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  • Delightful animated show based on the very successful Madagascar motion pictures. The stories take place in the Central Park Zoo (NYC) and includes the lemurs from the movies, a female otter, a few chimpanzees, and a Zoo Keeper worker that they outwit.

    An American CGI production shown on Nickelodeon on Saturday mornings. The characters originated in the very popular Madagascar animated movie that made 339 million worldwide. They reprised their roles in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa which was even a bigger hit making over 600 million worldwide. There is also another movie sequel scheduled for 2012.

    The main characters are Skipper who is the lead Penguin voiced by Tom McGrath, Kowalski the teams intelligence officer voiced by Jeff Glen Bennett, Private who even though he is the youngest of the group seems to have pretty good insight sometimes voiced by James Patrick Stuart, and finally Rico the explosives and weapons expert voiced by John DiMaggio.

    These characters are portrayed as quite inventive and an entertaining team. They see themselves as operatives completing missions put before them with Skipper as their leader.

    The major antagonist of the penguins is King Julian voiced by Danny Jacobs who is the leader of the Lemurs. He always seems to be starting or causing something to happen that everyone must respond too. An interesting new character not seen in the movies is Marlene voiced by Nancy Sullivan who is an Otter that came from a California location. She seems to be friends with the penguins but at times can't believe the things they seem to do.

    A very enjoyable show for both adults and children of all ages. Very family friendly and the production value is superb. The stories and storylines are clever and the dialogue is entertaining. This is a show well worth checking out anytime. Thanks for reading...
  • This is such an awesome show! This is my new favorite show on nickelodeon!

    When I first heard that the penguins in the madagascar movie was going to have their own show, I was so excited! They made me laugh so hard in the madagascar movie, that tears was coming out of my eyes, LOL! And when I heard king julien and mort was going to be in the show, I was even more excited! King julien and mort always make me laugh! The show itself is so funny, and the charaters are hilarious! And I was surprised that they added new charaters in the show like marline the otter. And I was also surprised that they sometimes sing in the show,which is mostly king julian singing, LOL! Anyways, this show is really funny so far, I hope this show will do great.
  • Good but not Perfect

    The co-stars of the 2005 film Madagascar, the 2005 short film The Madagascar Penguins in: A Christmas Caper and the 2008 film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa are set to dress up the small screen as spies in this Nickelodeon series. Four confused penguins named Skipper (the leader of the group), Kowalski (the smartest of the group), Private (the youngest of the group) and Rico (the craziest of the group) continue there epic journey and embark new adventures. They live at Central Park Zoo of the busy streets of New York; they also try to keep their multi species happy. But one day a party animal moves next door named Julien King of the Lemurs, and now all is not normal.
    The show is produced by DreamWorks Animation

    My Overall 8.5/10 85 % Good but not awesome...
  • This show is really entertaining and funny!

    This show turned better then I expected. It's real entertaining. My fav. charecters are Private and Mort. Mort is SO cute! His voice actor must be really teleted with a really sqeaky high voice like that. His obsession with feet is cute, heck evreything he does is cute. It's hard to imagine Mort and Maurice are lemurs, but if they're not lemurs, what are they? Julien is like Kuzo from the Empour's new School/Groove, very selfish and always thinking of themselves! If a cartoon parody was made, Julien will be perfect playing Kuzo! I like Private because he's the youngest and the cutest out of the bunch. Skipper has all of the qualities of a good leader! If you loved the penguins from Madgascar, then you will love The Penguins of Madigascar!
  • A hillarious show. I love it. Favorite character? Definately Koalski.

    The best new show Nick's come out with since El Tigre. It keeps all the hillarity of the orriginal Madagascar movies, with lots more character developement and new jokes. Watch as the Penguins and Lemurs turn the zoo upside-down, and explore the surrounding NYC. Koalski is deffinately my favorite character, but I also really like Skipper, the monkeys, and of course, King Julian! I recomend this show to everyone who loved the Madagascar movies, or likes slapstic and wordplay humor. It's nice that Nick has finally come out with a new show that is not hit-and-miss, which hasn't happend for a while.
  • Wowza!

