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Why did The People's Court rotate judges for each season?

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    [1]Nov 13, 2011
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    My mother and I used to watch the original The People's Court with Judge Wapner and I always wondered why The People's Court would rotate judges or change judges for every season starting with the debut of former New York Mayor Ed Koch who replaced Judge Wapner when he debuted Judge Wapner's Animal Court on Animal Planet and then Mayor Koch was replaced by Judge Judy's husband and then after Judge Jerry left came Marilyn Milan and I have not figure outwhy The People's Court did this? Was this to get The People's Court more successful ratings in syndicated TV? And not only did The People's Court rotate judges the bailiff's were replaced too and the only bailiff that my mother and I knew from The People's Court when it aired was Rusty who had passed away when Mayor Koch debuted on the show and it seemed that Doug the interviewer from The People's Court was now replaced by Harvey Levin,

    Why did The People's Court do this?,


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