The Philco Television Playhouse - Season 6

NBC (ended 1955)




Episode Guide

  • Run Like a Thief
    Run Like a Thief
    Episode 27
    A valuable bracelet is lost at hotel resort. A young waiter had found it and presented it as a gift to his wife.
  • Star in the Summer Night
    A once famous singing star who after 50 years in show business, is now reduced to singing in an obscure Greenwich Village club. When she refuses to work according to the rules lady down by the owner she is fired.
  • The Man in the Middle of the Ocean
    A member of an architect's firm is torn by internal conflict. His partners need his compliance if they are to cash in on a deal they have made with a building contractor.
  • The Catamaran
    The Catamaran
    Episode 24
    A husband's hobby threatens his marriage until he finds a suitable replacement, the wife that is.
  • Man Drowning
    Man Drowning
    Episode 23
    A big man on the campus turns out to be somewhat of a dud.
  • Friday the Thirteenth
    A car containing three women crashes over a cliff. The three husbands await word and finally it comes, one woman is dead. Flashbacks reveal the stories of each woman and the feelings of the husbands as they wait to find out whose wife is dead.
  • Adapt or Die
    Adapt or Die
    Episode 21
    The editor of a New York magazine must quickly get used to the fast-paced life of publishing he'll find himself unemployed.
  • The Shadow of Willie Greer
    In this stirring "drama of an old lady's love for her grandson, Miss Gish plays the role of the wife of a poor Texas farmer who has raised her grandson, following the death of his parents, but because of an unfortunate incident his grandfather has forced him to run away.
  • And Crown Thy Good
    And Crown Thy Good
    Episode 19
    An eldery woman's memories of traveling west via covered wagon are triggered by the figures on her birthday cake.
  • The Joker
    The Joker
    Episode 18
    Mike Galloway, a "nice guy", was an incurable practical joker--always passing out exploding cigars and perpetrating other silliness. His pranks made for a bad first impression on Dorie, but eventually they fell in love and married. After a series of over-the-top jokes, his wife realizes that her husband has a desperate desire to be accepted and must overcome his fears.moreless
  • The King and Mrs. Candle
    The deposed King of Brandovia, whose inhabitants spend their time exporting bologna and repelling invasions by neighboring Carps and Gloats, finds his way to America, where he earns a living as a dancing instructor, pursued by his former royal fiancee who still has the valuable pearls he gave her. The King marries the commoner Mrs. Candle and returns with her to his now peaceful kingdom.moreless
  • The Mother
    The Mother
    Episode 16
    A widow tries not to be dependent on her children.
  • The Broken Fist
    The Broken Fist
    Episode 15
    The story of a middle-aged Frenchman in Algiers who decides to do something for his homeland during the Nazi occupation. He joins the underground and goes to the port of Marseilles to report on shipping. His reports are doubted because his style of telegraphing sounds changed; unknown to Allied headquarters, he has broken his hand.moreless
  • The Dancers
    The Dancers
    Episode 14
    A meek, young boy, still shy and unsure of himself, visits his sister in a small town and is persuaded by her to ask the most popular girl in town for a date. He asks her to a school dance, but, as she is going steady, she refuses his invitation. Believing himself to be the butt of ridicule by the young population of the town because of his awkwardness, he withdraws into himself. He later meets a young girl who is as shy and unconfident as he, and, because of the mutual understanding betweeen them, they give each other the confidence each lacks.moreless
  • Statute of Limitations
    In just five hours, the statue of limitations will kick in, making the men behind a million dollar robbery free from prosecution.
  • A Game of Hide and Seek
    An elderly woman, now blind, reconnects with her sister after forty rancorous years.
  • Smoke Screen
    Smoke Screen
    Episode 11
    A country boy gets a job in the city as a bookkeeper. He meets a beautiful model and gets mixed up in a murder.
  • The Hangman in the Fog
    An American reporter stationed in London is convinced he's being followed by Communist secret agents.
  • The Glorification of Al Toolum
    This is the tale of what happens to an average family when suddenly touched with fame. Al Toolum, a machinist lives in a small Long Island community with his wife and three sons, Herman, Sherman and Little Louie. One of the boys enters their father's name in the Yankee Doodle Contest to determine the most average American man and Al wins.moreless
  • The Midnight Caller
    Three unmarried women residing in a boarding house in a small town have watched life pass them by waiting for the right man to come into their lives. When a new stranger shows up and moves into the boarding house, the ladies are all interested in the Midnight Caller.
  • The Sixth Year
    The Sixth Year
    Episode 7
    A young wife whose marriage seems headed for the rocks takes cognizance of the parallel between her own parital problems and those involved in her mother's marriage.
  • Up Above the World So High
    Middle-aged Miss Totsy Bowman lives in a small Kentucky town with her cat, canary and loot collected by winning countless puzzle contests. She rarely leaves her little apartment, but welcomes callers and likes to talk on the phone. The townspeople wonder how she seems to know so much about what's going on in town. Eventually, it is revealed that Totsy secretly possesses a telescope which she had won in a contest. To maintain peace in the town, the local judge prevails upon Totsy to forfeit her telescope. She agrees, then produces another of her prizes, a powerful pair of field glasses.moreless
  • The Train to Trouble
    A man must decide whether or not to expose the past of a candidate for Sheriff.
  • The Haven
    The Haven
    Episode 4
    A woman discovers some truths about her marriage and realizes its value despite the faults.
  • The Girl With the Stopwatch
    A young girl finds that her whole life revolves about her job as an assistant TV director.
  • The Bachelor Party
    The Bachelor Party
    Episode 2
    An aspiring bookkeeper with a newly pregnant wife commutes to the city from a New Jersey suburb unaware that a playboy bachelor is prowling around.
  • 0 for 37
    0 for 37
    Episode 1
    A young baseball player suffers a very humbling start to his pro career. Through the experience, he learns the value of family.