    This is one heck of a great show! Considering it's a spin-off of my favourite movie, I love it! Funny how I hated Madagascar 2, but I'm in love with this! The 4 lovable penguins from the hit Dreamworks film are back in their own show, with Mort, Maurice & King Julien as well. Although, I'm not sure how they got out of Africa. :P The episodes are well written, funny & are as brilliant as Madagascar 1 penguins. They haven't changed at all. If you've watched Madagascar and you're not sure about this, watch it. If you like this, and haven't seen Madagascar 1, go rent it now. Or buy it for cheap from some shop. You will not be disappointed.
  • The show is very entertaining!

    At first I was skeptical and losing faith in Nickelodeon in terms of thinking they are running out of ideas just because they took characters from a popular movie series and made it a TV series. Well, I was watching it and I was surprised...I actually like it..enough to have it as one of my favorites! I like the idea of penguins as top secret agent commandos while disguising as innocent, cute and cuddly penguins smiling and waving to the human visitors. All four penguins are fascinating with individual roles and personalities. The show however wouldn't be really complete without the new neighbors the lemurs. The lemurs like starting trouble and are cooky and good rivals for the penguins. The new Ms. Independent otter Marlene is a good addition too. Although I wouldn't take every action and every word King Julien too seriously like: "OH MY GOSH HE'S GAY Who knows and who cares if he is or isn't? Just either enjoy the show or change the channel. Kids don't pay attention to details like that anyway. Remember that same issue with Spongebob? I also wouldn't compare with the show and the movie Madagascar 1 and 2 with the animation and voices. As I mentioned before, enjoy the show as it is or change the channel. The show is humorous and a good family show. It also has it's sweet moments like how the characters interact like for example: The penguins show that they are not just an elite force, they're best friends close enough to be like family. So there you have it. It's a great series and I hope that this show will last long and successfully.
  • This is a very good show on Nickelodeon!

    The Penguins of Madagascar truly is an entertaining and unique show, and best of all, it's animation! It's definitely great to see a good animation show in this new generation, one with some acceptable and good art colorings and styles, and it is also more cool and life-like when it is in 3-D animation! So yeah, I think all of the characters do great in the show, and it's nice to have a tv series to carry on the fame and fortune the first two Madagascar movies brought to viewers in movie theaters to many areas! I also think this show can be funny, and one of the few savior shows that Nick still has that is currently airing and has more new episodes in production. It's cool and fun seeing Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico go on more cool adventures together around the zoo in Manhattan! We also get to see a new character in this show, her name is Marlene and she is an Otter! King Julien and Maurice and Mort are also still hanging around to bring on more good comedy and entertainment to the show! All of these characters play special key roles in The Penguins of Madagascar, and each episode has some interesting and different plots that will want you to keep coming back for more! This can be another good animated tv show the whole family can enjoy, just like SpongeBob! The Penguins of Madagascar in my opinion is fun and can be an enjoyable batch of quality entertainment!
  • All Choked Up!

    I love this episode and how it features Rico. He's so lovable its funny and the regurgitation part of him reminds me of Chowder. It's actually wierd because before this episode he didn't have Gooey Love Mush Sensitivity, because in Parental Eggstinct when everyone (especially Private) was being all lovey and mushy with Eggy, he thought it was cute too. Also, the other penguins were never poetic and I found Private's quote ("I dunno Skipper...Sometimes a good whistle makes me feel like a pretty little butterfly") quite unnerving. All in all, this is not an episode for those who can't look at comedy-style regurgitation, but I found their little antics quite adorable...
  • So far, I love it! Bottom line: My new best friend

    This show is amazing! I really think this show is a good idea! A show staring the penguins from the madagascar movie. I love these guys! They`re so funny! This show is tied with spongebob! It is that good! Every time it comes on, I sit down and watch it. The episode titles are catchy, the plots are good, and the humor isn`t too bad either. If you agree with me, click the green thumbs up. If you disagree, click the red thumbs down. This show is very new, but so far, it is going uphill, and it is a dead tie with spongebob on my favorite shows list. This is one of my new favorite shows!
  • Awesome show, I'm more glad I can be it's editor.

