The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

CBS (ended 1970)


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  • Get ready to run, because the Hooded Claw is after you, Penelope!

    One of the two Wacky Races spin-offs, The Perils of Penelope Pitstop tells us the adventures of Penelope Pitstop, the young heiress of the Pitstop forttune.

    After racing with can #5, the Compact Pussycat in Wacky Races, winning a couple of races, Penelope stars in a series of her own. In it, she tries to escape from the deathly claws of the Hooded Claw (who happens to be her legal guardian, Sylvester Sneekly), who wants the Pitstop fortune all for himself. Unfortunately for him, Penelope doesn't scare easily, and she is a resourceful girl, who manages to get out of most dangerous situations, sometimes helped by the Ant Hill Mob, 7 gangsters, all of them with a heart of gold, and who participated alongside Penelope in the Wacky Races. The humour is quite fresh, and you can only laugh when you hear the Hooded Claw breaking the fourth wall, by talking with the Narrator. Possibly one of the best cartoons ever created by Hanna-Barbera, this is one classic that deserves to be on the Cartoon Hall of Fame.