #1 favorite show. By the rating it has here, I can see others share my opinion on how good it is.
  • Okay, but not perfect

    The show is not something new Nick came up with. Most of the characters came from the first Madagascar film so you dont really see a lot of originality in the character development. Next, we do the plots and jokes. The plots do seem to try to be good, which I did feel from watching, but however they seemed to feel detatched as I watched it at several moments of the show. The jokes also dont really seem to give me a laugh. They make me smile, but dont make me laugh. Of course, common sence at the zoo does`nt exist sometimes which makes outragous perdicimants get even more crazy. This show was enjoyable but I barley found any episodes that had a rewatch value to it. Still, if the show aired for a few years I would`nt mind.
  • Better than Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    Not great but better.
  • Its not good and its not bad..

    Pretty funny. But of course sometimes its just pointless...
  • The novelty of watching the Penguins is enough.

    Let me start off by saying the first Madagascar movie was only decent. The second one was better though, and the third one was actually pretty good. All three movies I went into hoping for a fun showcase of those cute and cuddly penguins, and they delivered. And when this show came out, I was pleasantly surprised. After watching the show, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the systematic antics of the Penguins were still there, but most of the supporting cast delivered as well. To be quite frank though, King Julien straight off pisses me off. He's supposed to, but I felt like I could at least tolerate him in the movies. His gimmick of kicking Mort is way overdone. I also didn't like that zookeeper Alice, she only exists for the sake of a recurring antagonist, and nothing else. However, I came to see some cute Penguin action, and what I got was a decent supporting cast as well. Overall, I really do like this show and recommend it to any viewers familiar with the Penguins. GRADE: A-
  • I LOVE this show!!!!!

    This is one of the most enjoyable shows that I ever watched on Nickelodeon. I've always loved the Madagascar movies and they happen to be one of my favorite Dreamworks movies of all time. I just don't like that there isn't the same voice actor for Kowalski and a couple more characters in this show. When this show first aired, I got used to Kowalski's voice after two or three months. If you compare Kowalski's voice from the "Madagascar" movies to "The Penguins of Madagascar", you'll see what I mean. I love all of the characters in this show except sometimes I don't like King Julien in this show. He just seems to be more of a jerk sometimes but in the Madagascar movies, King Julien is hilarious and really isn't a jerk at all. I like King Julien more in the "Madagascar" movies. I thought the spin-off of the Madagascar movies was such a brilliant idea. It's better than that spin-off from "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" called "Planet Sheen". The animation is also really good and most of the storylines are really good. Overall, I love the penguins and that's why this show is one of my favorite shows on "Nickelodeon". 10/10
  • It's Not Good.... It's Great!

    Definitely a show worth checking out even if you didn't like the "Madagascar" movies. It's one of those rare shows that can be enjoyable for kids, teenagers, adults and even elders. It's got it all; ingenious writing, witty and smart humour, adorable animations and there's even hilarious songs! One of the reasons I like this show as a teenager is because it has cleaner and nicer humour than most of those other shows on TV nowadays; there's nothing like this show out there!
  • not bad...

    this show is not bad, it's not good either, but i admit this show is pretty entertaining. it's not funny by any means compared to a 90's show, but it's pretty entertaining, i still watch it sometimes, i don't laugh at it but it's worth watching over most of the stuff nick has these days. i didn't like the 1st madagascar movie though, but i thought the 2nd movie was pretty good. i also think it's a good idea to let the pengiuns have they're own show, this show is an okay show, for now, im giving it a C+ a pretty entertaining show, it keeps my attention.
  • just bad.... just... ugh...

    Do i need to say more?
  • Put me to sleep

    I think Madagascar was a great movie, but I was really let down with this show.

    I liked the penguins in the movie, but I liked the main four waaaay better. I thought the penguins were also too overrated, and with this show, I was right.

    The characters are unlikeable, and the humor is bland. I expected more from Dreamworks. Why couldn't they make a Shrek cartoon instead? Then again, why are there Dreamworks shows on Nick anyway?

    Well, all I'm saying is, this show puts me to sleep. If I can't sleep at night, I'd watch this show and I'd be out cold.

