The Phoenix

ABC (ended 1982)


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The Phoenix

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The Phoenix was an ABC show which lasted a short period of time during 1982. Eight episodes and a pilot were created for the show but only the pilot plus four episodes were aired. The show followed the discovery, and subsequent missions, of an ancient astronaut who was discovered within a sarcophagus unearthed from a Peruvian tomb.

Long ago, in a remote corner of the world, ancient astronauts landed from a distant planet with a gift for mankind: The Phoenix. For a thousand years, he has waited, suspended in time. Now, he is awakened to complete his mission. He searches for his partner, Mira, for only she knows his ultimate assignment on Earth. Dependent on the sun for his strength and survival, endowed with a superior intelligence, he has fully developed the powers of the human mind. Relentlessly pursued by those who seek to control him, he must stay free. The Phoenix.