The Philco Television Playhouse

NBC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Dinner at Eight
      Dinner at Eight
      Episode 1
      Social-climbing Mrs. Oliver Jordan, whose husband's firm is in financial trouble, feels obligated to reciprocate hospitality for a visiting British aristocratic couple by arranging a small dinner party. The guests are chosen both to impress--a faded stage star, a well-known if over-the-hill alcoholic actor--and to meet certain social obligations. This means the necessary inclusion of a philandering doctor and his wife, and a gauche, nouveau-riche couple who are loathed but powerful.moreless
    • Rebecca
      Episode 2
      Brooding and moody Maxim deWinter returns from an extended trip to the continent with a young bride, less than a year after the tragic death of hi first wife, Rebecca. The staff of Manderley, his country home, including Mrs Danvers the housekeeper who rules over the house, are still devoted to their former mistress, the socialite Rebecca and they find it difficult to accept the new, shy Mrs deWinter who is inexperienced running a large home.moreless
    • Counsellor-at-Law
      An upscale Manhattan attorney torn between his greedy practices of insider trading and embezzlement and his desire to help the working-class Jews from his old neighborhood.
    • Angel in the Wings
      A understudy for a stage show's star takes over when an accident circumvents the stars performance. The understudy takes over and brings down the house.
    • Street Scene
      Street Scene
      Episode 5
      Abraham Kaplan lives with his family in a row house populated by a kaleidoscope of characters looking to break out of poverty. Kaplan's revolutionary, socialist views grate against some of his neighbors.
    • This Thing Called Love
      A professional couple marry and the wife insists on celibacy for three months to see if they really are compatible or not. The husband tries to lure her with all kinds of excuses and tricks to the marital bed.
    • Camille
      Episode 7
      Camille, a beautiful courtesan and Armand Duval, a young man in the foreign service, are in love. Their relationship jeopardizes his career and prevents the marriage of his sister into a "respectable" family, if Duval marries Camille. Camille becomes ill and dies.
    • An Inspector Calls
      When Inspector Goole calls unexpectedly on the prosperous Birling family, his startling revelations not only shatter the very foundations of their lives, but challenge us all to examine our consciences.
    • I Like It Here
      I Like It Here
      Episode 9
      Willie is a refugee, he works as a houseman at a professor's home. He's a sweet and lovable character even when he's interfering in other people's lives. The Professor's daughter is in love with Brad a young lawyer and of course Willie sees fit to give Brad all kinds of advice.moreless
    • Suspect
      Episode 10
      A Scotswoman some 20 years ago was accused of an ax murder and let off with the ignominious Scottish verdict of Not Proven. She changes her name and lives down her past, but when her son becomes engaged, his fiancee's godfather spots the mother and reconizes her. In his efforts to trap her, and hers not to be trapped trouble arises.moreless
    • Parlor Story
      Parlor Story
      Episode 11
      An ambitious professor wants to become President of his University. He soon is so caught up in the political opportunism of the State Governor, the wiles of an unscrupulous newspaper publisher and the parlor tricks of his own meddling wife.
    • A Christmas Carol
      A Christmas Carol
      Episode 12
      Ebenezer Scrooge, a miserly uncaring man finds out the true meaning of Christmas from past, present and future ghosts.
    • The Old Lady Shows Her Medals
      The basement flat of Mrs Dowey, a Scottish charwoman who lives and works in London, during World War I, and Mrs Dowey and her guests - three other charwomen whom she has invited for tea - are discussing the tactics of trench warfare with the confidence of people who have never been near the Front.moreless
    • Ramshackle Inn
      Ramshackle Inn
      Episode 14
      An old maid librarian has saved her money for twenty years, in order to buy a hotel where she can meet interesting people. She purchases a strange rundown place near the ocean and winds up with a place filled with villans and murder.
    • Cyrano de Bergerac
      Cyrano de Bergerac
      Episode 15
      The poetry-spouting soldier with the oversized nose, Cyrano uses the handsome but inarticulate Christian as a conduit for his feelings, the ugly but eloquent Cyrano pours his heart out to the lovely Roxanne. And she, wooed by the beauty of the words, falls in love with Christian, not realizing that it is Cyrano whose voice has aroused her passion.moreless
    • Papa Is All
      Papa Is All
      Episode 16
      Papa is an ugly tempered, overly strict, scrupulously religious Pennsylvanian Dutch, his wife and children rebel.
    • Pride and Prejudice
      The trials of a woman trying to find husbands for her five daughters in 18th-century England.
    • Dark Hammock
      Dark Hammock
      Episode 18
      In a remote part of Florida Coral Platt, a sinister woman has married a man considerably older than she. For reasons sufficient to her, she wants him out of the way and plans an ingenious though slow murder by poison. She has succeeded in making it seem that Marvin is dying through natural causes. However, she is forced unexpectedly to play hostess to two women who have come to Florida. The women stay longer than they planned because they have begun to suspect what Coral is up to. In a series of exciting scenes they discover just what is going on and prevent Marvin's death.moreless
    • The Late Christopher Bean
      Dr. Haggett and his family, who have some of Bean's canvases, suddenly realize their value, and become hard, selfish, and ill-tempered. It is Abby, the family servant, who ultimately holds them all in her power; she has one of the greatest paintings, which she cannot be persuaded into selling or giving away. She is the only one who really understood the artist -- besides, she had been married to him!moreless
    • The Story of Mary Surratt
      After the death of her husband Mary opened a boardinghouse to pay the debts owed by her husband. .. There she began a respectable boardinghouse business and met the man who would ultimately lead to her inglorious place in history - John Wilkes Booth.
    • Twelfth Night
      Twelfth Night
      Episode 21
      Viola, a young woman who disguises herself as a man to work as a page in the court of Count Orsino. Orsino is hopelessly in love with a woman named Olivia, and soon Viola finds herself hopelessly in love with Orsino. But Orsino thinks she's a man, and her predicament worsens when she realizes that Olivia has fallen in love with her.moreless
    • St. Helena
      St. Helena
      Episode 22
      The final days of Napoleon Bonaparte exiled emperor to the rocky island of St. Helena. There with a handful of faithful generals, the exiled emperor arrives with a grim swagger, never doubting that he will soon be leaving as he left Elba.
    • The Druid Circle
      The Druid Circle
      Episode 23
      An embittered professor comes near to wrecking the lives of a young man and young woman whose love for each other has been accidentally revealed to him through a letter written by the boy to the girl. The professor uses this to humiliate the young people, unconsciously venting upon them his own perverse cruelty for the disappointment suffered in his own life.moreless
    • Quality Street
      Quality Street
      Episode 24
      Phoebe Throssel is nearly 30 and still unwed, this is regarded as an over-the-hill spinster. She and her sister decide to open up a school for genteel children. Things become complicated when Phoebe is offered the opportunity for a reunion with Captain Brown, whom she hasn't seen in years. Phoebe desperately wants to rekindle his affections.moreless
    • Dinner at Antoine's
      The murder of a woman at a dinner party unveils a multitude of twists and turns as the murderer is uncovered.
    • Becky Sharpe
      Becky Sharpe
      Episode 26
      A scheming illegitimate girl trying to claw her way up in English society. However, fate never seems to give her an even break.
    • And Never Been Kissed
      A sixteen year old girl tries everything to attract the opposite sex.
    • What Makes Sammy Run?
      The story of Sammy Glick, the man with a positive genius for being a heel, who runs through New York's East Side, through newspaper ranks and finally through Hollywood, leaving in his wake the wrecked careers of his associates; for this is his tragedy and his chief characteristic-his congenital incapacity for friendship.moreless
    • Mr. Mergenthwicker's Lobblies
      Only Mr. Mergenthwirker, a person pure of heart, can see the lobblies, which are invisible fairy-like creatures.
    • Burlesque
      Episode 30
      The story of Skid, a song and dance man on Broadway.
    • Macbeth
      Episode 31
      Scottish nobleman who prompted by his own prophecy and ambitions, kills a king to wear his crown.
    • Romeo and Juliet
      Romeo and Juliet
      Episode 32
      Star crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet are doomed from the start by the hatred of their families.
    • This Time, Next Year
      The ghost of Ulysses S. Grant materializes every year at the same time, at his tomb, Grant's Tomb.
    • It Pays to Advertise

