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    I hate it. It's not 90s. I hate it.
  • Horrible.

    Before saying anything about this show, I would just like to say that I really like the Madagascar movies, and they are very funny.


    This is a terrible show! They totally ruined a good movie. The plots are weak and the writing is mediocre, but that's not the only bad thing about this show. It's made a few references to homosexuality as well. I remember one time that king said "I must be dreaming! Pinch me! Slap me and spank my right bottom!" Okay, is THAT appropriate for kids? No, it's not. Even though the show is rated Y7, I know some kids younger than seven watch it. The animation is terrible as well. And who REALLY cares about the penguins?!
  • I liked the movie offense.

    I think Madagascar was a great movie, but I was really let down with this show.

    I liked the penguins in the movie, but I liked the main four waaaay better. I thought the penguins were also too overrated, and with this show, I was right.

    The characters are unlikeable, and the humor is bland. I expected more from Dreamworks. Why couldn't they make a Shrek cartoon instead? Then again, why are there Dreamworks shows on Nick anyway?

    Well, all I'm saying is, this show puts me to sleep. If I can't sleep at night, I'd watch this show and I'd be out cold.

    I'm giving it a 3, because there are WAY worse shows on Nick...and I just can't type today. It's Monday, and someone said already what I wanted to say.
  • Overrated.

    This show is extremely overrated. Now, I saw the Madagascar movie before the series came out. I wasn't expecting to much, since this was going to be in Nickelodeon. When I saw it, I said to myself "I knew it"

    The cartoon is horrible. Even though the series is called "PENGUINS of Madagascar" it has King Jullian (Sorry if I misspelled his name) in it. Jullian literally has to be the most annoying cartoon character in history. He's like 80% of the reason why I think this show is horrible. The drawing/animation is good I'll give you that, but the humor isn't funny one bit. I never laughed at ANY of there jokes. This cartoon is extremely repeative and the soundtrack is horrible also. I think what would have made this show better is if they had the original Madagascar characters in it.

    Everytime they turn a classic animated movie into a series it turns out to be garbage, one example is this.
  • just bad.... just... ugh...

    Do i need to say more?
  • Put me to sleep

    I think Madagascar was a great movie, but I was really let down with this show.

    I liked the penguins in the movie, but I liked the main four waaaay better. I thought the penguins were also too overrated, and with this show, I was right.

    The characters are unlikeable, and the humor is bland. I expected more from Dreamworks. Why couldn't they make a Shrek cartoon instead? Then again, why are there Dreamworks shows on Nick anyway?

    Well, all I'm saying is, this show puts me to sleep. If I can't sleep at night, I'd watch this show and I'd be out cold.

    I'm giving it a 3, because there are WAY worse shows on Nick
  • why?

    why did they make a tv show about the penguins? I mean yeah they was my favorite character but the show is lame! I don't even watch Nick any more because of shows like this! no offense to anyone who likes this show but i think they should have just left it at the movie. I didn't even like the second movie that much! I just don't like it...sorry. WoW! this as to be 100 hundred words! thats stupid! I mean why do you need that. I think I made my point. yay! 93 words! almost there! yay! 100 words! well bye
  • This show is nowhere near as great as the movie, in fact it doesn't even deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as the movie.

    Ever since I was a little kid, Madagascar has been one of my absolute favorite animated movies. I just saw Madagascar 2 last month and thought it was even better than the first. Of course my favorite characters are the penguins, very closely followed by Julien. So you'd think I'd be a fan of this show, right? WRONG! This show lacks everything that made the first two movies great. The witty adult jokes, the appealing characters, the beautiful animation, ALL GONE! It basically has the same kind of stupid crap humor that you find in most modern Nickelodeon shows that's not even funny. And with the exception of Skipper, all of the characters voices are off. Mort's voice in particular sounds like fingernails on a blackboard. As I've mentioned before, the first two movies had beautiful animation, but the animation in this movie is just terrible. The lemurs in particular look very creepy and lifeless. And just what are the lemurs doing at the zoo?! It makes no sense! Maybe I'm not being fair, because I only saw one episode, but for now I absolutely hate this show. If you're a fan of the Madagascar franchise, then I suggest avoid this show at all costs.
  • I love the Madagascar movies and shorts, and I liked the penguins, but this spin off was just uncalled for.

