The Penguins of Madagascar

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  • I love the Madagascar movies and shorts, and I liked the penguins, but this spin off was just uncalled for.

    I love the Madagascar movies and consider them to be instant classics. The songs were good, the humor was great, and the story was great. Now did it ever need a spin off at all? Not only that, but it stars the penguins. Now I loved the penguins in the movies and found them to be great characters, but I don't think they needed a spin off show. In The Penguins of Madagascar, it takes place at the zoo where the first movie started at. The penguins are Skipper, leader of the group and calls the shots. Kowalski, the brains of the group. Rico, the insane penguin who loves explosions. Finally Private, the youngest of the group and least experienced. The penguins try to maintain the order in the zoo, but King Julien from the movies comes in and causes friction to the order. The penguins get into adventures with some of the zoo animals and try to control Julien. Idea wise, the show sounds good, but upon seeing it you will think otherwise. The show is another one of those CGI cartoons, but at least the CGI looks good in this show. Characters look good, the lip syncs are on cue, and the animation is smooth. The stories themselves are decent, but most of them are rehashes of stories done before with little or no creativity added to them. As for humor, it's OK, but not the best. The penguins usually got some laughs out of me here and there, and the other characters were boring and unfunny. Speaking of characters, most of them are uninteresting. The penguins were still great like in the movie, but Julien is annoying. In the movies, Julien was a bit annoying and very funny. In the show it's now very annoying and is not funny at all. I also did not like Mort or Marlene, they came off as either annoying and unfunny as well. AS for Maurice, he was good and the only tolerable side character. I also have to wonder one thing. Where is Gloria, Alex, Marty, and Melman? We never see them or hear them, and they are never mentioned at all. Did the producers forget the stars of the movies? The least they could have done is made them have cameo appearances. I suppose you could get away with the actors for the animals were too busy with other stuff to do voice work, but they could have just been put in there and not say anything at all. In the end, this was just a cheap way to cash in on one of Dreamwork's movie franchises and it doesn't do the Madagascar movies a lot of justice. Pass this series up and just go see Madagascar 1 and 2, and the shorts based on the movie instead.