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  • Has some problems.

    A little bit of a disappointment. The first movie was excellent. Full of humor. The second movie was not the best but it was still good. This is real sad. The show had almost a big humorless start compared to the movies. I don't know. It is hard to judge the show with the great movies. Some of the episodes are okay on the other hand. It has some humor with Mort and the other lemurs. The plots are a little dull most of the time.

    Overall, it's an okay show. I'm not really a big fan of it, but I'll give it a high F. My opinion of it will probably soon go up if it improves with more humor.
  • Cute show packed with smart humor!

    When they first announced late in 2009 close to the Holiday season that they were making a "Penguins of Madagascar" TV show, I thought it would be awful just like most people thought. But boy was I shocked. The show first of all has characters all full of potential. Mort the Lemur is cute, King Julien is bossy and self-centered, and Maurice is the humble right hand man to King Julien. The other characters including the Penguins themselves come along nicely in this show. The missions the Penguins do in certain episodes are brilliant, and I love watching almost every episode of this show. The humor this show provides also is very good. There is some more older humor in this show such as Skipper trying to hack a security system by playing Poker on the computer. The show has also featured 2 special's so far including Dr. Blowhole and the Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel.
  • Decent Show

    This show is based around the penguins of Madagascar (yes, from the 2 movies) and they're life at the zoo. It's an ok show, and the good thing is that the characters are likeable for the most part (except for Julian; I hate him) and the storylines are decent and feel like something out of Madagascar. The one thing that's missing here really is humor. I don't think a show needs great humor to succeed, but here there is practically no humor. If there was more humor, I could give this an 8, but at the moment it's a 7 just because of the lack of humor overall. Overall, pretty good, add in some humor, and this show could have a future. 7/10 C-
  • why?

    why did they make a tv show about the penguins? I mean yeah they was my favorite character but the show is lame! I don't even watch Nick any more because of shows like this! no offense to anyone who likes this show but i think they should have just left it at the movie. I didn't even like the second movie that much! I just don't like it...sorry. WoW! this as to be 100 hundred words! thats stupid! I mean why do you need that. I think I made my point. yay! 93 words! almost there! yay! 100 words! well bye
  • I liked the movie offense.

    I think Madagascar was a great movie, but I was really let down with this show.

    I liked the penguins in the movie, but I liked the main four waaaay better. I thought the penguins were also too overrated, and with this show, I was right.

    The characters are unlikeable, and the humor is bland. I expected more from Dreamworks. Why couldn't they make a Shrek cartoon instead? Then again, why are there Dreamworks shows on Nick anyway?

    Well, all I'm saying is, this show puts me to sleep. If I can't sleep at night, I'd watch this show and I'd be out cold.

    I'm giving it a 3, because there are WAY worse shows on Nick...and I just can't type today. It's Monday, and someone said already what I wanted to say.
  • Truly a good spin-off, which is rare. But the show needs some polish to it's rather stone cold characters.


    Major kudo's to the guys who brought you the show, "Kim Possible." They were able to take characters from a rather successful movie series, and create a television spin-off that didn't stink. When has that happened? Never practically.

    While I give kudos on the show for being good, it certainly lacks many things as well. Lets go other those first, then end it on a nice note.

    The characters are sone cold, rubbery and lifeless. There is no real character depth to these CGI cooks. Emotion can seem rubbery and forced. There is not much depth to keep you hooked. Love interests? Please, like thats going to be pushed. The world is rather cold as well, and lacks real life to it. Whenever outside of the confines of their zoo, the New York City streets are lifeless and void of people and traffic . . . unless you consider the same two cars and same three designs of people over and over once in awhile as city life.

    If they could add some luster to the characters and life to the environment, it could really improve the show. Also, at times they seem to have a real problem designing things in CGI, such as slime and gooey substances. They lack finer details and animating grasses and textures with any real depth. Those are some things they could really work on.

    On a positive note, the adventures can be quite fun, and for people not as critical as my critique, would probably like the plots and the episodes. Most people will easily look over empty backgrounds and lack of character depth, and in that case, you may give the show a good rating. There are some unique characters in this show, and it is really important you don't over look that. They are some great highlights and times when the show is on it's A game. Othertimes, episodes can seem dull, and not well detailed. But otherwise, this show should have your flippers clapping, especially among the younger tots.