    I love the Madagascar movies and consider them to be instant classics. The songs were good, the humor was great, and the story was great. Now did it ever need a spin off at all? Not only that, but it stars the penguins. Now I loved the penguins in the movies and found them to be great characters, but I don't think they needed a spin off show. In The Penguins of Madagascar, it takes place at the zoo where the first movie started at. The penguins are Skipper, leader of the group and calls the shots. Kowalski, the brains of the group. Rico, the insane penguin who loves explosions. Finally Private, the youngest of the group and least experienced. The penguins try to maintain the order in the zoo, but King Julien from the movies comes in and causes friction to the order. The penguins get into adventures with some of the zoo animals and try to control Julien. Idea wise, the show sounds good, but upon seeing it you will think otherwise. The show is another one of those CGI cartoons, but at least the CGI looks good in this show. Characters look good, the lip syncs are on cue, and the animation is smooth. The stories themselves are decent, but most of them are rehashes of stories done before with little or no creativity added to them. As for humor, it's OK, but not the best. The penguins usually got some laughs out of me here and there, and the other characters were boring and unfunny. Speaking of characters, most of them are uninteresting. The penguins were still great like in the movie, but Julien is annoying. In the movies, Julien was a bit annoying and very funny. In the show it's now very annoying and is not funny at all. I also did not like Mort or Marlene, they came off as either annoying and unfunny as well. AS for Maurice, he was good and the only tolerable side character. I also have to wonder one thing. Where is Gloria, Alex, Marty, and Melman? We never see them or hear them, and they are never mentioned at all. Did the producers forget the stars of the movies? The least they could have done is made them have cameo appearances. I suppose you could get away with the actors for the animals were too busy with other stuff to do voice work, but they could have just been put in there and not say anything at all. In the end, this was just a cheap way to cash in on one of Dreamwork's movie franchises and it doesn't do the Madagascar movies a lot of justice. Pass this series up and just go see Madagascar 1 and 2, and the shorts based on the movie instead.
  • Not as good as the origanal Madagascar

    I watched this show when my brother showed it to me one day, this show has mild humor and the humor isn't that good, also King Julien does'nt make that good of jokes plus, they should'nt changed Morice's voice. His old voice was much better, also the same for Private's. And where's Marty, Alex, Melman, and Gloria? They would make this show better! I'd also like to mention what happen to Rico? He look crazy in this show when he look like a normal Penguin in the first movie. I'd also like to notice that a Kung Fu Panda show will also be made on Nick. Lets hope that show is better.
  • Has some problems.

    A little bit of a disappointment. The first movie was excellent. Full of humor. The second movie was not the best but it was still good. This is real sad. The show had almost a big humorless start compared to the movies. I don't know. It is hard to judge the show with the great movies. Some of the episodes are okay on the other hand. It has some humor with Mort and the other lemurs. The plots are a little dull most of the time.

    Overall, it's an okay show. I'm not really a big fan of it, but I'll give it a high F. My opinion of it will probably soon go up if it improves with more humor.

    Honestly I stopped watching this show years ago, and to be honest, its not horrible its just a predicable animated show and it doesn't really deliver good humor. Its a massive hit and miss show :/
  • Better than Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    Not great but better.
  • Okay, but not perfect

    The show is not something new Nick came up with. Most of the characters came from the first Madagascar film so you dont really see a lot of originality in the character development. Next, we do the plots and jokes. The plots do seem to try to be good, which I did feel from watching, but however they seemed to feel detatched as I watched it at several moments of the show. The jokes also dont really seem to give me a laugh. They make me smile, but dont make me laugh. Of course, common sence at the zoo does`nt exist sometimes which makes outragous perdicimants get even more crazy. This show was enjoyable but I barley found any episodes that had a rewatch value to it. Still, if the show aired for a few years I would`nt mind.
  • Was great at Season 1, but afterwards it went downhill.

    In it's first few episodes, the show was pretty good, it was fun to watch, the writing was well done, there were laughs to be had, and the CGI animation actually looked pretty good. But once Season 2 came, it seems as though it took a nose dive. The stories turned from the Penguins spy adventures to stories relating too much about them helping the other zoo animals with stupid stuff. The humor also took a turn for the worst, more forced jokes, annoying subplots and weak episodes were commonplace until the series finally got the boot.