    Nick finally gives us a good new cartoon show after so long. This is a fantastic and hilarious show, and even though the movies are a little better, I started to like the show even before watching the Madagascar movies. I love the characters of this show. The penguins are amazing I like Skipper, he makes a great leader. Kowalski is good too, but my favorite is private, I love his accent and his innocence because he is the youngest. And finally, Rico, the crazy one, I love the running gag of him spitting totally random objects up! Lol
    Some people don't like the lemurs, but I love them too. King Julien is awesome on his own awesomeness. Maurice is good too because he has to be the only character that is somewhat mentally sane. But my favorite is the cute and adorable Mort!

    The only problem I could see about this show is that it will be hard to find episode ideas for, I think that the writers will struggle in the future. I hope not because I'm hoping it to run for a couple years.
  • Actually pretty good!

    I know this could never replace Madagascar, but it is a good sub. I like the newest character, Marlene. When I first saw the commercial for this I knew I wasn't going to like it, but I was wrong. Even though the animation is complete crap, and some of the original VA are missing, it's still a good show. It can be funny in some parts, and very sweet in others. and the theme song is AWESOME. Nickelodeon, you've done something right, here's to you penguins! Oh, before I go, I just want to say "Cute and Cudely guys, cute and cudely" lol
  • Huzzah! The penguins have returned!

    The penguins desere their own T.V show man. The preaty much made those movies good. Honestly, in an age of bad cartoons which will remain unamned [cough Chowder cough Flapjack cough George of the Jungle: cough Might B cough Robotboy], this is definitely one of te few gems. The comedy is quite funny, although some episodes are just more wierd then funny. I udnerstand having the lemeurs in this, but I don't see the point of the otter or the monkeys since they aren't that funny, or that zookeeper who is completely worthless. It will be worth it to see how long this will last before even the penguins cease to be funny.
  • I'm pretty much starting to like this show.

    This show is really better than Back At The Barnyard.I mean,what I said about Back At The Barnyard is that I don't like the fact that no actors except Wanda Sykes even returned to make the tv show.But I don't care about this one.Even that no actors returned to make this show and I don't even like this tv show.Well,it's pretty good on all of the episodes and it did pretty well on what it did on every episode of this show.I really like this show and I really think it's really better than the show Back At The Barnyard.
  • THIS SHOW IS GREAT "yeah yeah yeah yeah" ~rico

    HI this show is great but not as good as the movies its about the 4 penguins (skipper,rico,private,and kowalski) along with the lemurs and marline the otter (new addition) i think theres a ds game in the the works but i doubt it but like i said this show is great my favorite penguin is rico he is awesome my 2nd is private 3rd is skipper and you know who the 4th one is i adore this show and i think all madagascar fans do to well this techniccly wraps it up so ok bye dudes just bye

    ~etty6 (aka luigi29)
  • This is a really good show!

    I think this is a really good show. It is nice to see a show about The Madagascar characters. The Penguins are so funny! Also, they are the main characters, which is why they are funny. I wonder what else will happen in this show? But overall, really good. I also like how it takes place in a zoo, because you get to see alot of animals. There are not many humans, but they do show some people watching the animals. But then again, it is a show about Penguin lol. But still, that explains why there is not many humans. Still, a good show.
  • This show has started out with interesting episodes and characters. Hopefully it will keep running for at least two seasons.

    One major problem with this show is that it is hard to think of origional ideas for it. Already it seems that the creators may be struggling to think of new ideas. But the show itself is great. I was never a huge fan of the movies, so I was suprised when I discovered I like this show.
    The penguins are all great, but King Julien and Mort can get very annoying at times (Maurice is great). Mort in particular has a very annoying voice, so it is good that he almost never gets more than a few words per episode. All in all, I think that this is a great series, but it will be hard-pressed to think of new ideas, especially plots that have not already been used by other shows.
  • AWESOME!!!

