The Phantom Creeps

Season 1 Episode 4

The Phantom Creeps Vol 1 Chapter 4

Full Episode: The Phantom Creeps Vol 1 Chapter 4


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Eccentric scientist Dr. Alex Zorka (Bela Lugosi) is carrying on various experiments in his secret laboratory with the aid of his assistant Monk (Jack C. Smith). Zorka has invented many strange weapons of warfare, including a devisualizer belt which renders him invisible; a terrifying, eight-foot tall robot (Edwin "Bud" Wolfe). He also has a deadly meteorite fragment from which he extracts an element that can induce suspended animation in an entire army. Foreign spies, operating under the guise of a foreign language school (great cover), are trying to buy or (mostly) steal the meteorite element, while his former partner, Dr. Fred Mallory (Edwin Stanley), miffed that Zorka will not turn his inventions over to the U.S. Government, blows the whistle on him to Captain Bob West (Robert Kent) of the Military Intelligence Department. Tired of answering the door and saying no to the spies and the government, Zorka moves his lab and but when his beloved wife (Dora Clement) is killed, Zorka swears eternal vengeance against society, and decides to use his inventions to make himself world dictator. And he would have if not for his assistant Monk, an escaped convict virtually enslaved by Zorka, who is cowardly, treacherous and totally incompetent, and whose accidental or deliberate interference with Zorka's efforts repeatedly frustrates his master's grand schemes.moreless
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