    All in all, it was one of the only Dreamworks made for TV series on Nick that I actually liked. The rest just plain sucked.
  • I don't know why, but I just don't find this show so appealing.

    I watched this show when it premiered on Nick. After the first episode, I just did not find this show so appealing. I don't know maybe I am just too old for this show. Anyways, this show stars the four penguins from the Madagascar movies in the Central Park Zoo. The penguins go on these cool adventures to save the world etc. I am not really into the Madagascar series, maybe if I was I probably would give this show a higher score. I really do not have much to say for all of you, so have a nice day.-ffmotorsports51
  • It's not as good as I expected it and it's not horrible, but it's still a decent show.

    So it comes to this, a spin off from the Madagascar Movies with the four penguins as the major characters. If you only saw them on the madagascar movies, "You didn't see anything!"(Kowalski).The two chimpanzees (Mason and Phil), and the three lemurs (Julien, Maurice and Mort) are there from the Madagascar movies also. Private is my favorite character (don't kill me!). Needle Point is my favorite episode so far. Well it's not as good as the older Nicktoons but it's still decent. Hopefully it doesn't go downhill like The Fairly Odd Parents, Sponge Bob, or (ugh!) The Rugrats. This is a friendly show, but I give it a 6 because it has only 20 episodes so far, if it airs more, I will give it a real rating.
  • not bad...

    this show is not bad, it's not good either, but i admit this show is pretty entertaining. it's not funny by any means compared to a 90's show, but it's pretty entertaining, i still watch it sometimes, i don't laugh at it but it's worth watching over most of the stuff nick has these days. i didn't like the 1st madagascar movie though, but i thought the 2nd movie was pretty good. i also think it's a good idea to let the pengiuns have they're own show, this show is an okay show, for now, im giving it a C+ a pretty entertaining show, it keeps my attention.
  • It was cute when it began, but it's really starting to become a bore fest for me.

    When I first watched the two Madagascar movies, I was immediately impressed with them. They had good plots, great humor, nice animation, and memorable characters. But when I heard a spin-off was coming to Nick, I wasn't really happy. When I first watched the show, it was pretty good. The humor was good, the plots were decent, and the characters. But I noticed that the show was dropping in quality until it came to a point where it became a mediocre show. The show is done in CGI, but at least it's done pretty well, although at some points it felt kind of rough. There are three problems I currently have with this show. The first should be pretty obvious. The lemurs. Morice is OK, but Mort is annoying, stupid, and unfunny. As for King Julian, he is really a pain in the butt. In the movies, he was a little annoying, but he was a likable character. Now he is really annoying, unfunny, and completely unlikable. The second I have with this show is the fact that WAY too many episode focus on Private. I mean, I'm not kidding when I say that 60% of the episodes focus on Private. Speaking of Private, he's OK, but he's just too overrated. The last problem I have is how boring this show is now. The plots come off as weak or rehashed, and the humor is really starting to bore the heck out of me. As for the other characters, I don't mind them much and they are good additions to the show.

    Overall, this show did begin well, then it became a snooze fest for me. The plots are really getting desperate, and the humor is just really hard to laugh at. I am giving it a 6.5, because there are way worse shows on Nick.

    Presentation: 7.5/10 The idea does sound good, but some of the plots are rather weak or come off as predictable.

    Animation: 8.5/10 The CGI looks great, and the animation is well done, but some of it is done roughly.

    Voice: 9/10 The lip syncs are on cue, and most of the voices are done pretty nicely. Although some are rather annoying.

    Entertainment: 6/10 The humor did start off good, but in the end, it all comes off as stale and bland.

    Lasting Appeal: 4.5/10 The show does look good at first, but how boring it is makes you want to look for something else.

    FINAL SCORE:6.5/10 Fair
  • Its not good and its not bad..

    Pretty funny. But of course sometimes its just pointless...
  • A great show! I only really watch it when I'm bored though.

