The Persuaders!

ITV (ended 1972)





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  • Tony Curtis & Roger Moore make a most entertaining team!

    When I first heard about the show from a website talking about Roger Moore, I was intrigued. Tony Curtis and Roger Moore in an action adventure comedy? Well, thanks to a friend I eventually watched the series (which unfortunately is one season long). I was very impressed, Curtis and Moore make an unlikely but very hilarious duo. Moore who I guess most people still related to his Saint or Bond characters got to see a more easy going, comedic side. Curtis' Danny Wilde with his wit & improvisation complemented Moore's Lord Sinclair and gave it a North American feel even though the show took place in Western Europe. Several stand out episodes like "The Old, The New & The Deadly" & "The Man in The Middle" demonstrated the laid back, jocular, don't take yourself too seriously mood of the show. A very charming show and one I wish lasted longer but Roger Moore had bigger fish to fry like playing some unknown spy character named "James Bond".