The Perils of Penelope Pitstop

Season 1 Episode 6

The Treacherous Movie Lot Plot

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Oct 18, 1969 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Penelope has gone to Hollywood to star in a movie. The Hooded Claw adds a scene to the movie that invloves Penelope being taken off by a giant King Kong like ape. The Ant Hill Mob moves in for a life saving attempt.

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    Paul Lynde

    Paul Lynde

    Sylvester Sneekly (The Hooded Claw)

    Paul Winchell

    Paul Winchell

    Clyde / Softy

    Mel Blanc

    Mel Blanc

    Yuk-Yuk/Bully Brothers

    Gary Owens

    Gary Owens


    Don Messick

    Don Messick

    Pockets / Zippy / Snoozy / Dum-Dum

    Janet Waldo

    Janet Waldo

    Penelope Pitstop / Actress

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      • Hooded Claw: I might not have the Pitstop fortune, but I've got Pitstop on film. And that's worth a fortune!
        (he opens the camera, but the shutter's empty!)
        Narrator: Foiled again, Claw. You forgot to load the camera!
        Hooded Claw: Blast!
        (he kicks the camera out of the room and throws a severe tantrum)
        Hooded Claw: (wails) BLAST! BLAAAAAAAAAAAST!!
        Narrator: Get ahold of yourself, Claw. I hate to see a grown villain cry.
        Hooded Claw: (sniffles) I may be crying on the outside, (smiles) but I'm laughing on the inside, when I think what I'll do to Penelope next!
        (he laughs evilly)

      • Actress: Help! Oh, help!
        (the actor laughs evilly as the Anthill Mob investigate the studio)
        Yak-Yak: Look! The Hooded Claw's got Penelope cornered.
        Clyde: Go get 'im, Chuggaboom!
        (Chuggaboom charges into the studio)
        Narrator: Wait! That's not a claw! That's an actor!
        Actor: HELP!!
        (Chuggaboom hits him on the back)
        Director: What's going on here?! You've ruined my picture! Not to mention my star!
        Clyde: (looks at the actor) Hey! That's not the Hooded Claw!
        Yak-Yak: (looks at the actress) And this ain't Penelope!
        (the actress pulls his hat down, covering his whole head, and she laughs)
        Actress: You're so right.

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