The Penguins of Madagascar

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  • The novelty of watching the Penguins is enough.

    Let me start off by saying the first Madagascar movie was only decent. The second one was better though, and the third one was actually pretty good. All three movies I went into hoping for a fun showcase of those cute and cuddly penguins, and they delivered. And when this show came out, I was pleasantly surprised. After watching the show, I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the systematic antics of the Penguins were still there, but most of the supporting cast delivered as well. To be quite frank though, King Julien straight off pisses me off. He's supposed to, but I felt like I could at least tolerate him in the movies. His gimmick of kicking Mort is way overdone. I also didn't like that zookeeper Alice, she only exists for the sake of a recurring antagonist, and nothing else. However, I came to see some cute Penguin action, and what I got was a decent supporting cast as well. Overall, I really do like this show and recommend it to any viewers familiar with the Penguins. GRADE: A-