    This show is awesome. The penguins actually get a TV show. Good thing too because we get to see even more of their awesome and sneaky action stunts. A better reason to be exited is because this show may even eliminate all the other crud that has been shown on Nickelodeon. (Hopefully The Mighty Bee.) However I have also seen better. Then again, we have all seen worse too you know. I'm not gonna point fingers though. COUGH Mighty Bee COUGH COUGH... Anyway this is a great show, I hope it lasts for a very long time and congrats to Dream Works.
  • funny

    this show is really funny. My fav penguin is all 4 of them becuase they are all so funny!!! i wonder if julien really is a king???? Anyways im watching the show write now it just made me laugh of how he was dancing. i wonder why morice even follows julien. the episode im wacthing right now is called " Penguinner Takes All." The episode thats coming up next is that Rico didn't swallow up some earmuffs for skipper wicth the episode is called "Assault and Batteries." i like these shows because they are funny and they like to help people. I think this show is the best new show ever(i think cause i haven't seen any other new show)So as i was saying this show is really funny!
  • It's too early to tell if this show will be a success or not, but so far it's promising.

    After all the garbage Nick's been putting out lately, it looks like we finally might have a show worth talking about. Only a couple of episodes have aired so far, but I like it.

    I think the main thing this show has going for it is characters. Most shows seem to rely mainly on one or two good ones and the rest are quite bland, but I find this show to have an all-around enjoyable cast. My favorite character is King Julien, he's just so, cooky. But I also like Rico, he's cute and randomly hillarious! (BUTTONS!!!)

    It is somewhat dissapointing the four main characters from the movie aren't in this show (Melman would of been awesome!) but I guess they have enough attention in the films, the show is more so for the other characters to shine.

    The episodes so far have been pretty funny, though I must admit I haven't seen anything too stunning yet. That's why the show only gets an 8.

    Still, I fell this could be the next big Nicktoon. And hey, most show's don't really start picking up until later on, and this show certainly has a while to progress, there are currently 52 episodes ordered.

    All in all, pretty cool show that has some extreme promise. I hope to see how it goes in the future.
  • You'll have to decide for yourself if you like this one, but bottom line as long as you don't CONSTANTLY compare it to the movie, then you'll find yourself laughing hysterically.

    You can't review The Penguins of Madagascar without first reviewing or at least outlining the first two movies this show was spun off from (you just can't) but I'll promise I'll make this brief. Madascar one was all about these zoo animals in Centeral Park. They never really questions there lives with the notable expection of Marty the Zebra and the Penguins. Now for our proposes Marty isn't all that important so let's key in on our tux wearing, hollywood-take overing friends. The penguins run "comando operations" and go missions, which in the first movie centered around trying to escape from zoo to Antarctica. In his first appearence Skipper, the leader, tunnels into Marty's habiat (or something to that effect) and talks to him about escape plans and as he disapears under a cup back into the underground proclaims "you didn't see anything." They're described by Alex the Lion as being 'phsycotic". Later, after the other animals fall off the boat they're being transported on, the peguins hijack it and go to Antarctic, only to finially realize there's nothing but snow and wind and it "...really sucks." The penguins meet up with there fellow zoo animals in Madagascar (where they've washed up and met some bizarre "I like to Move it Move it" singing Leamars). By then they're boats out of gas. The film was okay, but I can't say it was too notable or that the CGI (with the expection of a few backgrounds) was any good. Our bird friends were defintly the high light. In Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (yes, Madagascar is part of Africa, but go to a film review site to complain about that one) the penguins build/renovate an airplane to go back to New York only it crashes. THe film is broken up into subplots, the penguins' being remaking the plane with a team of monkeis. In peperation, the hijack a few jungle jeeps, atacking and stranding a few American tourist. In the bizarre ending scene Skipper marries a bobble head from the plane, and he and the other penguins go on the honeymoon. Again, the CGI sucked and the Penguins are the main source of all humor. Now, finally, we come to the review of the actual show. The show is set after the second movie and the penguins are now back at the zoo (along with a few of the Lemars for some odd reason). The animation is more or less on par with that of the movie, so ya it sucks. But it's good as far as TV shows go and don't let it bother you. The show is hilarious and you'll find yourself cracking up constantly. Don't let the fact that is was swaned from a movie hinter your oppion of the show either. Spin off TV shows are never as good movies and Spin off TV shows are usually as good as orginal material. But onsidering what Nickelodeon has offered us currently, I'm not complaining about that one; I think it's a welcome change. The wacky penguins are hilariously delsional as is the even more delsional King Julian (a lemar). The only complaint I have so far is that Nick air more episodes more quickly, some of the jokes a bit stale after a watch an episode more than five times. But bottom line, quit comparing it to the movie (a bit hypocrytical coming from someone who spent half this review recapping the movies, but background is important)and complaining about Nick's lack of ideas (I won't lie it's true they haven't come up with many good ones lately) and you'll be fairly pleased.
  • so far its not off to a great start i love the penguins and lemurs but so far it looks like it will end up cancelled if they don't pick up the pace a little