    I'm giving it a 3, because there are WAY worse shows on Nick
  • The best recent Nicktoon On Right now

    The Penguins of Madagascar is very enjoyable, has very clever plots and is actually really funny. It's a rare case that the show is just as good, (and probably better) then the movie it was based on.
  • Suprisingly Good

    I went into this show expecting a train wreck like "Kung Fu Panda: Ledgends of Awesomeness" but instead I found a genuinley funny spin off. It's not hilarious, but it's much funnier than I expected! Worth a watch.
  • A great show! I only really watch it when I'm bored though.

    This is a great show and is one of the only Nickelodeon shows I like. This was a spin-off of Madagascar, which was a great movie. By the way, there is going to be a movie for this show. You should give it a try, it's worth a watch. 7/10
  • Best show on Nick!

    They got this one right (which is rare). A show that's good for the kids and the adults! Much more enjoyable then the movies, I'm waiting for a spin-off movie with just the Penguins. When I put the movie on I find myself disappointed that some of the voices for the series aren't in the movie, which I would love to see I think the series cast do a much better job then the movie voices. I'm a fan of the old Loony Toons and I rate them up there with them, and anyone that I know who likes the old Loony Toons also loves the Penguins series. I believe that is because there is humor for the kids and also humor that only an adult would get, a great combination.
  • Nickelodeon finally created a truly good spinoff to the movie, "Madagascar."


    "Penguins of Madagascar" is a spinoff show of the movie "Madagascar." It is about these four penguins: Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico who are in the New york Zoo who do different missions, often caused by King Julien the Lemur. This show has had its ups and downs, but the acting is quite decent. The animation is pretty good, but does need a little improvement.
    With the decent acting and the good plot, I would rate this show a

    Score 7.5: Good. A passable grade.

  • I love Penguins!


    Based on the hit Madagascar family films, it follows the lovable penguins in the Central Park Zoo, handling missions, and avoiding the lemurs.

    All the penguins have their own unique personalities from serious and cunning (Skipper), scientific and fearful (Kowalski), lovable and optimistic (Private), or crazy and psychotic (Rico).

    The main lemur King Julien can get kind of annoying, but you'll get used to it. Maurice is loyal to Julien but is tired of his demands. Mort (the cutest thing EVAR!!!) loves King Julien more than anything else except for his feet, which he loves even more.

    There's even more characters like an otter named Marlene who thinks the Penguins commando goes way too far, and others that have interesting personalites, and sometimes cravings like peanuts and bannanas.

    Overall, this is worth watching, and is perfect to watch anytime like TUFF Puppy and Spongebob. But there's one that isn't good at anytime. Two to be exact. Coming soon!

  • Penguins of Madagascar is a funny, awesome, and great show. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.


    The Penguins of Madagascar is about 4 penguins: Skipper, Rico, Kowalski, and Private. They do these big tasks and missions and operations around the Central Park Zoo with allies and annoyances. My favourite character is Skipper because he's a great leader and also funny at the same time. I also like Kowalski because he's funny and smart, and Rico because he's psychotic and crazy. I also like Private as much as Skipper. Mr favourite episode is the episode where Mort is banned from the kingdom by King Julian and it's really funny seeing him try to get over his love of King Julian's feet. This show is my 4th favourite, next to American Dad!. This show is my favourite 3d animated series on Nickelodeon because it mixes humor and action together and you get an epic TV show. 8/10.

  • I love the Madagascar movies and shorts, and I liked the penguins, but this spin off was just uncalled for.

