The Philanthropist

Season 1 Episode 6

San Diego

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 29, 2009 on NBC
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San Diego
Teddy and Dax travel to San Diego and try to find the thief who stole Teddy's identity. In the meantime, Olivia and Philip find out that Maidstone Rist is in trouble.

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  • The out of the ordinary episode...

    It seems to me they wanted to add some financial crisis to the series too late in the game. This episode is "out of the series" somehow. At the end of the episode, the foundation has *no money left whatsoever*, and yet the next episode, they just move on. (Although we don't really know whether we have to view the episodes as "shot and shown in order".)

    The story of this episode per se isn't bad at all. It's *VERY* entertaining to watch, and Teddy's rather cheesy solution to sell the painting and supporting the VA hospital in the name of the fallen brother of the "little Robin Hood" still works well enough.

    I think the writers didn't have enough time, though, to make this story work in the overall context of the series. Bringing the foundation to its very edge without telling how it would move on from there felt a bit "shortened". I guess the other episodes were already shot at the time, so they couldn't add an explanation at the beginning of the following episode. Maybe they didn't feel it was necessary. I found that a tad confusing. Doesn't hurt the experience much, though.moreless
  • A departure, but a decent one.

    Very little flash or glam, and certainly no exotic locale for this installment in the life and philanthropic times of "Teddy Rist", but still a solid episode that brings this week's crisis home to roost.

    It was good to see Teddy get P.O'd enough to do some well earned damage to his tormentor's establishment, but his level of personal control with this guy seemed a tad out of character. I can believe the "Robin Hood" persona extends to the little guy, the underdog, but not to a well to do thug. Having said that, it does seem he "got" this character where he really lived. Gawd, would I love that level of personal control...

    And the identity theft story line was not as well tied up as I might have liked to see it, and I question the judgment of his decision, but in a show where there is no right, I guess even that fits. Only 2 more shows left I think. Bummer... :o{moreless
Mark Pellegrino

Mark Pellegrino


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Jesse Lee Soffer

Jesse Lee Soffer

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Eddie McGee


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The episodes referenced in the pictures on Teddy's wall are:
      top left, "Kashmir" (ep. 7, the next episode)
      top right, "Nigeria, Part I" (ep. 1)
      bottom left, "Kosovo" (ep. 5, the previous episode)
      bottom right, "San Diego" (ep. 6, this episode)

    • Goof: At the end of the episode, when Teddy has photos hung on his office wall of people he's helped, one of the photos is of a woman and her grandfather, but they only appear in the following episode.

    • Featured Music:
      "Yuki" by Trippin
      "So Yeah It's You" by New Faces
      "Ghosts N Stuff" by Deadmaus
      "I Just Want To Make Love To You" by Foghat
      "Love Game (Dave Audé Radio Edit)" by Lady Gaga
      "Feel Like I Do" by Eric Lindell
      "Echo" by Tristen Prettyman
      "Make Me Fool Around" by Mimi & Teft
      "Hands Of Time" by Groove Armada

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Teddy: (voice-over) You know Dostoevsky? Old Russian writer, crazy as all hell. Wrote this book called The Double. I first read a very bad translation of it back in college. It's the story of this guy who meets his doppelgänger, which is a double, a look-alike, a long lost twin who exists to destroy you. Pleasant thought, huh?

    • Teddy: Dax. If when you were in the marines, you know, a genie had a lamp...
      Dax: It doesn't work that way.
      Teddy: Huh?
      Dax: The genie doesn't give you the lamp. The lamp gives you the genie.

    • Teddy: The ancient Greeks believed that all men are influenced by two very different gods: Apollo and Dionysus. Apollo was the god of wisdom and Dionysus was, well... Dionysus just liked to have a cracking good time.

    • Teddy: Do you consider yourself to be a responsible human being, Walter?
      Walter: Yes, I do.
      Teddy: Most of my life, I've always been thoroughly irresponsible, unreliable, self-absorbed.

    • Teddy: (over the phone) Gerard, where am I?
      Gerard: Malibu.
      Teddy: Right, and what did I say about Malibu?
      Gerard: No interruptions.
      Teddy: So why are you interrupting me?

    • Dax: You know, if someone's using your credit card, you could just cancel it.
      Teddy: Yeah, but he or she is been using my card to make charitable donations. That's exactly the kind of nefarious bastard I want to meet.

    • Walter: You want to blame this whole brouhaha on some other Teddy Rist. But what I want is for you to confess.
      Teddy: Oh, Walter, taking responsibility for my own behavior is one thing, but taking it for somebody else is, what... Well, that just sucks.

    • Teddy: Do you remember Tom and Jerry? Tom would sometimes have a little angel on one shoulder and a tiny little devil on the other and they'd whisper in his ear as if they were two halves of the same person, or cat in Tom's case.
      Walter: Are you gonna ask me to listen to my little angel?
      Teddy: Yeah, sure. If you can see him, you should.
      Walter: (flips the imaginary angel from his shoulder) Oops, he fell.

    • Teddy: (to Walter) You know where that story comes from? It comes from the Quran. And in the Quran, there are these two angels who write down every deed you've ever done, you know, the good stuff in one book and the bad stuff in the other. And then whichever book is bigger when you shuffle off this mortal coil, well, that's... that's what determines where you spend all of eternity. And eternity, Walt, it's a really long time.

    • Teddy: You think I could get a drink or would that violate vendetta protocol?
      Walter: If you're gonna die, it's gonna be by my hand, not the grace of dehydration.

    • Teddy: (to Walter) You know, the last time I came to your fine establishment, I dropped nearly $3,000. This time, I get a drink thrown in my face. Clubs, really. They just don't appreciate repeat costumers the way they used to.

    • Teddy: You see, the truth is, Walter, that it's easy to believe the worst in ourselves and each other. What's altogether tougher is, is accepting the good in ourselves and each other.

    • Teddy: You know, sometimes, Walt, in the morning, if I can be asked to shave, I lookat myself in the mirror, I wonder who the hell it is I'm looking at. You know, I'm like Alice. I want to step through the looking glass and find the real me somewhere in wonderland. But of course, the problem is that you can't find the real you by staring in the mirror. You have to step outside yourself and watch from afar.

    • Dax: I walked you to your room!
      Teddy: Hey, don't worry. It's not your fault. They were inside the room.

    • Dax: Who are these clowns?
      Teddy: The car window smashers. Yeah, Dean slept with the guy's girl pretending to be me. Ironically, I probably would have slept with her myself.

    • Teddy: Someone is using my credit card to make charitable donations? That's an odd way to misbehave.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Teddy: I'm beginning to feel a little like I'm chasing Robin Hood, you know?
      The legend of Robin Hood is part of the English folklore and originates from medieval times. Today, Robin Hoos is well-known for stealing from the rich to give it to the poor.