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NBC (ended 1958)


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  • A Bassett hound named Cleo has a lot to say, and the audience hears it in voiceover.

    My friend found a cute beagle and she named her Babette, like the movie, Babette's Feast. She is very sweet and cute and you can almost imagine you can hear what she is thinking. Then I suddenly remembered this TV show with a dog named Cleo. I had a children's book, too. I was only 3 years old when this show ended, so I can't remember much. I was able to find it by googling Cleo. It looks like it was a pretty cute show, and I would love to see it. The dog that played Cleo was named Bernadette, which is close to Babette, and we live in the California town of Bakersfield, not the California town of Barkerville. Babette could be a miniature version of Cleo. It is amazing to me that I was able to remember anything about the show at all. Maybe I never actually saw the show but just had the book and my mom told me about the show. She also made an appearance on The Perry Como Show, but I wouldn't have remembered that. The dog, not my mom.