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  • proper use of English

    Judge milian is proud of her spanish heritage. Not sure if this is why when she speaks the 2 syllable word "CHIMNEY" she likes to an another syllable, now making it be cute but not thw proper pronunciation. Check the dictionary- it is a 2 syllable word,not three. Surprised the producers of the show did not advise her of this.
  • Not a good Judge

    This woman is a witch with a capital "B". she will ask ten questions at 90 miles per minute then she doesn't allow the person to answer. She speaks Spanish to make a point and the point is: THIS IS AMERICA!! She has no respect for anyone unless the person is Spanish. This is all for TV and money and there is NO RESPECT! I had to stop watching because she made me throw up!! (Not to mention that idiot who stands outside asking stupid questions after the case is over). What exactly is his purpose???
  • I don't care for her

    She seems like a Judge Judy wannabe. In most every show I've watched of her, she seems to make a lot of noise, and goes off on anyone she feels like, usually good people that don't seem to need being hollered at. I think it's all an act, that she's doing this to try to improve her ratings. I'm not impressed. I liked Judge Wapner MUCH better than her, or Judge Koch, Judge Judy, or Joe Brown. IMHO, this woman is a rude bigmouth, not a real good judge. I just don't like her. She looks irritable and her hollering never seems justified.
  • Unprofessional and Unforgiven

    I went on a couple years ago because my neighbors dogs killed my puppy and in the end she awarded them $5,000 for murdering my 10 week old puppy! I won in a real courtroom for justice to keep control of his dogs (which they are still neglected today, 2 of them died already from neglect, one dog is missing a leg and the other is suffering) but for compensation of the vet bill and cremation of my 10 week puppy it all came out of my pocket and not a dime back. On top of everything I watched her walk to her "throne" where she feels empowered (its the millions of dollars that she makes that gets to her) and right away i noticed, pink flip fops, this lady came out in pink flip flops.....
  • Queen of The Court

    I think she is AWESOME! I would go in front of her anytime. I wish I could see the whole episode where she threw the Dr. Lawyer, whatever he was out of the court telling him if Douglas beats him to a pulp she would be delighted. If you want to see Judges that wont let you speak come to Ohio LOL. you get slammed fined and can speak when you get home.

    OMG this Judge Milan NEVER lets anyone speak! She ask questions and wants to interrupt the person answering. She is EXTREMELY rude and LOUD!
  • Tow truck exposide

    I saw your show on 11/13/14 I as a tow man know how they damage the car sorry but you were wrong,but I still love your show if you would like me to explain how I know call me 718-251-6308 thank you
  • Cant get enough!

    I love Judge Milian's presence on the show! I've been glued to it for over 10years! I really hope she stays around for a long time!
  • Dog Daze

    Regarding Dog Attack: The woman with the Labs said the little one attacked her dog. The woman suing for medical treatment said that the two labs attacked her small dog. The one dog had already attacked another dog and should have been reported and banned from the park. They have strict rules. The judge thought they should be on a leash. That's against the rules; behavior issues. You have to watch your dog at all times. Dog parks are a good idea. Most the dogs are behaved and enjoy running and playing with other dogs. My dog loves to swim. Its fenced in for the dog's safety The judge doesn't like dog parks because her dog has a big yard and a big family. That's fine. We like it. The woman with the small dog should have gotten all of her money back. As far as waiting to see the vet, you can't blame her for that. All dog park dogs have all their shots, so until the bite became infected why did she need to go? For that matter; who cares? Her dog was attacked by a vicious dog who shouldn't have been in the park to begin with. I think she should have had to pay the entire vet bill. Half? Wrong!!!!!
  • Repeat upon repeat

    Too many repeats of the same shows over and over again. I watch 2-3 weeks and find in short time the few new shows become repeats of repeats in short time. Will not watch repeats.
  • Get rid of her please and her big mouth

    Can not stand this judge, she gets a 2

  • security depsit shows

    check the law cant keep security deposit for rent. security deposit is for damages only

  • Judge with the pretty earrings

    I like this show I think judge Marilyn Milian is a smart , fair not to be played with on target, stick a fork in it judge and I give her a ten on her earrings.
  • COMMENTS !!!

