The Philanthropist

Season 1 Episode 4

Nigeria Part II

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 15, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Teddy meets a young guy named Desmond in Nigeria. Teddy explains that Jonathan Bankole is the reason they are meeting. Desmond is incensed and calls Bankole a traitor, and Teddy goes on explaining betrayal. The scene changes and shows Teddy in bed with an attractive woman when her husband surprises them.

Back in New York, Philip is angry because Teddy betrayed his trust and fondled the wife of the minister of foreign trade and ended an important chromite deal.

Teddy gives a press conference to introduce the new project of an oil refinery Maidstone-Rist wants to build in Nigeria. Soon later in Nigeria, Teddy discovers that no one is working on his oil refinery anymore. A worker explains that a rebel leader called Bankole convinced the people to stop working. Unfortunately, Teddy forgot to ask Bankole for permission to open his business in Bankole's territory.

Teddy finds out that he won't be able to meet Chief Bankole, but Dr. Balo will. He meets her in her hospital and is surprised to find out that she is pregnant. Dr. Balo explains the father was killed during the hurricane. Teddy reveals that he's looking for Bankole. Dr. Balo considers Bankole a good man who uses severe methods at times though. She offers to go to Bankole's camp and talk to him.

Hours later, Teddy and Dax have to realize that Dr. Balo has been kidnapped by Bankole. Upset, Teddy orders to find Bankole's location, when Bankole's rebels come to take Teddy to Bankole.

Finally, Teddy gets to know Bankole. Bankole wants to rebuild his territory that was destroyed by the hurricane and needs money for hospitals and schools. He asks Teddy to negotiate with the Nigerian government and demands 100 million dollars. To motivate Teddy, he lays Dr. Balo's life and the life of her unborn child in his hands.

In New York, Philip meets James Glynn, an old friend of his. Glynn, who works as a bartender, reveals that he's worried about his son Dwayne who needs a tutor, but he isn't able to afford one. Philip offers to pay for it. Later, Philip sees Dwayne to make a deal with him. They agree that Philip pays Dwayne for improving his grade.

Teddy meets a Nigerian general who refuses to negotiate with kidnappers or give Bankole who is considered to be a criminal the money Bankole asks for. Upset, Teddy assures the general that he won't leave the country until Dr. Balo is safe.

That night, Teddy falls back on old habits and meets his friend the drug dealer Gabriel Udeze. He asks Gabriel if there is a way to blackmail the general, but the general is clean. Back in his room, Teddy receives a phone call from Philip who confronts him with his previous rude behavior towards the Nigerian general. Suddenly, Teddy has an idea to save Dr. Balo and interrupts the conversation.

Back in Bankole's camp, Teddy explains that he bought air time and wants Bankole to tell the whole Nigerian country about his intentions.

Meanwhile, Philip learns that James Glenn lost his workplace because the hotel he worked for was sold. James doesn't qualify for state aide and asks Philip to fill in.

In Nigeria, Teddy uses the video with Bankole's story to make a deal with the general. Unhappy, the general agrees on giving them 50 million dollars.

In New York, Philip tells Olivia about the deal he made with the Glenns, but Olivia doesn't support him because she is not convinced that Philip has chosen the right way to help them. Later, Dwayne calls from an hospital because he was mugged and wants to see Philip.

Teddy meets Bankole to give him the first rate of the money. Bankole reveals that he left his son years ago to serve his country. He thanks Teddy for making his sacrifice worth the pain and the loneliness. Bankole also gives his permission for the refinery. Dr. Balo joins them, now free to go, but Teddy realizes that Dr. Balo and Bankole are too familiar with each other.

Teddy confronts Dr. Balo and tells her that he doesn't believe anymore that she was held hostage. Balo reveals that Teddy is right. She and Bankole who is the father of her child used Teddy and his feelings for her to get the money. Teddy is disappointed and tells her she could have just asked for his help. When she answers that she trusted Bankole more than him, he walks away from her.

Philip visits Dwayne in the hospital. James and Dwayne's behavior doesn't make sense to him and Philip comes to the conclusion that James beat his son. At home, Philip and Olivia agree on contacting child protection.

Soon later, Dwayne comes to see Philip. As it turns out, things changed for the better for him, he moved to his aunt and his father works with child protection services to get better. He also shows Philip his impressive score on his SATs.

In Nigeria, Bankole's second in command murders Bankole and steals the money. Teddy attends his funeral and reconciles with Dr. Balo. Going back to Teddy and Desmond, it is revealed that Desmond is Bankole's son who Bankole left when he was nine years old. Teddy wanted to tell Desmond about the Bankole he met so Desmond can have another look as the man as the father who betrayed and left him.

On a rainy night, Philip finds Teddy in his office to tell him their stocks lost another few percent because of unsettled disputes in Nigeria. When Philip reveals that he feels that there's a void growing between them, Teddy promises never to hurt him or his family. They drink to memories past and memories yet to come.