  • It was cute when it began, but it's really starting to become a bore fest for me.

    When I first watched the two Madagascar movies, I was immediately impressed with them. They had good plots, great humor, nice animation, and memorable characters. But when I heard a spin-off was coming to Nick, I wasn't really happy. When I first watched the show, it was pretty good. The humor was good, the plots were decent, and the characters. But I noticed that the show was dropping in quality until it came to a point where it became a mediocre show. The show is done in CGI, but at least it's done pretty well, although at some points it felt kind of rough. There are three problems I currently have with this show. The first should be pretty obvious. The lemurs. Morice is OK, but Mort is annoying, stupid, and unfunny. As for King Julian, he is really a pain in the butt. In the movies, he was a little annoying, but he was a likable character. Now he is really annoying, unfunny, and completely unlikable. The second I have with this show is the fact that WAY too many episode focus on Private. I mean, I'm not kidding when I say that 60% of the episodes focus on Private. Speaking of Private, he's OK, but he's just too overrated. The last problem I have is how boring this show is now. The plots come off as weak or rehashed, and the humor is really starting to bore the heck out of me. As for the other characters, I don't mind them much and they are good additions to the show.

    Overall, this show did begin well, then it became a snooze fest for me. The plots are really getting desperate, and the humor is just really hard to laugh at. I am giving it a 6.5, because there are way worse shows on Nick.

    Presentation: 7.5/10 The idea does sound good, but some of the plots are rather weak or come off as predictable.

    Animation: 8.5/10 The CGI looks great, and the animation is well done, but some of it is done roughly.

    Voice: 9/10 The lip syncs are on cue, and most of the voices are done pretty nicely. Although some are rather annoying.

    Entertainment: 6/10 The humor did start off good, but in the end, it all comes off as stale and bland.

    Lasting Appeal: 4.5/10 The show does look good at first, but how boring it is makes you want to look for something else.

    FINAL SCORE:6.5/10 Fair
  • A superior breed.


    I'll come outright and say it. This show is better than the movie.

    With a blistering pace, one liners coming a mile a minute, an assortment supporting characters and dialogue that really deserves more credit then it gets. Penguins of Madagascar has surpassed the big screen franchise that birthed it.

    The thing that surprised me the most was the fact that prior knowledge of animated movies is a none issue. When you start watching, you can instantly tell where the characters fit into the show and they pretty much have separated themselves from the movies, I only remember one reference and it was a joke that was funny even if you hadn't seen the movie.

    But the main thing PoM was managed to accomplish that the films could not, is defining the characters. Skipper was really the only clear personality, the others were just, labeled as engineer, crazy weapons guy and soft/naive rookie. While these are whatKowalski, Rico and Private are essentially, they have become so much more then just a conduit for silly one liners.

  • Really good show, but it has some issues with it just like any other.


    As far as this show goes, it is mostly good. The humor is good, the plot is really quite interesting, but the characters need a little work. My main problem I have with this show is King Julien. He is soooooooooo annoying. He is a very obnoxious, annoying, and unintelligent character all topped off with a migraine-inducing voice that mercilessly butchers the English language. In addition, he takes up too muchscreen timethat the penguins need more of. The show is not called "The Lemurs of Madagascar" now is it? Also, I have quite a problem with the characters Private and Mort. Mort is very annoying (but not even close to K. Julien) and goes on and on about touching Julien's feet. Admittedly, this is starting to get irritating. With Private and just like Kirby said, he takes up too much screen time. It is no exaggeration that most of the episodes are about him. Characters like Maurice, Skipper, and Rico need more episodes about them (My favorite character just so happens to be Rico btw). Each of them have had hardly any while Private seems to be dominating the show (in addition to Julien). Besides that, excellent humor, excellent plot, excellent animation, excellent show. A-

  • Fun show.

    The co-stars of the 2005 film Madagascar, the 2005 short film The Madagascar Penguins in: A Christmas Caper and the 2008 film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are set to dress up the small screen as spies in this Nickelodeon series. Four confused penguins named Skipper (the leader of the group), Kowalski (the smartest of the group), Private (the youngest of the group) and Rico (the craziest of the group) continue there epic journey and embark new adventures. They live at Central Park Zoo of the busy streets of New York; they also try to keep their multi species happy. But one day a party animal moves next door named Julien King of the Lemurs, and now all is not normal.