  • The Cotillion that went bad 10

    Do i have a case. My daughter was suppose to be part of the sweet hold spirit church first cotillion in 2013.

    by-laws says if the student grades goes down they will not be part of the coming out event. I tried several

    times to continue the church with no response. I'm yet to hear from anyone at the church on the return of my money. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???? THIS IS NOT FAIR. I BY BY THEIR RULES AND GOT STIFFED ALL MY MONEY
  • Another fair judgement

    A working New York couple hires a limo driver to take them to the airport. They schedule a 3:00 pick up time to get them to the airport for a 6:00 flight. Limo driver shows up 40 minutes late, despite his answers to their phone calls that he is only two blocks away, will be there very soon, etc. !!

    His excuse for showing up 40 minutes late ?? The rain ! Couple miss the flight, so limo company does not charge them for the fair; however the couple is now out the $1,500 non-refundable plane fare. They think the limo company should be responsible for the cost of their tickets. Do you agree ?? I certainly do. Judge Fairness says that no, the couple should have either grabbed a taxi, when the limo was ten minutes late, or scheduled an earlier pick-up time !! It is the couple's own fault they missed the flight - unbelievable.
  • Wrong

    Judge Miliano was completely wrong finding that the person that was in rehab for alcohol abuse can impose upon another person to take care of his dog while he is incarcerated for alcohol abuse. There was no contractual obligation to take care of the dog while he was incarcerated. The dog owner never paid anyone to provide for his dog while he was in drug abuse care. Instead the judge finds that the person that did the right thing by having the dog placed in shelter is wrong for her actions. The Alcohol Abuser's dog became an abandoned dog once he entered rehab. Judge Miliano ruling that the friend owed for replacing the dog at a cost of 1000.00 dollars was so erroneous that the question of how this person continues to preside on the People's Court should seriously be considered. Respectfully, USN SPECOMM 1970-1993
  • A joke

    The woman is a joke. All she does is talk, talk, talk and makes no sense whatsoever! She is rude, nosy and can't stand it if another woman is better looking than she is! She should give people a chance to present their case, but spends all her time yapping! Sorry, people but she is a lousy judge!
  • peoples court

    Back in March I sued the furniture store for selling sectional which he claimed was 100 percent leather, come to realize that sectional was not leather at all. I sued and went to peoples court. The judge was rude, she ruled in my favor. I was awarded a third of the purchase price. I found out that the show pays the defendants payment award and they are trying to minimize the shows expenses by not awarding the full amount.... DON'T GO ON THE SHOW..... IF YOU WIN YOU WILL NOT GET THE WHOLE AWARD... BEWARE
  • don't go on the show.

    I was suing an ex friend because she owes me 1700.00 for Vet bills That i paid for her dog. The judge really won't let me speak and this person lied about everything. The judge said i felt guilty and that is why i paid. , I did it to save her dog life! he was dying, she said cat food got him sick, really ?? cat food, he got sick in her care not mine. she was denied credit so i stepped up so they would work on her dog. To make matters worse, the judge said i also had to pay another 200.00. Really, you didn't think 1700 was enough ??? she got it all wrong, DO NOT GO ON THE SHOW!!!! talk your chances in Small claims court !!! it's not worth being on TV! i I just wanted my money, could care less about being on tv. thought she would be fair, she wasn't .
  • Rude & Prejudice

    This judge talks over the litigants and is just plain RUDE. She is so prejudice that the only way for a black to win is to go up against another black. And even then, their winnings are minimal.
  • I hate people's court

    I hate this damn court show its literally on for two fuking rather watch more interesting court shows during that time frame and they just get rid of this show for good or put it on another network. I love Judge Jusy she is my favorite show and I like judge Mathis I like divorce court let one or more of them take that time slot why does this b1tch get two fuking hours her show is boring and I hate that segment with Harvey asking people on the streets what they feel I don't care what they feel. I hate this show. I'm not saying she's not fair or something wrong with her personally I just don't find her court appealing to watch then the sh1t has te audacity to get a two hour Hate it really I do. Love Judge Judy.