      A deadbeat tries to prove to his father, the wealthy head of a soap business, that's he's mature enough to get married.

    • Summer Formal
      Summer Formal
      Episode 35
      A woman becomes enamored with a married man at a summer formal.
    • Jenny Kissed Me
      Jenny Kissed Me
      Episode 36
      A charming young girl comes to live in a household of an elderly priest. Jenny, 18, is the precise opposite of the kind of smart sophisticated young miss that puzzles and exasperates Father Moynihan. The plot is concerned with the priest's clumsy endeavors to make Jenny attractive to the boys.
    • Dark of the Moon
      Dark of the Moon
      Episode 37
      In the Smoky Appalachian mountains a witch boy named John falls in love with a beautiful girl named Barbara Allen. John has a conjur woman turn him into a human. The only condition of the spell is that Barbara must remain faithful to John for one full year after they are married. If Barbara is not faithful, then John will turn back into a witch boy.moreless
    • For Love or Money
      For Love or Money
      Episode 38
      A young woman shows up during a thunderstorm at the country home of an over forty famous actor.
    • The Five Lives of Richard Gordon

      As purchaser of a magical antique watch, Richard is changed into a gambler, a Wall Street broker, a theatrical producer, a poet, a great physician, and then back into himself.

    • You Touched Me!
      You Touched Me!
      Episode 40
      A retired sea captain now a drunk makes an alliance with a young man to marry his daughter so she doesn't have to care for him.
    • The Fourth Wall
      The Fourth Wall
      Episode 41
      The life of a middle-aged couple has become to complacent and empty.
    • Enter Madame
      Enter Madame
      Episode 42
      A grand opera prima donna who practically deserts her husband to follow her career, even though she loves her better half. While the pampered pet of a suite of servants and receiving the homage of operatic mad foreigners, she believes he is sitting at home in Boston immersed in his work. Instead he has fallen for a designing widow and has about decided to divorce his songbird wife.moreless
    • A Murder Has Been Arranged
      A ghost story set in a theatre, legend claims a dumb woman will appear on stage and reveal the identity of a murderer.
    • Pretty Little Parlor
      A little soire is interrupted by a murder and the guests are all suspect in the pretty little parlor.
    • Three Cornered Moon
      Nellie Rimpleger tries to hold together her eccentric family (including her children, saucy daughter Elizabeth, law student Kenneth, and Eddie, a would-be actor) after they lose their fortune in the stock-market crash. While Elizabeth works in a shoe factory and tries to help her brothers find jobs, she falls in love with a melancholy writer, but marries a wealthy doctor.moreless
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