The Phil Silvers Show

Season 1 Episode 8

Mardi Gras

Aired Tuesday 8:30 PM Nov 08, 1955 on CBS

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  • The Motor Pool Mardi Gras is coming up and the platoon needs to crown a King to preside over the festivities. Doberman is selected and his choice for Queen is a local socialite who flatly refuses the honor - until Bilko decides to change her mind.

    This is the classic Bilko "revenge" episode. The combined brilliance of the cast and the writing team is on display in every scene. As Bilko's plan unfolds, the snobby socialite is slowly taken down, little by little, until she is a putty in his hands. This episode is perfect for repeat viewings as there are a number of subtle bits that are priceless. Paparelli's reading of a rehearsed line, Zimmerman's dance steps as a member of the West Indie boys, Doberman's near nervous breakdown at the thought of meeting his dreamgirl, etc. Along with "The Court Martial," this is one of season one's best episodes.