The Penguins of Madagascar

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  • I love Penguins!


    Based on the hit Madagascar family films, it follows the lovable penguins in the Central Park Zoo, handling missions, and avoiding the lemurs.

    All the penguins have their own unique personalities from serious and cunning (Skipper), scientific and fearful (Kowalski), lovable and optimistic (Private), or crazy and psychotic (Rico).

    The main lemur King Julien can get kind of annoying, but you'll get used to it. Maurice is loyal to Julien but is tired of his demands. Mort (the cutest thing EVAR!!!) loves King Julien more than anything else except for his feet, which he loves even more.

    There's even more characters like an otter named Marlene who thinks the Penguins commando goes way too far, and others that have interesting personalites, and sometimes cravings like peanuts and bannanas.

    Overall, this is worth watching, and is perfect to watch anytime like TUFF Puppy and Spongebob. But there's one that isn't good at anytime. Two to be exact. Coming soon!