The Penguins of Madagascar

Saturday 10:00 AM on Nickelodeon Premiered Nov 28, 2008 In Season



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  • Cute show packed with smart humor!

    When they first announced late in 2009 close to the Holiday season that they were making a "Penguins of Madagascar" TV show, I thought it would be awful just like most people thought. But boy was I shocked. The show first of all has characters all full of potential. Mort the Lemur is cute, King Julien is bossy and self-centered, and Maurice is the humble right hand man to King Julien. The other characters including the Penguins themselves come along nicely in this show. The missions the Penguins do in certain episodes are brilliant, and I love watching almost every episode of this show. The humor this show provides also is very good. There is some more older humor in this show such as Skipper trying to hack a security system by playing Poker on the computer. The show has also featured 2 special's so far including Dr. Blowhole and the Lost Treasure of the Golden Squirrel.