    This show has some funny episodes (Happy King Julien Day) and there's only a few boring/bad episodes. Characters are great. King Julien and Mort can be annoying from times to times, but they can be funny though. Aside the penguins, my favorite characters are Burt, the chimps, Joey, and Max (the cat).

    Season 2's been good and it's a lot way better from Season 1. The first season was decent. Though I wish Nick airs the first season episodes again, all they do is repeat season 2 episodes.

    The music is very good. I like it how they arrange the theme song in a few episodes. Also, the music that are used in the title card sequences are great (especially when they play jazz).

    The Penguins of Madagascar is a good show and it is a bit better than SpongeBob (still great, but still over aired).
  • Overrated.

    This show is extremely overrated. Now, I saw the Madagascar movie before the series came out. I wasn't expecting to much, since this was going to be in Nickelodeon. When I saw it, I said to myself "I knew it"

    The cartoon is horrible. Even though the series is called "PENGUINS of Madagascar" it has King Jullian (Sorry if I misspelled his name) in it. Jullian literally has to be the most annoying cartoon character in history. He's like 80% of the reason why I think this show is horrible. The drawing/animation is good I'll give you that, but the humor isn't funny one bit. I never laughed at ANY of there jokes. This cartoon is extremely repeative and the soundtrack is horrible also. I think what would have made this show better is if they had the original Madagascar characters in it.

    Everytime they turn a classic animated movie into a series it turns out to be garbage, one example is this.
  • It was a GENIUS idea.

    This show is one of my favorites. For one reason it's one of my favorites is that it involves the Penguins from the Madagascar movies(Kowalski being my favorite penguin), and of course, the lemurs(The Penguins' rival, and my favorite lemur is Mort.)! Not to mention that since they're back at the zoo, there's a bunch of new characters (Like koalas,kangaroos, and eleephants,etc.) So, i'd reccomend this show to anyone (Just not like i reccomend Fish Hooks.)!

    9/10 A- Great show, great idea,great characters,etc. Waddle on over to this show and give it a go! It's one unique show.

    See You Next Time!
  • Great movie, therefore, great spin-off

    I wasn't expecting much, because spin-offs aren't usually that great, unless you think The Simpsons and Fairly OddParents are spin-offs of the Tracey Ullman Show and Oh Yeah Cartoons, respectively. Skipper (the leader), Kowalski (the smart one), Rico (the violent one) and Private (the caring one) fight over who will be the legitimate ruler of the zoo. the rival? King Julien , king (duh) of the lemurs, and his companions Maurice, his left hand, and Mort, the most annoying catoon character ever (more than Cosmo and Patrick morphed). Their allies: Phil and Mason the chimpanzees, Marlen the otter, Burt the elephant, Joey the kangaroo, Bada and Bing the gorilas and Roy the Rhino. Enemies include: ALice tghe zookeeper, the Rat King, Dr. Blowhole, and Officer X.
  • One of the better cartoons as of late

    When I first heard that the penguins were getting there own show, I thought why would Dream Works do this? However, I was kinda looking forward to it because I loved the Penguins in Madagascar. Now as I am actually watching the series, I gotta say that it kinda took me by surprise but I have a bad feeling that this series will quickly run out of ideas. I mean most of the ideas they are using right now looks like last minute put together ideas. but it doesn't matter right now. right now i'm enjoying those last minute ideas and i hope this show goes on for a while and doesn't jump the shark.
  • Love it!!

    I love this penguins from Madagascar honestly every time they show up in the movies i laught maniacally like when they take over the ship, the part when "Wheres the crew?" "we ate it!!!" jajaja
    I love when the pinguins are in a "meeting" with the Monkey Sindicate and Mason n Phill blackmail Skipper with photos of him with the ula-ula doll its really hilarious!!!!! ("We dont want this (the pictures) to get to the Savaanah!!!") Really hilarious and finally Skipper got married jajaaj Awsome!!!

    Love the show smart humor and really entertaining!!!

    Another Nickelodion show that worths my time after AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER!!!

    Very well done

    XO XO

  • The characters who robbed both Madagascar movies are back.

    It's hard to say which characters stole the show the most in the movies. I think it was a tie between the penguins and the lemurs. But Penguins of Madagascar is an adequate name.

