The Perils of Penelope Pitstop - Season 1

CBS (ended 1970)


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  • 1/17/70
    Penelope is visiting London to deliver a painting to the Earl of Crumpet. The Hooded Claw had a different plan in mind. He grabs Penelope and the painting. He takes her to the top of a clock tower and ties her up underneath a razor sharp pendulum as he makes off with the painting. Will the Ant Hill Mob be in time to save her? Will they get the painting back and deliver it to the Earl of Crumpet?

  • Game of Peril
    Episode 16
    Penelope is on a scavenger hunt. After finding her first item, a unicycle, she gets on and is heading towards a cliff. The Ant Hill Mob arrives just in time to save her. The Hooded Claw sees her rescue and comes up with a plan to do her in.
  • Big Top Trap
    Episode 15
    Penelope is performing in a circus. When her life is threatened the Ant Hill Mob take jobs as clowns so the can act as her bodyguards. The Hooded Claw takes the form of Clyde and throws her from the trapeze to the awaiting Bully Brothers who whisk her off to the jungle where she is about to be fed to a man-eating plant. Will the Ant Hill Mob be able to find her in time?moreless
  • Penelope is in Chinatown in San Francisco, California to watch the Chinese New Year Parade. The Hooded Claw captures her in the mouth of a fire-breathing dragon float from the parade. He sends her down a hill towards a warehouse full of fireworks. Clyde and the gang follow after Penelope to try and save her. Will the guys save her in time?moreless
  • Big Bagdad Danger
    Episode 13
    Penelope is on the way to the Shah's Palace to get the secret map to Ali Baba's cave. The Hooded Claw snatches her and ties her up in a tent. Will the Ant Hill Mob be able to save her before she meets her doom?
  • 11/29/69
    Penelope is making a daring parachute jump to publicize a statue unveiling. The Hooded Claw cuts the parachute lines in an attempt to stop her once and for all. Fortunately for Penelope her parachute makes a net in the trees below and catches her. The Ant Hill Mob helps her out of the trees and gets her on her way to the unveiling ceremonies. Unfortunately for Penelope the Bully Brothers are helping The Hooded Claw and they capture her and place her in a pit. Will the Ant Hill Mob be able to save her again, or will this be the end for Penelope?moreless
  • 11/22/69
    Penelope is on her way to the Pitstop Lumber Camp where she has been elected Queen of the Indian Summer Festival. The Hooded Claw and the Bully Brothers unhook her rail car and she went sailing back down the railroad track. The Ant Hill Mob gets her out of the jam and offers her a ride to the festival.moreless
  • North Pole Peril
    Episode 10
    Penelope is paddling up the Nanook River in a kayak seeking to become the first woman to reach the North Pole. Unfortunately, The Hooded Claw is following her in a paddleboat and attempting to chop her up in the blades. The Ant Hill Mob is on their way to save her. Will they be in time?moreless
  • 11/8/69
    Penelope is at the County Fair and determined to win the Pitstop Gold Cup for the main event, the harness race. The Hooded Claw attempts to sabotage Penelope's efforts of winning the race. The Ant Hill Mob sees her in danger and tries to save her.
  • Penelope is at Pitstop's Department Store to help introduce the new Paris fashions. Little did she know that the Hooded Claw and Bully Brothers were inside setting a trap for her.
  • 10/25/69
    Penelope is trying to escort a rare white baby camel out of Egypt so she can donate it to the Children's Zoo. The Hooded Claw traps her in a giant tent that he and the Bully Brothers fill with hot air to make a baloon. The Ant Hill Mob see this and move in to help.

  • 10/18/69
    Penelope has gone to Hollywood to star in a movie. The Hooded Claw adds a scene to the movie that invloves Penelope being taken off by a giant King Kong like ape. The Ant Hill Mob moves in for a life saving attempt.
  • Carnival Calamity
    Episode 5
    Penelope is on her way to the carnival. Unknown to her the Hooded Claw as set a trap for her. The Bully Brothers have set a trap of their own for The Ant Hill Mob so they can't save her. Penelope gets out of trouble on her own and continues on to the carnival where she gets in more sticky situations.moreless
  • Wild West Peril
    Episode 4
    Penelope is driving in her car when she crashes trough a false front trap set by the Hooded Claw. The Ant Hill Mob races to the rescue with a matress strapped to the top of their car to save her. She manages to get to the Pitstop Ranch House only to have the entire hous towed away to a ghost town. Chugga-Boom sniffs out her trail and she is saved once more. She gets captured several more time including: The Hooded Claw ties Penelope to a giant boulder using a spring tree, but the Ant Hill Mob foil him. She is also left tied, sitting on top of a runaway stagecoach. Then a tipi is set on the edge of a cliff, designed to lure the Mob in and fall off the edge, hitting a board that will catapult Penelope in a barrel, and the Ant Hill Mob into the near-bottomless canyon. To lure them there is a gramophone inside the tipi playing Penelope's famous call for "Help!". She is then finally placed in a miner's car filled with explosives which is set to rocket down to the bottom of a steep and deep mine shaft. Will she be saved in time?moreless
  • 9/27/69
    The Hooded Claw and the Bully Brothers tie Penelope to some trolley tracks hoping to get rid of her once and for all. When she escapes they come up with a new plan which involves an abandoned mine shaft and a mine car full of dynamite. Will the Ant Hill Mob be able to find Penelope before its too late?

  • 9/20/69
    Penelope is spending a relaxing day at the beach being buried in the sand by the Ant Hill Mob. The Hooded Claw has mixed in cement with the sand so she can't get out. Along comes a bulldozer driven by the Bully Brothers. The Ant Hill Mob can't pull her up so they dig a tunnel to pull her down. They save her in the nick of time. Later Penelope is kidnapped by the Bully Brothers during a scavenger hunt and taken to an abandoned fishing village where the Hooded Claw awaits her. Will the Ant Hill Mob come crashing in to save heroine time?moreless
  • Jungle Jeopardy
    Episode 1
    Penelope is about to complete the last leg of an around-the-world flight as a surprise her guardian, Sylvester Sneekley. The Hooded Claw and the Bully Brothers have sabotaged her plane and are watching her as the engines cut out. The Ant Hill Mob makes an attempt to rescue her as she jumps from the plane and into an empty eagle's nest. Will The Hooded Claw get to her first and send her to her doom or will the Ant Hill Mob get there first and rescue her?