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  • For intelligent people only 10.0

    The Philanthropist series needs to come back to TV. It is an extremely socially relevant show. It makes us realize what is really happening in the world. Why was it cancelled? Was it too real for our superficial world? It just confirms my belief that major networks have to "dumb down" their shows for the majority of the viewers.
  • An Excellent show!

    This was a surprise show for the summer. I found it brought world issues to the forefront that would otherwise be forgotten. I do hope it will be brought back for more seasons. I'm so tired of frivolous shows and reality shows. I enjoy seeing the different countries. It really hits home when you see how others live and you realize how lucky we are. I think this should be a show that should be on every teenagers homework list. They would learn a lot and, who knows, maybe some will be inspired to do something to help the world.
  • I love this show. it isRefreshing, intelligent, funny and entertaining. I am so tiered of reality TV show. It is wonderful to see a show so “hipâ€� with a world vision I really enjoy the different countries and cultures and problems they face.

    I love this show. it is Refreshing, intelligent, funny and entertaining. I am so tired of reality TV shows. It is wonderful to see a show so “hip� with a world vision I really enjoy the different countries, cultures and problems they face. The acting is good and the writting is smart and the directing is fresh. I really hope this show stays on the air. it is a feel good show that has a moral lesson about when we caring and help the world we can care and help ourself. The actors and actress work well together the show has a great vibe.
  • Great Show and I want more not sure why some one put 2.5 up for rating. LOL

    I think this a wonderful show. This man can fix a lot of things with his deep pockets and he knows it. The thing is because he is aware that his money can fix a lot of things he is also aware that money isn't all it takes, but it takes his heart mind and courage as well. This man that used to only be considered an intelligent, handsome, hard working rich man living in the clouds has brought himself down to a world where money is not the most important asset. He now puts his life on the line in the hopes of helping these poor individuals that have no chance of hope or salvation. This is a great show, story, and man. He is the Philanthropist. LOL :)
  • Television dramatizing real world issues = Win.

    Granted, it's only a TV show-- but it brings exposure to some of the real life issues going on around the world. Oftentimes these issues are easily forgotten- take the episode 'Kosovo', so example- so it's refreshing to see one of the major networks giving it a little exposure, instead of making time for another reality show or some sitcom. The show is highly entertaining, in a spy movie-esque way. Personally, I'm a fan of James Purefoy, and his performance in this is on par with his previous works. The supporting cast, some named, some not, are equally as good. The only complaint that I have is the format of the show-- which isn't really a complaint. I don't think they can do the reflective narrative every episode and still keep it fresh.
  • Quality entertainment... for the intelligent only!

    A great show, fast aced entertaining and at the same time gutsy in dealing with real issues in a realistic way. The lead is a succesful professional at the top of his game who comes to realize that there's more to life than last month's profit. He tries his best to help others while navigating to complex waters of running a corporation. The issues are presented realistically (in shades of grey, not black and white) and the solutions are just as ambivalent. Uncannily recent events in Burma (Myanmar) have closely mirrored one of the episodes.

    Don't bother if your idea of drama is CSI or your idea of smart is "Bones". This is for people who live in the real world. Fans of "The Wire" might like it though it doesn't have the same punch and grit.
  • kinda like the story telling part but the stories.. i don't know. it needs more "umph"?

    The Philanthropist started out pretty good. I especially love the story telling in the bar scenario, and the bar tender not believing him. In the end she regrets ripping the check Rist gave her. Ha ha ha. Anyways, the stories so far are good, except for the second episode, which I think was pretty stupid. But I don't really see this show surviving anymore, it's just drifting from story to story but there isn't really any progress going on. He's Teddy Rist, One of the richest men in the world! Where's the challenge going to be? It's not a bad show - I like it, I just don't love it.
  • Undecided

    I've watched the first two episodes and i don't know what to think of this show. I like the characters, but somothing is bugging me about the story, take the second episode "myanmar", which is maybe a too blatant ripoff from the recent events leading to the last trial of the democratic leader San Suu Kyi, in this episodes i've enjoyed the moments with Philip Maidstone. I really hope that Jesse L. Martin will get more screen time, because this modern robin hood will get pretty soon tiresome. kudos to NBC for a least try to put something original on the air.