    One of the things I love about this show is the characters. I will always hate the ever obnoxious Mort, I still feel kinda sorry for Maurice, and I can't help but find Julien hilarious. I thought he was annoying at first, but once you get used to him, he's just the type of character that you want to see raped. LOL i love the penguins so much I can't choose between them, though I gotta say Kowalski seemed smarter in the movies and a lot less clumsy. And I even like Marlene a lot, the level-headed female. Too bad she's the only one (Alice doesn't count).

    Okay, for people who don't find the jokes funny at all, I'll say this: this humor is not for little kids. I've seen every single episode so far and this humor calls more for older kids. Seriously, I've spotted so many adult jokes, my jaw dropped more than once like when I saw "Otter Gone Wild" (When Marlene strandled Julien, I screamed rape!). Unless little kids these days are very experienced (no offense) or have their minds between their legs before their time, they won't understand these jokes. I do, because I'm a young adult who just graduated from college. ALL my friends love this show, any little kids I know watch more Phineas and Ferb than this.

    And the best part of this show is the fact that the 4 idiots are not there! YAY! Look, it's not that I hate Alex, Marty, GLoria, and the giraffe, but I've labeled them the 4 idiots since the first movie and the main characters in Penguins of Madagascar stole their popularity in the movies, so there. THey would've made the show poor to watch. I'm really glad they're not here. The only problem with this is that they don't explain exactly what happened to them except for the oppening explaining that the penguins and lemurs were shipped back to New York. How did that happen? No idea. Why weren't they with the 4 idiots? No idea. I was hoping they decided to stay in Africa and live happily, good riddance. But Madagascar 3 is coming, so.... *groan*

    Anyway, overall, I still give this show a 10. The episodes have yet to disappoint me except for the only with the elephant. Don't take my word for it, I read it myself in the Dreamworks website that the company planned to make Penguins of Madagascar a 30-episode series, and they already passed their limit, to continue it in Madagascar 3. Why they haven't stopped? Duh. Because the series were a huge hit!! If you don't like it, it's your opinion and I respect that. I just gave mine. Remember, I still think this show is better for older kids and young adults who will understand the adult humor.

    Thank you!
  • This show is nowhere near as great as the movie, in fact it doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the movie.

    Ever since I was a little kid, Madagascar has been one of my absolute favorite animated movies. I just saw Madagascar 2 last month and thought it was even better than the first. Of course my favorite characters are the penguins, very closely followed by Julien. So you'd think I'd be a fan of this show, right? WRONG! This show lacks everything that made the first two movies great. The witty adult jokes, the appealing characters, the beautiful animation, ALL GONE! It basically has the same kind of stupid crap humor that you find in most modern Nickelodeon shows that's not even funny. And with the exception of Skipper, all of the characters voices are off. Mort's voice in particular sounds like fingernails on a blackboard. As I've mentioned before, the first two movies had beautiful animation, but the animation in this movie is just terrible. The lemurs in particular look very creepy and lifeless. And just what are the lemurs doing at the zoo?! It makes no sense! Maybe I'm not being fair, because I only saw one episode, but for now I absolutely hate this show. If you're a fan of the Madagascar franchise, then I suggest avoid this show at all costs.
  • First great Nickelodeon show to air in a while.

    OK I was blown away by how awesome this series is. I mean, I'm in love with the Madagascar movies, and so imagine my excitement when I discover they're making a whole series. I was soon disappointed to learn it was only about the peguins. But one thing that I'm glad about is that they kept King Julian and Mort. I thought this was a really great show. Actually, in a way, it reminded me of 90's cartoons, except for the fact that it's CG animated, that is. But, it has a lot of stuff the 90's had- no gross humor, original ideas, great characters, no one's really a jerk, and a lot of funny jokes. I think this is a really great Nick show, but it'll definetly never beat the movies it was based on. Final Grade: A. Teen_Tomboy, out!
  • Awesome Show with Clever Plots!

    I have to say this is in one of my top favorite shows at the moment. Everything is great. The animation is great, the show is really, really cute, and the storylines are top noch including stuff you would never think of on an average day. First of all, people are saying that this show should have characters like the Zebra and Lion in this show. This show is about the PENGUINS not the Zebra and Lion. Like I said, the storylines are great as well. A lot better than Fanboy and Chum Chum. Ugh. The characters are all hilarious. I liked how they changed the voices of the characters. It fits them better. And Mort is hilarious still as well in this show. The only character that gets on my nerves in Marlene. She She is really annoying.