    This is a great show and is one of the only Nickelodeon shows I like. This was a spin-off of Madagascar, which was a great movie. By the way, there is going to be a movie for this show. You should give it a try, it's worth a watch. 7/10
  • Decent Show

    This show is based around the penguins of Madagascar (yes, from the 2 movies) and they're life at the zoo. It's an ok show, and the good thing is that the characters are likeable for the most part (except for Julian; I hate him) and the storylines are decent and feel like something out of Madagascar. The one thing that's missing here really is humor. I don't think a show needs great humor to succeed, but here there is practically no humor. If there was more humor, I could give this an 8, but at the moment it's a 7 just because of the lack of humor overall. Overall, pretty good, add in some humor, and this show could have a future. 7/10 C-
  • Truly a good spin-off, which is rare. But the show needs some polish to it's rather stone cold characters.


    Major kudo's to the guys who brought you the show, "Kim Possible." They were able to take characters from a rather successful movie series, and create a television spin-off that didn't stink. When has that happened? Never practically.

    While I give kudos on the show for being good, it certainly lacks many things as well. Lets go other those first, then end it on a nice note.

    The characters are sone cold, rubbery and lifeless. There is no real character depth to these CGI cooks. Emotion can seem rubbery and forced. There is not much depth to keep you hooked. Love interests? Please, like thats going to be pushed. The world is rather cold as well, and lacks real life to it. Whenever outside of the confines of their zoo, the New York City streets are lifeless and void of people and traffic . . . unless you consider the same two cars and same three designs of people over and over once in awhile as city life.

    If they could add some luster to the characters and life to the environment, it could really improve the show. Also, at times they seem to have a real problem designing things in CGI, such as slime and gooey substances. They lack finer details and animating grasses and textures with any real depth. Those are some things they could really work on.

    On a positive note, the adventures can be quite fun, and for people not as critical as my critique, would probably like the plots and the episodes. Most people will easily look over empty backgrounds and lack of character depth, and in that case, you may give the show a good rating. There are some unique characters in this show, and it is really important you don't over look that. They are some great highlights and times when the show is on it's A game. Othertimes, episodes can seem dull, and not well detailed. But otherwise, this show should have your flippers clapping, especially among the younger tots.

  • This show is somewhat good.

    Ok, three things are keeping me away from giving this show a higher rating. One: I don't like King Julien, yes I know he's supposed to be in character like that, but it goes too far and he's wuss sometimes. Two: It could have better plots for episodes, some are pretty good, and some are kinda stupid. Three: That little lemur named Mort, I think always gets hurt in most the episodes, well the movies too, sometimes I wonder why, I guess he's the new Kenny! Ok, I don't hate this show, it can get pretty good sometimes and gets good episodes, it's just those things that kinda bother me. One more thing that I don't get is what is with that Otter, Marliene in the show, how comes she never was in the Madagascar movies? I like this show, those are just some things that keep me away from giving it a better score. Final grade: Eh, I'll give it a C+
  • You'll have to decide for yourself if you like this one, but bottom line as long as you don't CONSTANTLY compare it to the movie, then you'll find yourself laughing hysterically.

