The Phil Silvers Show

CBS (ended 1959)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Audition Show
    • New Recruits
      New Recruits
      Episode 1
      During a poker game the other sergeants cheat and clean Bilko out of his bankroll so he has to look around for some more money. Just when it looks like he will miss out a new squad of rookies arrive for basic training. With a new source of cash the platoon think he can get back into the game but Bilko's conscience will not let him.moreless
    • Empty Store
      Empty Store
      Episode 2
      Bilko is still broke and can't find a way back into the big poker game. When the three sergeants win again, by beating one of the new recruits, Bilko decides to get even by renting an empty store and getting the sergeants to invest in it.
    • The WAC
      The WAC
      Episode 3
      A job comes up for a sergeant that has a jeep allocated Bilko applies for it only to find that he is beaten by a Sgt. Joan Hogan.
    • The Horse
      The Horse
      Episode 4
      Bilko loses the platoon welfare money on a horse only to find out that it is suffering from a minor leg injury. With the last of the platoon's money he buys the horse and has to keep it on the post until it is fit to run. Then a visiting general comes on a surprise visit.moreless
    • AWOL
      Episode 5
      Pvt. Steve Nagy goes AWOL so Bilko has to go and fetch him back only to find himself caught up in the middle of a family feud.
    • The Boxer
      The Boxer
      Episode 6
      Bilko discovers that one of the platoon, Claude Dillingham, is a boxing champ. So Bilko enters him for the inter-platoon championship only to learn that Dillingham refuses to fight.
    • The Hoodlum
      The Hoodlum
      Episode 7
      After several transfers a young tough guy is moved to the motor pool platoon and it is left to the Bilko to cut him down to size. Meanwhile Bilko is after the 'Soldier of the Month' competition. Little does he know that the tough guy will spring a surprise.
    • Mardi Gras
      Mardi Gras
      Episode 8
      When the platoon ask local socialite Miss Joy Landers to be their Mardi Gras queen she laughs and turns them down flat, so Bilko finds a way to change her mind.
    • The Eating Contest
      In an eating contest between the platoons Bilko puts his money on a new member of the platoon nicknamed 'The Stomach' only to find that he can only eat when he is depressed.
    • The Centennial
      The Centennial
      Episode 10
      Bilko organizes a pageant to celebrate 100 years of Camp Baxter but after some investigation finds that it does not show the camp in a very good light.
    • Bivouac
      Episode 11
      When maneuvers come round again the Colonel is interested in which illness Bilko has in order to miss out on the joys of marching through the countryside. In order to make him go the colonel uses reverse psychology.
    • The Singing Contest
      Bilko hears of a singing contest in Miami and to get away from the bitterly cold weather he enters the platoon but on hearing them sing he puts a bet on for them to lose. While he is putting on the bet a new platoon member is found to have a beautiful singing voice.moreless
    • The Twitch
      The Twitch
      Episode 13
      Colonel Hall tells Bilko to provide an audience for a lecture on music. He finds that nobody wants to come until they learn that the lecture will be given by a friend of the Colonel's wife and they can bet on the number of 'twitches' that she will give during the lecture.moreless
    • The Reunion
      The Reunion
      Episode 14
      When Bilko meets up with his old army buddies, he thinks that they are going to be so short of money, that he is going to have to help them out , but it turns out that they have all been very successful.
    • The Rich Kid
      The Rich Kid
      Episode 15
      Bilko gets an idea to buy the local bar and grill, but he is stumped for cash, until he learns that one of the platoon's new recruits, is heir to a steel fortune. So they play up to him in order to get him to invest in their scheme, but Bilko's conscience wins out in the end.moreless
    • Hollywood
      Episode 16
      Hollywood plans a film of the ' Battle of Kabuchi' and they hire Bilko as the technical adviser, but after a couple of days he has taken over the whole production, and the film people want shot of him.
    • The Investigation
      The Investigation
      Episode 17
      A Congressional committee visit Fort Baxter to investigate waste and high living. But Bilko has other ideas; he wants a pay rise instead.
    • Kids in the Trailer
      While babysitting for a member of the platoon, Bilko panics when he finds that he can't change the baby's diaper.
    • The Revolutionary War
      Bilko's aunt sends him a diary showing him that his Great Uncle Joshua was on the staff of George Washington. So Bilko applies to become an officer. But as he reads the diary, he discovers that Joshua was a traitor. So Bilko keeps quiet and withdraws his application.
    • The Transfer
      The Transfer
      Episode 20
      When the Colonel makes life difficult, Bilko decides to bluff and puts in for a transfer. But the Colonel calls his bluff and Bilko is on his way. At his new camp, life is too easy and Bilko hopes he can find a way to get back to Camp Baxter.
    • The Rest Cure
      The Rest Cure
      Episode 21
      During a heat wave, Bilko discovers that the army has a rest center in the Rockies. The trick is trying to persuade the doctors and the Colonel to let him go there.
    • Dinner at Sowici's
      Dinner at Sowici's
      Episode 22
      When Bilko thinks that Joan is trying to trap him into marriage, he takes her to dinner at Sgt Sowici's to see how bad marriage can be, but they are in for a surprise.
    • Army Memoirs
      Army Memoirs
      Episode 23
      When Sgt's Pendleton, Grover, and Sowici get Bilko busted to private, he gets his own back by pretending to write a book on his army life.
    • Miss America
      Miss America
      Episode 24
      When Bilko asks for pictures of the platoons girlfriends Pvt Honnagar shows them a photo of a beautiful girl taken years ago. they think it is his girl but they have a surprise in store
    • The Court Martial
      The Court Martial
      Episode 25
      When Zippo the ape is accidently inducted into the army the only way to get the army off the hook is to get Bilko as defense council and court martial the ape before anybody finds out.
    • Furlough in New York
      Bilko and Joan Hogan go separately to New York and keep missing each other but when they meet up again at Fort Baxter they find that they have somehow ended up with each others dog tags.
    • The Big Uranium Strike
      Bilko suspects that there are large deposits of uranium underneath Fort Baxter but he has to get rid of the Colonel before he can start digging.
    • Bilko and the Beast
      When a new drill sergeant known as 'The Beast' takes over at Fort Baxter. Bilko and the platoon come up with a scheme to get rid of him.
    • The Physical Check Up
      When Bilko tries to get out of a 20-mile hike, the Colonel pre-empts him and allows him to miss the hike. Bilko is so shocked that he thinks the Colonel might be trying to get rid of him.
    • The Recruiting Sergeant
      When Bilko gets a tip from a jockey, he persuades the Colonel to take him on a recruiting drive to Topeka. That way, he can get to a bookie to place a bet.
    • Hair (a. k. a. Bilko's Hair)
      Bilko's head is constantly being used by his barber to find a cure for baldness. The other three sergeants know this. While Bilko is asleep, they decide to play a trick on him. But Bilko has the last laugh.
    • The Con Men
      The Con Men
      Episode 32
      When Doberman gets a $500 windfall from an insurance policy, he loses it in a poker game with three con men. Bilko gets it back by conning the con men, but then Doberman loses it again by being conned into buying the hotel from another con man.
    • War Games
      War Games
      Episode 33
      Bilko is asked to be best man at a friend's wedding. But it conflicts with a war game battle between the army and the national guard.
    • Bilko on Wall Street
      Thinking his friend is a big man on Wall Street, Bilko goes to stay with him. But when he discovers that his friend is just a clerk, Bilko sets out to get him a better job.
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