The People's Court

Premiered Sep 12, 1981 In Season


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  • I WAS a fan of the show. I liked the judge and the law associated with the program. Untill now I watched it every day. My complaint is simple. Mrs. Marilyn Minata and Mr. Harvey Levin need to keep their Incorrect opinions to theirselves!!!

    "Pit Bulls" or American Staffordshire Terriers as their canine name. Are NOT vicious, mean dogs. Harvel stated on one show during his comment section "He believed they have an extra cromosome in them that makes them vicious dogs" That is the biggest load of BULL, flat out IGNORANT and wrong opinion. Mrs. Minata stated today 5/3/07, because some stupid plaintiff who's boyfriend named their Stafforshire "Danger" that confirmed what Marilyn says shes been stating before about them being dangerous>> ALL CRAP !!
    I have worked in an animal hospitial and am a student in college studing Zoology.. I am 100% positive that there is no x-tra chromosome nor are they just born vicious!! It is the ignorant owners who need to feel tough that aquire these tough, muscular built dogs. All breeds of dogs need training and proper care. Actually if anyone is curious Chows, Cocker Spaniels, Jack Russels, and German Shepherds are in the top slots of frequency of dogs that bite. You dont here about them because they dont do as much damage and have not been you can say "labeled and contiually attacked" as a breed. I have been bit twice in my life different dogs both german shepherds do I hate them , No! I believe there owners did not train them correctally or they were not leashed. The insecure, stupid owners are to blame not the breed.!I have 2 children,2cats,a mini dauchsand, and a bearded dragon all of wich my Stafforshire Terrier Loves!!He is so smart and kind and gentle and knows more than 10 silent and verbal tricks. This is not a breed of terror. Any who say otherwise show their lack of knowledge on any breed!!! Shame on the Peoples Court they should stick to law and drama thats why they have a show!
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