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The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 1 Episode 10

Tangled in the Web

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Apr 08, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Today brand new web cams are installed at the zoo to watch the animals, to see if they catch them do anything exciting for the internet viewers. The Penguins aren't too happy about this, and stand still as much as they can in front of them, while King Julien tries to win a gold trophy as the popularity prize.moreless

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  • Very hilarious episode

    I thought this was a very hilarious episode of the Penguins of Madagascar. I laughed every minute of it. The plot was very funny and good. It was funny the zookeeper in the radio was calling Alice while she's singing. It was funny when Private has to go to the restroom and Rico and Kowalski went away. The tasty fish (voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) part was hilarious. OMG, the reason why it was so dang hilarious it's that Private skates in a bowl and every oneFavoritedthe video and he was called Slippy. Even though I gave this a perfect score, I thought Julien was mean about not caring about Private'spopularly, I'll let it slide though. Julien's performance was kinda cool, but I wish Maurice didn't let the thing fell. The ending was very hilarious. Overall, a funny episode of the Penguins of Madagascar. 10/10moreless
  • Doesn't get better than this.

    Quality amazingness is how to describe it. LOL. Everything in this episode is funny & just overall perfect. A reluctant Alice has installed webcams in the zoo so everyone can watch the animals online. To stop this, the penguins just stand still and do nothing. But Julien wants everyone to see him, and gets angry when Private accidently slips over a skateboard, becoming a star of the zoo. Marlene helps Julien become a star too, but everyone is still much more fascinated in Private. Fantastic episode that's even better than the pilot, which I didn't think was possible.

    I love this show! :D


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (26)

    • Skipper: Come on Private, we're getting you out of here.
      Private: Ooh, today may not work for me. You see, between the slipping and the falling, I'm booked solid.

    • Alice: (singing) On my jungle scene, he's the funk machine! When they play that groove, he has got to move!

    • King Julien: (flying and shouting) I AM A STAR!

    • Maurice: I'm pretty sure this ain't in my job description.

    • Private: (drowning in fish) Slippy can get used to this.

    • Marlene: Here's what I see- lights, music, artsy hats, a performance that'll knock 'em dead!
      King Julien: Yes, because if they are dead they cannot vote for that ridiculous penguin!

    • Marlene: Okay, since you are patheticly begging...
      King Julien: I don't know if I'd say, "pathetic".
      Marlene: I would.
      King Julien: Okay, it's just a word. Help me now.

    • King Julian: I have to have that pretty, shiny trophy, and that roly-poly penguin is hogging all the glory that should be the King's! I need your help, please! Please, I'll say it one more time, please!

    • Marlene: Oh, this is just sad, where is the showmanship?
      King Julian: Hello, Marlene. What are you doing here?

      Marlene: I live here.

      King Julian: Really? Who knew? I didn't.

      Marlene: Julian, you never visit. You must really be stinkin' up the internet.

      King Julian: Yes, I mean no. No.

    • Kowalski: Aparantly, you're slippy.
      Private: I don't want to be slippy!

    • Man: Hey, look! It's that funny penguin! The one that slips! Hey, slippy!
      Private: Who's Slippy? (the crowd cheers)

    • Alice: I'm telling you, these webcams are not gonna catch on. The animals don't do anything interesting-they just stand around. (throws fish at the penguins)
      Private: Oh, dear.
      Skipper: Stay strong, Private.
      Private: Aye, aye, Skipper!

    • Skipper: Just a few more years of this and we're in the clear.

    • King Julian: Yes, yes! I can feel my internet popularity skyrocketing!

    • Skipper: Don't move a muscle.
      Private: Skipper, I really need to...
      Skipper: Go, go, go! (the other 3 penguins stand really still. We hear a flushing and Private runs back)

    • Marlene: I could help you, if you want.
      King Julian: (laughs) Silly otter! I do not need this thing called help!
      Marlene: Hmmkay, whatever. If you change your mind you know where to find me.
      King Julian: Yes, okay, but I don't change my mind, I have people for that.

    • King Julian: See how that works?
      Marlene: Maybe you didn't hear me. 3 times internet popularity contest winner!

    • King Julian: Tell me more about this "people want to watch me" thing!
      Marlene: They watch us online, and then vote for their favourite animal. Yeah, back at my old aquarium, I was, I was the winner 3 years in a row.
      King Julian: Which is not very interesting to me because it is not about me.

    • Skipper: Don't you get it? They're trying to get inside our heads, stealing our secrets.
      Marlene: What?!
      Marlene: No. They're not. It's just for fun.

    • Skipper: Like hawks.
      Kowalski: Except for the swooping down and devouring us part.

      Private: Hopefully.

    • Marlene: A computer is a machine the people use to avoid work, mainly by watching silly little videos.

      Maurice: You're saying those cameras are there so the whole world can watch us?

    • Alice: Who wants to watch animals on the computer?
      King Julien: I want to watch animals on the computer! Well, I want to watch me on the computer, you know?

    • Alice: I'm working here!
      Voice: You still installing those webcams or what?

      Alice: Yes, but I still think this internet thing is stupid.

    • Kowalski: Oh, we are under surveillance.
      Skipper: Evasive manouveurs!

    • Skipper: Ever get the feeling somebody's watching your every move? (the camera zooms out and we see the other penguins surrounding Skipper)
      Private: Our sincerest apologies, Skipper.

    • Julien: What is a computer?
      Mort: I like computers!
      Julien: So you know?
      Mort: No, but I don't need to know...to like.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Cirque Du So-great

      The name of Julien and Marlene's 'performance' is taken from the very popular circus show 'Cirque Du Soliel'.