    the first ep wasn't as good or funny as it could of been and if they don't pick up the jokes i'm afraid its gonna get cancelled like most of nicks shows. I liked the random stuff the one penguin pulls out of his mouth and the other penguins random facts are pretty cool and are smart for a kids show. Funny how the va who did shego for kim possible is now on cn's saturdays and this show as the otter. the little lemur is just so cute i love him XD. i hope for a bright future for this show i really don't want to see it cancelled. the crocodile was a nice touch i hope they re use it as for the cat i guess he might become the villain along with the king lemur.
  • The cute and cuddly Penguins of Madagascar make their cartoon debut!

    When this premiered, being as it was a new Nicktoon, I honestly wasn't expecting much. But this show is really a breath of fresh air! With so many of Nick's newer shows (circa 2006) failing, I can see nothing but promise for this show. Although I did notice not many of the original voices returned for this series, kids will immediately overlook it, if they even notice. I wouldn't be surprised if this show actually lasted for a while. With two seasons consisting of 52 episodes, it's hard to see an end to this show anytime soon. Here's to the Penguins of Madagascar, Nickelodeon's newest hit.
  • This will have you laughing on floor!

    The Penguins leave to New York where they go back to Central Park Zoo. Now four penguins help the zoos inhabitants whether they need Popcorn or someones stuck in a camera they will be there. I got say this show is hillarious and one of the first series based on movie to actually work. It seems all the parts fit together perfectly and we don't get something like Madagascar 2 we get something completly original. I reckon if you like Madagascar the movie and don't want to watch a sequel then check this out. This is everything the sequel should of been.
  • looks really good....

    i havent seen the Madagascar movies but i did happen to catch the sneak peek of 'The Penguins of Madagascar' & i found myself laughing all the way through=] i hope Nick keeps this show for a long time cuz i think it'll be a success! the jokes that i heard from the sneak peek were funny & original. this show definately makes up for the crud that's on Nick now *coughMightyBcough* i'd recommend this to anybody who likes the Madagascar movies. personally, i think 'The Penguins of Madagascar' is gonna save Nick from goin down the tubes. bye bye!
  • i cant wait!

    well i loved the movie madagascar, and a new one is coming out this november. the penguins were totaly awesome in the movie and penguns are my fav animal so i was unbelievably excited to here that they were making a spin off of the movie. sadly i missed the first sneak peek, but i cant wait to see the show. someone please mail me the airing date. i also have a forum topic on this show. well, im sure this show will have somewhat stupid humor but actiony and cool at the same time, just how i like shows. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!
  • This is a new show for Nickelodeon which is proceded by Madagascar.

    This show focuses on four penguins from Madagascar. There was a preview of this show on Nickelodeon in November 2007. The show was suppose to air March 21,2008 and I don't know if it did or not. They now say it will air in 2009 and I don't know if this is true. If the show is gonna be shown on Nick my brother and I will watch and I think this show will be great. I think that Nickelodeon lied because it says that it will air now in 2009 not on March 21,2008 and Wikipedia lied to puting on that same air date it was suppose to.
  • Okay I have to say the Prequel Episode was awsome the movie Madagascar...

    ... was awsome, this should be awsome also! Wow if this series is going to be great! Who thought of this? Was it a Dreamworks person who went to Nickeldeon studio in LA or there Signal Buliding in New York, NY and then amde a deal to post a series on Nick? By the way was it the creator of Madagascar anyway? I don't know but still who thought it would make a series! Okay Daily Fix this because I need to know more about this show. I hear it has a alternate name but you can probably find out later!
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