    I recently went on "the peoples court"The "judge" was the most RUDE lady i have ever met in my life!After being a fan of the show for many years,I have lost all respect for is very sad just because she has "power" as a judge she would downgrade another person .Would never WASTE my time to watch that show EVER again.
  • People's Court with Marilyn Milian

    I enjoyed watching this favorite program and as a landlord learn a lot. Marilyn is a compassionate judge who holds people accountable within the law with grace and wisdom. Thank you.
  • A near flawless show.

    The only issue i have with this show is just some cases are pointless to bring up to court. (Which rarely happens) 99/100 Awesome.
  • GREAT COURT TV !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the "Cubana" Judge Marilyn Milian. She is good looking, smart, funny, reads people within their first few words. And always as far as I'm concerned makes the right decision.

    I see the two courts every weekday (actually I do my treadmill as I watch the program).

    Peoples Court is one of my best TV program. Keep up the good work !

  • Empowering and Informative

    Great for us civilians to tap into real world issues. Great stuff.
  • fun and lite!

    I love this show.... well I really like watching Judge Marilyn Milian. for so many reasons !!!

    A. the sense she has in her. B. its impotent to let people no about human action. not just what the law. C. the between the lines is whats really FUNNY some times.

    I think people this days are missing a lot of common sense. and she tells it to them in their face!

    To top it up - the judge learn t philology and she uses it. and that's what I am in to.

    I think that for any tape of job with people you will do best with knowing and USING philology. to yes I kind of admirer the Judge.

    oh how did I forget! the Judge is so normal... married and has children. so she shore knows what life is really like... so happy she is still on the show.
  • The People's Court has problems, but it is still an ok show.

    This program does have more problems than some of the other shows. I have observered that the judge does not always make good decisions on some of the cases. An example would be when a tree cutting business charge a man $400.00 for cutting down six branchs. The judge aggreed that this was a fair price to charge. I had a very similar experience when a company came to cut down trees at my house. The only difference is that we were not cheated by the company. We got eight trees cut down for under $400.00 each. This showed me that she obvisouly does not aways excersize good judgement. But she does not do this often, so it is not too bad. She also gets angry sometimes at the plantiff and the defendents. Other then this, the show is good. These are only minor problems that van be fixed.
  • I WAS a fan of the show. I liked the judge and the law associated with the program. Untill now I watched it every day. My complaint is simple. Mrs. Marilyn Minata and Mr. Harvey Levin need to keep their Incorrect opinions to theirselves!!!

    "Pit Bulls" or American Staffordshire Terriers as their canine name. Are NOT vicious, mean dogs. Harvel stated on one show during his comment section "He believed they have an extra cromosome in them that makes them vicious dogs" That is the biggest load of BULL, flat out IGNORANT and wrong opinion. Mrs. Minata stated today 5/3/07, because some stupid plaintiff who's boyfriend named their Stafforshire "Danger" that confirmed what Marilyn says shes been stating before about them being dangerous>> ALL CRAP !!
    I have worked in an animal hospitial and am a student in college studing Zoology.. I am 100% positive that there is no x-tra chromosome nor are they just born vicious!! It is the ignorant owners who need to feel tough that aquire these tough, muscular built dogs. All breeds of dogs need training and proper care. Actually if anyone is curious Chows, Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russels, and German Shepherds are in the top slots of frequency of dogs that bite. You dont here about them because they dont do as much damage and have not been you can say "labeled and contiually attacked" as a breed. I have been bit twice in my life different dogs both german shepherds do I hate them , No! I believe there owners did not train them correctally or they were not leashed. The insecure, stupid owners are to blame not the breed.!I have 2 children,2cats,a mini dauchsand, and a bearded dragon all of wich my Stafforshire Terrier Loves!!He is so smart and kind and gentle and knows more than 10 silent and verbal tricks. This is not a breed of terror. Any who say otherwise show their lack of knowledge on any breed!!! Shame on the Peoples Court they should stick to law and drama thats why they have a show!
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