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The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 2 Episode 50

The Hoboken Surprise

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Aug 20, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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The Penguins try to take a relaxing trip to Cape Cod, but a storm ends up taking them to a place that none of them would ever want to be stuck in: Hoboken, New Jersey! If that wasn't bad enough, the Penguins get taken to the Hoboken Zoo were to their horror, nearly every single rude, mean, nasty, or evil animal that the Penguins have ever faced off against are located here! Although the animals have claimed to be reformed, Skipper is certain that there must be something sinister hidden behind and/or beneath the seemingly delightful exterior of the Hoboken Zoo. Is the Hoboken Zoo really more than what it appears to be on the outside, or is it really a nice play to stay? Also, in a B story, when the Penguins are found to be missing, the lemurs decide to help themselves to the TV in the Penguins cave, only to have King Julien frustrated when he is not able to find the remote control that can change the channel.

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  • EPIC!

    Alright, so the Penguins are going to a vacation somewhere. But a dangerous storm lands them in HOBOKEN! (AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!) However when they get there, they are dropped off to the Hoboken Zoo, with a cheerful and perky zookeeper, and all their villans are suddenly nice and good-hearted. The other penguins enjoy Hoboken, but Skipper is suspicious. He later finds out that the massage chairs give DNA from the animals to make robotic clones. (Just go with it. It's awesome.) And the actual animals are prisoners, because the zookeeper, who's getting a promotion to be in charge of Manhatten zoos, hates animals, and wants them all gone. So the animals fight the cyborgs, and save Hoboken, and Manhatten. Also, King Julien was there. He was a jerk not helping the penguins, or going to the Hoboken Zoo, and when he did, he just asked them where the remote was. Although, Mort's scene waving at holagrams of the Penguins was hilarious! Overall Epic Special!

    10 out of 10.

    Now I can't wait for the one-hour Dr. Blowhole special this September. Don't miss it.moreless
  • This Penguins special was pretty awesome

    I thought that this was a pretty awesome special of "The Penguins of Madagascar". It would've been excellent if it weren't for one thing. Not King Julien, I thought he was pretty good here in this special and he actually didn't bug me. I'm taking about that zookeeper of the Hoboken Zoo. That zookeeper of the Hoboken Zoo was just creepy, annoying, and crazy. I just hated how she is smiling the whole time because she is being creepy. I also didn't like how she held the Penguins and the other Hoboken zoo animals held as prisoners. It was also good to see the other villains again. Although, Lulu isn't considered a villain. Anyways, it was good to see Lulu, Savio, Rhonda (well... not really her), and a few more. Everyone getting on the massage chairs which gets their DNA was pretty good. It was also shocking how the DNA are robots of the others such as robot Skipper, robot Private, robot Rico, robot Kowalski, robot Savio, robot Lulu, robot Rhonda, etc. It was very cool when everyone was fighting their robot replica of themselves. Skipper kicking that zookeeper was also awesome. King Julien's part in this episode was pretty funny. I thought it was funny when King Julien was getting mad at Skipper because he doesn't know where the TV remote is and then Skipper responds "The TV remote?, I just put it on the shelf next to the radio" and then King Julien is happy again. It was also very funny when King Julien doesn't like to watch German dancing. Overall, a superb and pretty awesome special of "The Penguins of Madagascar". 9/10moreless

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