    You can't review The Penguins of Madagascar without first reviewing or at least outlining the first two movies this show was spun off from (you just can't) but I'll promise I'll make this brief. Madascar one was all about these zoo animals in Centeral Park. They never really questions there lives with the notable expection of Marty the Zebra and the Penguins. Now for our proposes Marty isn't all that important so let's key in on our tux wearing, hollywood-take overing friends. The penguins run "comando operations" and go missions, which in the first movie centered around trying to escape from zoo to Antarctica. In his first appearence Skipper, the leader, tunnels into Marty's habiat (or something to that effect) and talks to him about escape plans and as he disapears under a cup back into the underground proclaims "you didn't see anything." They're described by Alex the Lion as being 'phsycotic". Later, after the other animals fall off the boat they're being transported on, the peguins hijack it and go to Antarctic, only to finially realize there's nothing but snow and wind and it "...really sucks." The penguins meet up with there fellow zoo animals in Madagascar (where they've washed up and met some bizarre "I like to Move it Move it" singing Leamars). By then they're boats out of gas. The film was okay, but I can't say it was too notable or that the CGI (with the expection of a few backgrounds) was any good. Our bird friends were defintly the high light. In Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (yes, Madagascar is part of Africa, but go to a film review site to complain about that one) the penguins build/renovate an airplane to go back to New York only it crashes. THe film is broken up into subplots, the penguins' being remaking the plane with a team of monkeis. In peperation, the hijack a few jungle jeeps, atacking and stranding a few American tourist. In the bizarre ending scene Skipper marries a bobble head from the plane, and he and the other penguins go on the honeymoon. Again, the CGI sucked and the Penguins are the main source of all humor. Now, finally, we come to the review of the actual show. The show is set after the second movie and the penguins are now back at the zoo (along with a few of the Lemars for some odd reason). The animation is more or less on par with that of the movie, so ya it sucks. But it's good as far as TV shows go and don't let it bother you. The show is hilarious and you'll find yourself cracking up constantly. Don't let the fact that is was swaned from a movie hinter your oppion of the show either. Spin off TV shows are never as good movies and Spin off TV shows are usually as good as orginal material. But onsidering what Nickelodeon has offered us currently, I'm not complaining about that one; I think it's a welcome change. The wacky penguins are hilariously delsional as is the even more delsional King Julian (a lemar). The only complaint I have so far is that Nick air more episodes more quickly, some of the jokes a bit stale after a watch an episode more than five times. But bottom line, quit comparing it to the movie (a bit hypocrytical coming from someone who spent half this review recapping the movies, but background is important)and complaining about Nick's lack of ideas (I won't lie it's true they haven't come up with many good ones lately) and you'll be fairly pleased.
  • so far its not off to a great start i love the penguins and lemurs but so far it looks like it will end up cancelled if they don't pick up the pace a little

    the first ep wasn't as good or funny as it could of been and if they don't pick up the jokes i'm afraid its gonna get cancelled like most of nicks shows. I liked the random stuff the one penguin pulls out of his mouth and the other penguins random facts are pretty cool and are smart for a kids show. Funny how the va who did shego for kim possible is now on cn's saturdays and this show as the otter. the little lemur is just so cute i love him XD. i hope for a bright future for this show i really don't want to see it cancelled. the crocodile was a nice touch i hope they re use it as for the cat i guess he might become the villain along with the king lemur.
  • The cute and cuddly Penguins of Madagascar make their cartoon debut!

    When this premiered, being as it was a new Nicktoon, I honestly wasn't expecting much. But this show is really a breath of fresh air! With so many of Nick's newer shows (circa 2006) failing, I can see nothing but promise for this show. Although I did notice not many of the original voices returned for this series, kids will immediately overlook it, if they even notice. I wouldn't be surprised if this show actually lasted for a while. With two seasons consisting of 52 episodes, it's hard to see an end to this show anytime soon. Here's to the Penguins of Madagascar, Nickelodeon's newest hit.
  • Nice show.

    It is funny and have watched it for a couple years. Some bad episodes but overall a good show.

  • The novelty of watching the Penguins is enough.

    Let me start off by saying the first Madagascar movie was only decent. The second one was better though, and the third one was actually pretty good. All three movies I went into hoping for a fun showcase of those cute and cuddly penguins, and they delivered. And when this show came out, I was pleasantly surprised. After watching the show, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the systematic antics of the Penguins were still there, but most of the supporting cast delivered as well. To be quite frank though, King Julien straight off pisses me off. He's supposed to, but I felt like I could at least tolerate him in the movies. His gimmick of kicking Mort is way overdone. I also didn't like that zookeeper Alice, she only exists for the sake of a recurring antagonist, and nothing else. However, I came to see some cute Penguin action, and what I got was a decent supporting cast as well. Overall, I really do like this show and recommend it to any viewers familiar with the Penguins. GRADE: A-
  • Nickelodeon finally created a truly good spinoff to the movie, "Madagascar."


    "Penguins of Madagascar" is a spinoff show of the movie "Madagascar." It is about these four penguins: Skipper, Private, Kowalski, and Rico who are in the New york Zoo who do different missions, often caused by King Julien the Lemur. This show has had its ups and downs, but the acting is quite decent. The animation is pretty good, but does need a little improvement.
    With the decent acting and the good plot, I would rate this show a

    Score 7.5: Good. A passable grade.

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