The Penguins of Madagascar

Season 2 Episode 7

The Lost Treasure of The Golden Squirrel

Aired Saturday 10:00 AM Jul 19, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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The Penguins race with the Rat King to find a lost treasure.

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  • My first POM review in a year

    This is another show I hasn't reviewed in awhile thanks to Nick's terrible scheduling with the show. There hasn't been a rerun since last year, it's and their fault that they being like that. I am still flipping jealous to all of these Nicktoons viewers. But now, I'm gonna review this episode, which is on so I'll thank the website for hposting certain episodes that I hasn't seen in ages. I thought this special was an awesome one, just like the usual specials this show had. It was a very adventurous one and I really enjoyed that. There weren't a lot of funny moments in this special, but there were some such as Mort carefully grabbed the treasure, Kowalski, Maurice, and Rico fighting over the key (and daydreaming about it), the grey squirrel 's appearances throughout, and I guess that's it. Overall, an awesome and adventurous special of Penguins. 10/10moreless
  • A special 444 word review about a fantastic escapade with lots of twists, many perils, and a very intriguing plot twist for a "Surprise ending!" :idea:

    I haven't been reviewing TV shows or episodes of TV shows as much as I used to for some time because there haven't been many episodes or TV shows on recently that have the crucial "It" factor that makes me want to write a review to the best of my ability. But this 30 minute episode special was different! :D What I like about "The Penguins of Madagascar" is unlike "Spongebob Squarepants," all of THEIR 30 minute episode specials rock! 8) (Okay, so T.P.o.M. has only had TWO 30 minute episode specials counting this one in comparison with the dozen or so specials S.S. has, but that's besides the point.) :idea: A squirrel-faced key has been locked away inside a New York City time capsule for 100 years, but when the time capsule is opened, it is immediately stolen by the Rat King and his army, only to be swiped by the penguins who temporarily lose it to the lemurs. But when the dust settles, Skipper and King Julien realize the squirrel-faced key isn't an ordinary key, it must be special in some way. Since neither the penguins nor the lemurs have a good grasp on squirrel-shaped artifacts, they decide to seek counsel from an ACTUAL squirrel: Fred! :shock: And he's as dumb as a rock! :lol: Except in this case, Fred can comprehend what the key is all about! :P The key is literally a tool that can be used to achieve a great treasure! :!: But an ancient squirrel woman who may or may not be the wife of the squirrel who hid the key and also may or may not be the grandmother of Fred the Squirrel, warns the seven treasure hunters that the treasure must be destroyed, as there is a terrible curse placed upon the treasure! :O Compounding the problem is that the eyes of the key hypnotizes whoever looks into the eyes to see their heart's greatest desires, and amplifying their desires to the point where the hypnotized victim will do ANYTHING to acquire the treasure! In order, Maurice, Kowalski, Rico, Marlene, Skipper, even Private all fall victim to the insatiable desire of the key's hypnotic power. But the one creature who should have been the most susceptible to the key's power, King Julien, instead end's up being the only creature who can see the truth behind the key's power! He already HAS his heart's greatest desire: Being with Maurice and Mort in his lemur kingdom, and therefore, he and his friends don't NEED any treasure to be happy! So working quickly, King Julien dumps all the cursed treasure into a lava pit, ending the curse forever! ;)moreless

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