    I love the Madagascar movies and consider them to be instant classics. The songs were good, the humor was great, and the story was great. Now did it ever need a spin off at all? Not only that, but it stars the penguins. Now I loved the penguins in the movies and found them to be great characters, but I don't think they needed a spin off show. In The Penguins of Madagascar, it takes place at the zoo where the first movie started at. The penguins are Skipper, leader of the group and calls the shots. Kowalski, the brains of the group. Rico, the insane penguin who loves explosions. Finally Private, the youngest of the group and least experienced. The penguins try to maintain the order in the zoo, but King Julien from the movies comes in and causes friction to the order. The penguins get into adventures with some of the zoo animals and try to control Julien. Idea wise, the show sounds good, but upon seeing it you will think otherwise. The show is another one of those CGI cartoons, but at least the CGI looks good in this show. Characters look good, the lip syncs are on cue, and the animation is smooth. The stories themselves are decent, but most of them are rehashes of stories done before with little or no creativity added to them. As for humor, it's OK, but not the best. The penguins usually got some laughs out of me here and there, and the other characters were boring and unfunny. Speaking of characters, most of them are uninteresting. The penguins were still great like in the movie, but Julien is annoying. In the movies, Julien was a bit annoying and very funny. In the show it's now very annoying and is not funny at all. I also did not like Mort or Marlene, they came off as either annoying and unfunny as well. AS for Maurice, he was good and the only tolerable side character. I also have to wonder one thing. Where is Gloria, Alex, Marty, and Melman? We never see them or hear them, and they are never mentioned at all. Did the producers forget the stars of the movies? The least they could have done is made them have cameo appearances. I suppose you could get away with the actors for the animals were too busy with other stuff to do voice work, but they could have just been put in there and not say anything at all. In the end, this was just a cheap way to cash in on one of Dreamwork's movie franchises and it doesn't do the Madagascar movies a lot of justice. Pass this series up and just go see Madagascar 1 and 2, and the shorts based on the movie instead.
  • Horrible.

    Before saying anything about this show, I would just like to say that I really like the Madagascar movies, and they are very funny.


    This is a terrible show! They totally ruined a good movie. The plots are weak and the writing is mediocre, but that's not the only bad thing about this show. It's made a few references to homosexuality as well. I remember one time that king said "I must be dreaming! Pinch me! Slap me and spank my right bottom!" Okay, is THAT appropriate for kids? No, it's not. Even though the show is rated Y7, I know some kids younger than seven watch it. The animation is terrible as well. And who REALLY cares about the penguins?!
  • I don't know why, but I just don't find this show so appealing.

    I watched this show when it premiered on Nick. After the first episode, I just did not find this show so appealing. I don't know maybe I am just too old for this show. Anyways, this show stars the four penguins from the Madagascar movies in the Central Park Zoo. The penguins go on these cool adventures to save the world etc. I am not really into the Madagascar series, maybe if I was I probably would give this show a higher score. I really do not have much to say for all of you, so have a nice day.-ffmotorsports51
  • This show is about five penguins who are secret agents.

    This show is great the graphics are outstanding and its great because if you loved the movies this show is great for you. Incredibly funny and cool show with funny humor and characters. What is also good is that all the voices from the movies are the same not cheap knock off voices that don't even sound like the characters. What is also good is that all the episodes are funny not just one or to all of them are amusing. So basically great show, funny and good ideas for episodes so go on watch it and you would have laughed your socked off at the end of any of the episodes.
  • It's not as good as I expected it and it's not horrible, but it's still a decent show.

    So it comes to this, a spin off from the Madagascar Movies with the four penguins as the major characters. If you only saw them on the madagascar movies, "You didn't see anything!"(Kowalski).The two chimpanzees (Mason and Phil), and the three lemurs (Julien, Maurice and Mort) are there from the Madagascar movies also. Private is my favorite character (don't kill me!). Needle Point is my favorite episode so far. Well it's not as good as the older Nicktoons but it's still decent. Hopefully it doesn't go downhill like The Fairly Odd Parents, Sponge Bob, or (ugh!) The Rugrats. This is a friendly show, but I give it a 6 because it has only 20 episodes so far, if it airs more, I will give it a real rating.
  • Not as good as the origanal Madagascar

    I watched this show when my brother showed it to me one day, this show has mild humor and the humor isn't that good, also King Julien does'nt make that good of jokes plus, they should'nt changed Morice's voice. His old voice was much better, also the same for Private's. And where's Marty, Alex, Melman, and Gloria? They would make this show better! I'd also like to mention what happen to Rico? He look crazy in this show when he look like a normal Penguin in the first movie. I'd also like to notice that a Kung Fu Panda show will also be made on Nick. Lets hope that show is better.
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