    So overall, this show is hilarious.
  • I'll Just start with this; I'm Obsessed!

    As you can tell by the title, This Nickelodeon show stars the four "insane" penguins. Skipper, The Paranoid maniac. Kowalski, the "mad scientist" Rico "The Truly Psychotic" demolition expert. And Private, the down to earth one. The Lemurs are back (Julien, Maurice, And Mort) A new character has been added called Marlene (an Asian otter) Due to their lower budget and time to make the episodes, (compared to the movie) The CGI animation, while not as good as the movie, is still one of the best on Nick. The plots to each episodes always seems to make me laugh. (Loudly) While I see some repetitive in some episodes, (Mostly episodes that star/Co-star King Julien) most are original and fresh. Unlike most new Spongebob episodes we get these days.

    Some of the voice acting is very different, (EX. Kowalski, Mort) but is still very good acting never less. I adore a lot abut this show, but one thing I hate, Is Mort. His character, is, how to I put this without swearing? He is the bane of my happiness, of my peace. If I made a list, Of the top ten thing I hate in this world. (And I am not exaggerating, In front of all of the murder and war, and racism corrupting our planet,) Mort would be number one!

    All in all it's a great show with qualities that can pull this show for lasting years.

    9.5/10 - Superb
  • WOW!

    It seems as if everything DreamWorks comes out with keeps on getting better and better because this is easily my favorite show. I hope this streak lasts! With How to Train Your Dragon coming out as an oscar worthy movie I still don't see how this could stop! So again, DreamWorks you have really outdone yourselves (again). Now I can't wait for Kung fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness and its sequel Kung fu panda: The Kaboom of Doom. Also since How to Train Your Dragon was a hit, the show and sequel should be just as good then. Thank you DreamWorks for this really high energetic, great stunning animated show!
  • I'll Just start with this; I'm Obsessed!

    As you can tell by the title, This Nickelodeon show stars the four "insane" penguins. Skipper, The Paranoid maniac. Kowalski, the "mad scientist" Rico "The Truly Psychotic" demolition expert. And Private, the down to earth one. The Lemurs are back (Julien, Maurice, And Mort) A new character has been added called Marlene (an Asian otter) Due to their lower budget and time to make the episodes, (compared to the movie) The CGI animation, while not as good as the movie, is still one of the best on Nick. The plots to each episodes always seems to make me laugh. (Loudly) While I see some repetitive in some episodes, (Mostly episodes that star/Co-star King Julien) most are original and fresh. Unlike most new Spongebob episodes we get these days.

    Some of the voice acting is very different, (EX. Kowalski, Mort) but is still very good acting never less. I adore a lot abut this show, but one thing I hate, Is Mort. His character, is, how to I put this without swearing? He is the bane of my happiness, of my peace. If I made a list, Of the top ten thing I hate in this world. (And I am not exaggerating, In front of all of the murder and war, and racism corrupting our planet,) Mort would be number one!

    All in all it's a great show with qualities that can pull this show for lasting years.

    9.5/10 - Superb
  • This show is somewhat good.

    Ok, three things are keeping me away from giving this show a higher rating. One: I don't like King Julien, yes I know he's supposed to be in character like that, but it goes too far and he's wuss sometimes. Two: It could have better plots for episodes, some are pretty good, and some are kinda stupid. Three: That little lemur named Mort, I think always gets hurt in most the episodes, well the movies too, sometimes I wonder why, I guess he's the new Kenny! Ok, I don't hate this show, it can get pretty good sometimes and gets good episodes, it's just those things that kinda bother me. One more thing that I don't get is what is with that Otter, Marliene in the show, how comes she never was in the Madagascar movies? I like this show, those are just some things that keep me away from giving it a better score. Final grade: Eh, I'll give it a C+
  • Go Penguins!

