The Persuaders!

Season 1 Episode 24

Someone Waiting

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 25, 1972 on ITV

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  • One of the best TV series of all time is laboured with a gloomy setting, but that's the English weather for you.

    Not the best final episode for The Persuaders. The rainy, gloomy settings of the UK are a marked contrast to the sunny shores of the Côté d'Azur of the first Basin Dearden-directed episodes. Terry Nation's script, about Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore) being a target for murder with a red herring about a group trying to control the outcome of an upcoming motor race at Brands Hatch, is not one of his best. Given the limits of early 1970s' filming, director Peter Medak fails to build up the tension.

    While it's conceivable that someone such as Lord Sinclair would dabble in motor racing, the very small team he has (a lone mechanic) is unconvincing, even for a privateer at the dawn of the 1970s. It simply does not feel like an episode of The Persuaders, and it could have been any Terry Nation story where the names of the leads are changed to Danny (Tony Curtis) and Brett. Was there anything particularly "playboy-ish" about the roles here, as there had been in so many other Persuaders outings? The answer is a firm no.

    'Someone Waiting' is perhaps notable for the appearance of Lois Maxwell, Roger Moore's classmate at RADA, who would wind up working alongside Moore in his seven James Bond films. Some fans have pointed to a black-and-white fight scene, but this just seems contrived to this viewer. It all feels less glamorous and upbeat than usual, and one gets the distinct feeling that even the pot that Tony Curtis smoked on the set isn't keeping him as happy as he used to be. A tired end to one of the best TV series of all time.
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