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CBS (ended 1959)





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  • A military comedy series with lots of laughs.

    Sgt Bilko is a comedy classic played by comic Legend Phil Silvers. It is a timeless classic that has spanned the generations. Accompanied by the supporting comedy acts of the charater roles of Sgt. Francis Grover and Rupert Ritzik, Mrs. Emma Ritzik, Corporal's Rocco Barbella and Steve Henshaw, Private's Duane Doberman, Dino Paparelli, Fielding Zimmerman and Sam Fender and Colonel John (Jack) Hall and Mrs. Nell Hall.

    Ed Sullivan and Dick Van Dyke make 2 episode appearances each on the Emmy award winning hit tv show of the 50's.

    Sgt. Ernest Bilko is always coming up with schemes to get himself and his Motor Pool Platoon into scams and always seems to get away with murder. Sgt. Ritzik is always losing at cards with Sgt. Bilko. It is a really funny show. Great comedy and Phil Silvers is a genius. It is a personal favourite.