    I have always loved madagascar
    The First Movie
    The second movie.
    And now finally they have made a show about it! Well, About some characters. The peguins of madagascar is a clever and funny cartoon comedy simalar to spongebob and other nickolodean shows. First of all, This show started off perfectly! The drawings have never changed, And the theme (Madagascar) Has never changed. Second of all, The show KEPT getting funnier! It started off like an aucual life story, Then turned into a cartoon Comedy! Third of all, I just enjoy watching the show! I love TONS of nickolodean shows, But this is one of my all time favourites!
  • One of those cartoons where you can tolerate and enjoy.

    When I first saw "The Penguins of Madagascar" with my little sister, I felt this cartoon is very interesting and clever. This cartoon is very mature than some cartoon shows these days. You have Skipper, the leader, Private, a small low-expierenced penguin, Kowalski, a very intelligent penguin, and Rico, a penguin who can keep mostly any nonedible object in his belly. Dont foreget the menacing King Julien and along with him is Maurice and the little Mort. If you are dying to see a cartoon that is very awesome and very neat then tune in to the Penguins of Madagascar.
  • Adequate. Just adequate.

    This show is about 4 psychotic penguins that do commando missions. Well, I'd say some episodes are wimpy like the episode Over Phil. Do they think Mason is a MAID?! That is wimpy. Well, anyway the scores are: (this is the first review I am using my new rating system. If you want to see it, please go to my profile, and click 'read more' on the blog post: new rating system)

    Plots: 7.2 (adequate) Some are wimpy.

    Sound and Voice-casting: 7.9 (adequate) Ah, I think its kinda good. Graphics and Animation: 8.7/10 (marvelous) Wow! Finally a show with GOOD graphics!

    Dialogue and Language: 8.2/10 (marvelous) Great! (when I say language, I mean points will get taken off if there is bad words, or too simple language.)

    Grossness Level: 3 (Not that bad) The higher the grossness, the less score the show/episode will get.

    Bottom Line: Well, kinda good. Also kinda wimpy.

    Looks like my work is done here, so stay tuned for my next review.
  • There's some parts where overused plots were used, but the show overall is well put together.

    To be honest, I thought the show was going to be a flop like all movie-based shows crack up to be, but I was wrong! To be honest, I didn't exactly like the films, but the show got me addicted for it. But to prove me wrong, The Penguins of Madagascar is one of the top rated shows of modern Nickelodeon.

    The show explores the themes of team work and religion vs. science a lot; for an example, the penguins are always working together to solve missions. As for religion vs. science, the show goes into this a lot with King Julien thinking that everything is done by the Sky Spirits and the penguins knows that everything is done by an event.

    The only bad thing I have to say about The Penguins of Madagascar is that the plots the show utilizes are some-what overdone; other than that, the show deserves a good score. ;D
  • No summary needed.

    This show is one of the reasons why I regained faith in Nickelodeon, which I thought would never happen due to all of the teen reality shows.

    I really like this show for its quality, characters, and most of all for it's humor (there a far worst things than a little bit of adult humor). I really like Skipper, leader of the penguins for those who haven't seen this show, yet, because he is more coolheaded and comedic than the rest of the characters in the show. I really hope that Nick will continue making episodes for a long time to come. Overall, this show is fun to watch, regardless of the age level.
  • Impressive....

    Based after the animated movies "Madagascar", and "Madagascar Escape 2 Africa", comes the T.V. show based after the penguins, and of course the lemurs. In addition, they have whipped up brand new characters such as the sewer rats, Roger the alligator, Joey the Kangaroo, and of course, Marlene the otter. The characterists have all been boosted up and new ideas have been added that you have not seen in the movie. For one, King Julien's feet are considered "royal", Morris the lemur has had his animation re-designed, and all of the penguins have new voices, except for Skipper.

    The humor is smart, and has jokes for anyone to enjoy. Overall, this is a great show and I hope it stays on the air for quite some time.

    P.S. - Favorite character is Mort the Lemur. So cute!
  • This is a very comical show that has great potencial to become a big hit.

    This show is very funny, and is very enjoyable to watch. All of the characters have their own personalities which makes the characters more able to relate to. The episodes are intresting, and all have a story to them. There is alos a hint that there is a larger story that is developing in the episodes. The show is comical because of the reactions of the penguins to regular ordinary happenings, and the fact that Mort is always getting hurt, but always ends up fine. The voices of the characters are also very close to that of the characters in the movies. This is a great show, and hopefully will contine to be good.
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